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    Dec 10th, 2012 at 18:23:56     -    Jak III (PS2)

    In this entry Iím going back to the Playstation 2 with the famous, Jak 3. Jak 3 is the third entry in the Jak and Daxter series. The gameplay is well done and fun to play. The game is a platformer so as expected be prepared to jump and brawl against your enemies. The vehicles have been brought back into the game with new varieties of dune buggy styles. As you progress through the story you will unlock new vehicles with their own weapons and abilities. For example, one buggy is equipped with springs on all four wheels allowing for the high-jump ability, or the rhino buggy that is built for armor and durability.
    Jakís weapons are roughly the same as the last game but with new additions. Altogether you have four guns each one has three different modes with its own ability and range. Jak himself comes in with a number of new powers. If you are familiar with the Jak and Daxter series in Jak 2, Jak was combines with dark echo transforming him into Dark Jak. In this game Jak still has the ability to transform into Dark Jak. As Dark Jak you have strong and fast striking attacks with numerous powers, such as his Dark Bomb that strikes enemies all around you. Jakís new powers come into play when he is infused with light echo becoming Light Jak. As Light Jak he has the ability to fly, regenerated and freeze time. With these two new abilities Jak is one to be reckoned with just be wise when using his new abilities, due to the light and dark meter that has to replenish over time to be used again.
    Overall this game is highly entertaining as this is fairly a challenging game that has many collectibles and mini missions to do. The gameplay is engaging that you would want to try and try again just to finish a mission, as the feel of completion is very satisfying.

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    Dec 4th, 2012 at 22:29:29     -    Sonic All Star Racing Transformed (Arcade)

    Thanks to my friend I played the new Sonic the Hedgehog game, Sonic: All Star Racing Transformed. This game isnít a bad game for a kart racer. The game involves tight drifts, blasting pass your opponents with a variety of items and vehicle transformations. Each track has different environments that will transform your vehicle that suits that environment. At first I wasnít sure if this game was going to be successful for me with the transformations, but I quickly got converted to it, that to a point it was not dull for me at all. You might start of in a regular race car, but will soon change into a boat because you dropped into the water, or if your car jumps into the air the car will sprout wings. When racing and your car has transformed, the battle for the win becomes more exciting and thrilling. In the boat you face whirlpools and huge waves, but in the air you have a large degree of flying freedom. For example, the Afterburner race, you start off on an aircraft carrier and will quickly transform to take flight, flying through boost rings and beaming your enemies with your potshot items. What I also like about the game is that it gives you a choice of transformations at some points so, for instance. I can drive one way to the water to take the boat route or turn the other way to jump to the skies. The tracks can provide a nice amount of variety of paths to explore and get use to the transformations to car, boat and plane.
    The power-ups within the game provide a decent amount of selections. There are the traditional boosts and rocket attacks, yet has the addition of tornado moves, a three stage vehicle boost, and one that caught my eye was a baseball mitt that you can use to cancel an attack that is incoming on you. The items are pretty well balance none of them are highly overpowered enough to ruin a race for you. Even the characters themselves will have an effect of the vehicle their driving, because each character has their own ability such as Tails firing missile salvos.
    Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed is a great game to be added into the racing genre, as it holds its own against other series. Iíd recommend it to not only the few remaining die-hard Sega fans, but for anyone whoís looking for a high pace, thrilling racing game.

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    Nov 26th, 2012 at 19:10:11     -    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3)

    For me the finally anticipated Tekken Tag Tournament 2 brings a pure fighting experience with plenty of fighters and styles to the playing field. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has its Fight Lab mode that has you fixing up a combat robot named, Combot, to your fighting style. From the start you have a tutorial with a nice narrative, as Fight Lab does a well done job in teaching me the buttons of the tag system. As I had progressed through each stage it earned me customization points, that I can assign to Combot to increase his fighting criteria. At the end of the Fight Lab stages, I had a custom built fighter set to my fighting style. Considering that it is a tutorial and a create-a-fighter kind of mode, Namco did a great job to accustom myself to the fighting mechanics in the game.
    While the Fight Lab mode customization points are spent on Combot, I was free to spend other points from the standard matches on any of the available characters. Through the customization feature I was able to create many changes to any of my characters attire and/or appearance, or go out of the ordinary and equip odd hats or fruit weaponry.
    The core gameplay of Tag Tournament retains responsive controls and a high amount of fighters to choose from. Teaming up with a partner offers new combat abilities such as special throws or destructive tag assaults. Even the online gameplay is high pace with hardly any lag when focusing on the Tekken Tag experience.
    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 doesnít disappoint as the new entry in the franchise retrains the series solid gameplay that makes it a highly refined fighter that Iíve played this year.

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    Nov 26th, 2012 at 19:08:51     -    Need for Speed: The Run (360)

    When I first heard about Need for Speed: The Run it was very interesting to find out that I could now take the gameplay out of the car. The Run contains break necking races, out of the car sequences that offer new gameplay mechanics, and a back and forth storyline that ties it to being a Need for Speed game. However, even though the game contains these elements it fails to bring them altogether. After I beat the game I had sped across America, avoided the mob and cheated death in a number of ways, but in the end I was left with an experience that was hard to engage into.
    My issue with the game is that the race to one end of the world to the other did not give me a lot of highlights to engage myself into. The out of the car sequences are small quick time events that gives it a novel style gameplay. I remember one of the sequences was when I was stuck inside a car on a train track after a car crash that triggered a quick time event. I did enjoy this event because it gave me different choices to escape my near death situation. Yet, it was a few out of many where the out of the car experience works well. As the events are awesome to experience I expected to do more during these events as well as last a little longer depending on the event.
    The racing itself isnít dull as the environments are well done for where ever I was racing in. The many cities of America, the Nevada desert or the regions of Middle America, making the races themselves look great, filled with heart throbbing racing through the oncoming traffic and avoiding the pestering cops and the mob. As good as the races are I wouldnít mind having a few more variety within the races themselves, as many of them are linear with a just a few shortcuts that make some of the races a letdown.
    The Runís storyline doesnít really have any depth, character interest or story twists that I would expected in an anticipating game as this. Need for Speed: The Run isnít completely a bad game but it fails to capitalize on its chances. The cross country gameplay from California to New York makes the game a ways to the end but feels even longer when not enough happens in between the races themselves to keep the interest going.

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