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    Sep 9th, 2012 at 13:03:51     -    Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty (PC)

    Played Starcraft 2 today, It is a real time strategy centered around resource collecting and base and unit building. The goal is to create and manage a base and units to destroy the opponentís base. There are three races to play and each has their strengths and weaknesses. The Terran, human prisoners launched into space, use ranged infantry and mechanic units like tanks. The Protoss, an advanced alien race, use slow but powerful units. The Zerg, a mutating insectoid race, use swarms of weak and fast units. My favorite race is the Zerg as I enjoy the multiple bases and the speed the creep gives my units. The key to Zerg is to balance the unit count and the drone count. Too many units and I donít get enough drones to keep a stable economy. But nine times out of ten I make too many drones, not enough overlords and too many units.
    Today I played 3 matchmaking games. I lost to a simple marine marauder push with stim and a void ray carrier rush. My victory was against a bad Protoss who threw gateway units and immortals at my 3 base roach ling muta. Iím not sure why I went mutalisk since their attacks were like toothpicks against the immortals.
    I havenít played in a while. I know Starcraft 2 to be an unforgiving game, but I want to get better at it. In order for me to get better I have to play every day, and as much as I would like to do that I have too much work. I hope this log can help me analyze and understand both my play and my opponents.

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    Sep 2nd, 2012 at 16:36:03     -    Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PC)

    This Week, I am almost finished with Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a continuation of the Deus Ex series, taking the original and expanding on it. Deus Ex is a first person shooter with RPG elements. The game is set in a futuristic Detroit where humans are frequently augmented with robotic enhancements. It follows the recently augmented Adam Jensen as he roams the streets of detroit discovering more about the company he works for.

    Story is a main part of the gameplay as the player is allowed to choose from dialogue options, these options have different consequences. As one who has never played the original games, this world was an extremely new and beautiful experience. The world of Deus Ex feels lived in and is grounded by the problems that Jensen encounters. There is controversy and turmoil between the gap of people who can and cannot afford augmentations. Ethical questions are brought up and I had to decide how far I would augment Jensen.

    The other main part of the gameplay is combat. Found to be difficult even on normal mode, it was a challenge to play. The gameplay was made easier by the different augments I acquired. These augments, which can be purchased or gained from experience, range from Strength to Stealth to Hacking. This changed the way the game was played, opening certain paths that correspond to each augment. For instance, a turret obstructing your path can be torn out by using an arm augmentation or controlled to work your will using a hacking augmentation. These customizable gameplay options made Deus Ex: Human Revolution a dynamic and enjoyable play.

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