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    Dec 3rd, 2012 at 10:48:27     -    Metal Slug 3 (Arcade)

    Metal Slug 3 is a third-person shooter video game for the Neo-Geo and arcade platform, which was developed and published by SNK. Later, the game was ported to the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. This was last Metal Slug that SNK was worked on until the bankruptcy. The game mechanics are the same as previous Metal Slug games. Basically, players walk or run through a path with a gun and they have to go destroy enemies and/or obstacles in their way. Eventually, players had to win the boss battle to move on to next level. The new feature for Metal Slug 3 is the branching path system, where there were different paths for players to choose from. Each path had its own obstacles and varying length and difficulty. Eventually, all paths lead to the same boss battle.

    Metal Slug 3 had two modes: single player and two player co-op. I usually played two player co-op with a friend or my brother. Players could choose from four different characters, two being male and two being female. Players start out with a handgun, which is semi-automatic pistol. This weapon is very weak but it does not run out of ammos. On the path, there are several different types of weapons players can pick up. All these weapons have ammos; thus, if players use all ammos for a weapon, then they no longer can use this weapon and have to use handgun until they pickup new weapon. Furthermore, there are ammunition items on the path, each ammunition is only works on right type of weapon. My favorite weapon was Laser, which fires a laser that can cut down groups of enemies in rows. Also, players were equipped with secondary weapons which are melee weapon and Grenade.

    Furthermore, players can utilize different vehicles in Metal Slug 3. Although no new weapons were added to the game, it contained new vehicles. These include Slug driller, Slug mariner, Elephant slug, Ostrich slug, Iv Rebel armor, Slug copter, and Astro slug. Each vehicle was located in a level where it fit into the environment.

    Although almost everyone could bit the levels in Metal Slug 3, the score a player receives at the end of each level differentiated good player. The player can earn more point by going through the level quicker, rescuing more hostages, and picking up items. Upon dying, the player loses point that he or she earned to that spot. In arcade, players have three lives to get through the path. If players use up all lives, they have to insert a coin in order to continue the game.

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    Nov 26th, 2012 at 12:17:23     -    Final Fantasy X (PS2)

    Final Fantasy X is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square, now known as Square Enix. The game was released in 2001 for PlayStation 2 and it is the tenth installment in the Final Fantasy series. This was my second encounter of the Final Fantasy series and my first encounter was Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy X is played through third-person perspective, with players directly controlling the main character, Tidus. Players navigate around the world interacting with people and objects. The most interesting part of the game is the combat system. Final Fantasy X uses the Conditional Turn-Based Battle (CTB) system. In CTB system, a player’s characters and enemies await their turn to attack. Basically, it is like Pokemon battle system where a player and other trainer take turn to fight. Thus, the CTB allows the player to select an action without time pressure. In the battle, the player can control up to three characters. It is important to choose three characters that will be on the battle field because this will determine the performance in the fight. Furthermore, the player can replace characters in the battle field with a character outside the active party through a swapping system.

    Like previous series of Final Fantasy, the game features many minigames. The most notable minigame in Final Fantasy X is underwater sport “blitzball”, which main character Tidus is a star blitzball player. Also, the game contains many short clips that connect to make a story. This is known as embedded narrative, which all Final Fantasy series contain. The basic story is the main character Tidus navigates through the world meeting other characters to fight against enemies known as “Sin”. So far, I have only played up to the point where Tidus and Auron get sucked into the world of Spira. This is actually my second time playing this game since I was not able to finish the game when I played first time.

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    Nov 20th, 2012 at 07:36:40     -    Halo 2 (XBX)

    Halo 2 is a first-person shooter game developed by Bungie Studios. The game was released for the Xbox video game console on November 9, 2004 and it is second series of Halo franchise. Just like the previous Halo, the player assumes the roles of the Master Chief. However, new feature is added to Halo 2, where the player assumes the roles of the alien Arbiter. There are two modes in Halo 2. First mode is campaign and there are four levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, Heroic, and Legendary. It offers both single-player and cooperative multiplayer participation. Basically, the player has to complete storyline by completing a series of levels. These levels alternate between Master Chief and the Arbiter (a Covenant Elite). After completing each level, there is short scene that connects each level. Furthermore, there is hidden content within the game. The hidden content that I found out was really strong weapon that is located on the top of building. This weapon is known as Scarab Gun. It is a reward given to a player who took time to steal enemy’s Banshee and fly this through a tunnel without getting it destroyed.

    The second mode that Halo 2 offers is multiplayer. Like previous Halo: Combat Evolved, multiplayer mode allows players to compete with each other in split-screen and system link modes. Several new maps were introduced and some old maps were still offered in this mode. Players could utilize new vehicle in some maps which is Banshee. Although there was Banshee in Halo: Combat Evolved, players could not operate or ride on Banshee. Also, there were several new weapons that players could use. Furthermore, there was glitch in one map where a player does specific thing then his or her character will hyper jump and land on top of the building. I used this glitch to get to the top and sniped others with sniper rifle.

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    Nov 10th, 2012 at 05:11:14     -    Kingdom Hearts II (PS2)

    Kingdom Hearts 2 utilizes different reward types to make the players feel that they have achieved or accomplished very difficult task. Reward of substance allows players to maintain their character’s status quo and continue playing. In Kingdom Hearts 2, a player’s character, which is Sora, receive full health and MP after he or she has defeated any member of Organization XIII. Also, when a player defeats important boss, he or she receives reward that increases health or MP of player’s character. Furthermore, reward of access is predominately used in Kingdom Hearts 2. Reward of access allows players to access to places not previously reachable. In Kingdom Hearts 2, a player must finish the quest in one land to gain access to other land. For example, a player must finish the quest in either The Land of Dragons or The Beast’s Castle in order to gain access to Olympus Coliseum. However, a player does not gain access to new world that easily. Before a player can enter the new world, he or she has to go through boring part of the game. This is where a player has to fly Gummi Ship and destroy other space ships that attack the Gummi Ship. Furthermore, rewards of facility are huge part of Kingdom Hearts 2. Rewards of facility allow players’ character to do things it could not before, perhaps by enhancing the abilities it already possess or adding new abilities. In Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora, which is a player’s character, learns new ability every few level ups. Also, Sora’s AP increases every few level ups. Some abilities take only 1 AP, but most abilities take about 3 AP. By equipping abilities, Sora can do things that he could not do before. The most prominent reward for the Kingdom Hearts 2 is embedded narrative, or short clips that are shown after a player completes quests or defeats important boss. Personally, only reason that I wanted to finish the game was to see these clips.

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