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    Dec 6th, 2012 at 00:19:17     -    Coaster Crazy (iPd)

    One of the requirements of a coaster is becoming the bain of my existance. No matter what I do it is just not enought to meet the requirment. And there are no walkthroughs for this game because it is a game were you are god, so there is no one way of doing things. The graphics have become glitchy latly. The camera does not follow the coaster throught the entire ride, it just freezes on one image. Or the sound stops working and the camera follows the coaster through the ride.

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    Dec 6th, 2012 at 00:14:23     -    Coaster Crazy (iPd)

    The point of the game is to create a coster for different theme parks around the world. Each of these coaster have to meet certain standards that vary with every park and with every setting in the parks. The graphics are funny and playful, but can get old fast. I am trying not to play the game to often so that i do not become bored with the game fast.

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    Dec 6th, 2012 at 00:08:10     -    Bag It! (iPd)

    This is alot different that any other game I have played. Though the core mechanic is simple, packing grocery bags. The variaty of levels and style of play is impressive. First you start out as trying to pack all the items in the bags safly. Then a side game is unlocked and the point of the game is to distroy items in the bag as fast as possible. The graphics as funny and quirky. I will be looking forward to the next update for this game.

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    Dec 5th, 2012 at 23:59:25     -    Candy Shoot (iPd)

    The graphics are not spectacular, but they are not bad either. The point of the game is to group same colored marbles in a row to delete them from a long line in a path before the first marble gets to a hole in the playing field. When I first started this game I thought that I would never be able to finish it, and there was a point that I almost didn't. But now after playing the game continuesly for a while, the Hardest level has become only a slight challenge. So the game is set up so that the player learns and improves as the game progresses.

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