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    Nov 19th, 2012 at 22:04:58     -    Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty (PC)

    Last week I played a game of Starcraft 2 with a few friends, many of which were fairly new to Starcraft. Since we didnít want to create an unfair advantage, we made up our own rules. We declared that nobody could attack each other until the 25 minute marker. We assumed that this would make the endgame an exciting and engaging battle between all sides. This changed the entire game, for better or for worse. Instead of playing the game under the constraints of the racesí strengths, the entire first half of the game was played without any attacking units. Players could spend the entire time teching up to tier 3 units and creating a rock solid economy. By the end of the game one only had to spit out a few of their best units and attack someone.

    Our small rule change had created something very interesting. Instead of there being an epic battle at the end, the game seemed to just last a lot longer. I played my first game of Starcraft 2 that lasted two hours. What happened was, people would sit in their bases and wait for others to take the fall first. Elsewhere, other people would create oceans of turrets, creating an impossible situation for players to beat the game.

    I came out to be the one on top. A couple people eliminated themselves and I seemed to have more control over the map. However, there were two people left. Both of which were hiding in their base. I spent the whole of my minerals trying to eliminate one player. Whose ranged attackers dominated their high ground ridge. I finally exhausted enough resources to eliminate him, but at a cost. All the resources on the map had been exhausted, and I was left to fight an ocean of spine crawlers, and Ultralisks. I ended up losing to a player who sat in his base all game.

    Our original plan to create an epic endgame had backfired and created an endgame in which everyone sat and did nothing. People would guard their well defended bases and wait out the storm. And while it did create an interesting conflict, we will not be trying this again any time soon.

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    Nov 5th, 2012 at 10:06:20     -    Silent Hill HD Collection (PS3)

    This week I played the Silent Hill HD collection. It contains both Silent Hill 2 and 3 with updated graphics and voices. I played Silent Hill 2 with new voices and high definition. The updated version is much clearer than the original, but it does not affect the gameplay. I was also confused as to why the voices were updated, but not the in game sounds. Having been conditioned by modern games with bone chilling sound effects like amnesia, I was turned off by the clunky fake sounds of the original.
    My experience playing the game was difficult. The controls were not as smooth as I would have liked. This lack of control caused me to take more hits than necessary. This, combined with the amount of creatures made it difficult to traverse the location. Not having a consistent amount of health, the creatures were unpredictable. I would hit them multiple times and they would still get up, and when they went down, they would skitter about on the ground, running away from me. It was bothersome trying to chase them down and get the right angle to be able to hit them.
    The puzzle elements were difficult, almost nonsensical. At one point I needed to throw canned juice down a trash chute to clear the blockage inside, in order to retrieve a coin that is part of a set of three that open a chest with a key inside. The game had me searching every room and hallway in the building multiple times, it made the game very boring, very fast. I had to cheat and employ the use of the Internet to figure it out. However, once I got past the puzzle solving, I was rewarded with intense boss encounters.
    I played a classic game with updated graphics and no previous experience playing the game. For many, Silent Hill HD Collection would be a nostalgic hit. It made me realize how much games have changed.

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    Oct 22nd, 2012 at 22:41:49     -    Marvel vs Capcom 3 (360)

    Today I played Marvel versus Capcom 3 Fate of Two Worlds, a fighting game that mixes marvelís comic book characters with Capcomís game characters. I enjoyed the tag team battles that the Marvel Vs Capcom franchise does so well.
    I enjoyed Marvel versus Capcom 2 because of how many characters there were to choose from. There were 56 characrters to play in Marvel Versus Capcom 2 and only 36 characters to play in Marvel Versus Capcom 3. However, because there are fewer characters, they were able to go in depth and balance each characterís moves, making the game a bit more viable in the competitive gaming scene. There is also Ultimate Marvel Versus Capcom 3 with polished updated characters and 12 new playable characters.
    When playing, I noticed that many of the fast characters like Zero had many opportunities to get up close, using a lot of hits and long combos to take down the opponent while slow heroes like Hulk had less opportunities to get close up, but could dish out damage quickly.
    I played the Arcade mode, facing a number of randomly chosen tag teams and a final boss to wrap the game up. When faced with an opponent stronger than myself, I would return to training mode and practice my combos. However, the difference of doing combos in training mode and executing them within the actual game was difficult. No matter how much training I did, I still managed to end up button mashing and hoping to execute some cool moves.
    I was intrigued by the mission mode in which combo moves are set out for your character, which you have to accomplish. As someone fairly new to MCV3, It helped me string my moves together, learning how to execute fluid combos. As I executed the combination, the moves on the list would be checked off, telling me what moves I was and wasnít hitting. If I performed the maneuver correctly, it would move on to the next mission.


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    Oct 15th, 2012 at 22:02:19     -    League of Legends (PC)

    This week I played League of legends, a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) in which players enter a battlefield with two warring teams. Each team spawns minions that automatically advance into three lanes of battle. The goal of the game is to push these lanes, destroying the opponentís towers and base structures. The team that destroys the opponentís nexus is the winner. The players in the game spawn as champions, each with the ability to level up and learn spells. It is crucial to the game to level and upgrade these heroes, battle the opposing team. With five players on each team, League of Legends is a game with multiple player interaction. Communication with the other team members is paramount to the success of the game. There are 69 champions in the game, each has a unique set of abilities and requires a certain skill set to play. The Champion I played is called Teemo. He is a ranged, stealth, support. He plants poisonous mushrooms around the map, giving vision in the areas of the map. He can also set up ambushes and temporarily blind opponents, making them unable to fight back.
    Playing League of legends, or any MOBA Is an interesting experience in team communication. The team has to work together to initiate successful attack maneuvers. If a team member falls behind, the entire team suffers. Players must agree on a strategy, most of which is team composition. With each championís spells countering each other, having the right champions can be the difference between a win and a loss.
    I enjoyed playing League of legends, it was interesting learning about lane control and ganking. but it has a high barrier to entry. There are many champions and items to learn before players can enter more advanced games. There is a lot to learn, but the payoff is worth it.

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