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    Dec 18th, 2012 at 08:38:29     -    Fallout 3 (PS3)

    Fallout 3 is a post-apocalyptic action RPG in which you play as the “Lone Wanderer” who has escaped from Vault 101 to search the ruins of Washington D.C. for his/her father. In the beginning of the game, you customize your character from birth through adulthood. The storyline allows you to set up S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes such as strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility, and luck to build your characters personality that will eventually help him/her through several situations throughout the game. The game also follows a very important aspect in the game, karma. The statistical gauging of karma also affects the gameplay for the players as the player makes specific decision regarding how they want to play the game. Fallout 3 contains all the basic mechanics of a RPG and contains basic FPS functions as well. The player can engage in combat or basic movement in first person POV or third person POV. Regardless of game mechanics, the game atmosphere is extremely beautiful. The sandbox-like environment can influence number of hours of wandering around in the “Capital Wasteland.” With the vastness of the game environment, numerous locations that the “Lone Wanderer” can visit are welcoming based on his/her positive or negative karma. Therefore, you can be vilified in one town and be praised in another. Along with the various locations, factions wandering the wastelands can attack or help you based on your status with them. Since Fallout 3 has such a massive environment, the graphics portrays beautiful scenery and dismal environments as well. However, since the game is expansive, numerous saves may be needed because of how expansive the environment is. Also, saving is a major aspect because the game experiences some glitches that can freeze the game and might require you to reset the console. Still, the glitches are somewhat rare and does very little to detract from the Fallout 3 experience. Therefore, this game is highly recommended to lose yourself for several hours and immerse you in a rich concept.

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    Nov 6th, 2012 at 20:07:36     -    Dead Space (iPd)

    As a huge fan of Dead Space, I was slightly hesitant to play a mobile version of the game. However, after several playthroughs, I have decided that the mobile version of the highly appraised series lives up to high expectations. As originally thought, I felt the game was going to be a re-hash of the console game Dead Space. But, I was pleasantly surprise that it came with its own storyline. In the game, you play as Vandal. Vandal is being instructed by the Church of Unitology to fix some equipment on the Sprawl. However, Vandal has unknowingly disabled the Sprawl’s security measures and started the Necromorph infestation on the space station. Through the story, Vandal has realized the Church’s manipulative behavior and attempts to fix the damage he/she has caused. Since Dead Space was highly venerated as a successful survival-horror game, horror elements must be included. The iOS version incorporates dark tunnels, claustrophobic encounters, horrific monsters, and maddening hallucinations to hone in the Dead Space atmosphere. Every chapter allows the player to be challenged and weary of the further developments in the story. However, there are some aspects of the game that are extremely frustrating. The common complaint I have heard and experienced in the game is the controls. Using a touch screen to dissemble necromorphic flesh is frustrating. In order to successfully kill an enemy, you must be very direct and precise. To correspond to the previous statement, Vandal is frustrating to move as well. I cannot express how many times I have fired my weapon while attempting to open a door. However, after a few stumbles, you are able to overcome this glaring error and continue with the gameplay. To be concise, the main purpose of buying this game would be the story. The story is completely original and fills in the gaps between Dead Space and Dead Space 2. If you appreciate a good story or good series overall, then I highly recommend that you check out the game.

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    Oct 30th, 2012 at 19:35:36     -    Spirit (iPd)

    Spirit is an excellent iOS game that utilizes quick movements and the progressive difficulty in game levels. The rules of Spirit are relatively simple, you use your finger to guide a “spirit” and you must create vacuums to capture enemies. However, in order to capture and destroy the enemies you must propel your finger to go around and around an enemy which creates the vacuum to suck the enemies in. By creating these vacuums, you are able to advance to the next level. However, with the progression of each level, you deal with a variety of new enemies that are longer, bigger, and more dangerous. Also, the inclusions of lasers make progression challenging as well. However, the player can play the game in three modes: Classic, Extreme, and Pulse. Classic mode follows the exact guidelines given above. But Extreme mode is faster and enemies are plentiful. It is not advisable to start playing the game in extreme mood right off the bat since it is rather difficult to make it through without losing all your lives within a minute and a half. However, Pulse is extremely fun. Instead of your “spirit” making the vacuums that captures the enemy, circles appear that you can hit to create vacuums. In addition, as the enemies are sucked into these vacuums, coins become a new factor in the game. To make it more challenging, the enemies appear in a flowing manner. Therefore, the game becomes more intense and challenging and bumping into enemies is relatively easier to do. Overall, for players who enjoy arcade-type games and have a little time to waste, this game is perfect. With that comment said, for players who are looking for story and hours of gameplay will most likely not enjoy playing this game. Also, I do suggest that in order to obtain the full experience of this game, it would perform better with the iPad. The iPhone version is a little frustrating due to the lack of space of the screen.

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    Oct 22nd, 2012 at 11:04:28     -    Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PS3)

    Eidos Montreat and Square Enix's Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an action RPG game that focuses on Adam Jensen, a security director at Sarif Industries, in which he must hunt down the people who attacked the facility and caused the death of his former girlfriend, Megan Reed. However, due to the attack on Sarif, Jensen is now an augmented individual.
    One of the great aspects of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is its open-ended nature and the social interaction within the game. You have the ability of making tough choices and choose which offensive strategy to use: stealth or non-stealth. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the first game that I’ve played were you can sneak past enemies throughout the entire game but ultimately having to engage in a little combat every once in a while. Or you can choose to blast your way through.
    Unfortunately, the one element that is extremely out of touch with the rest of the game is the boss fights. When a player chooses to engage in little combat, naturally, the player is going to have an extensive line of arsenal to help defeat the bosses. Therefore, if you play with stealth, you are going to need pure luck to pull it through all three boss fights. In my opinion, the inclusion of boss fights really don’t match with the game at all as it takes away from the player’s ability to choose their own specific route within the game. But, on the process of talking about combat, it is extremely surprising that a game published by Square Enix would have the characteristics of a FPS. However, it is very well-done. The player has an array of weapons to choose, a plentiful supply of ammo, and the ability to upgrade augmentations and other armor.
    Lastly, with any RPG, the story has to be engaging. Deus Ex: Human Revolution has a terrific storyline that leads to multiple endings due to the player’s ability with social interaction with other characters. The game is also equipped with multiple side missions that, when completed, will help the player upgrade his augmentations. By doing these side missions and getting rewarded with upgrades, the player will be more prepared to complete the missions in the main storyline. However, it should be noted that the player will not be able to upgrade all of his augmentations on his/her first playthrough. Therefore, when the player decides to playthrough the game again, they can choose different routes when it comes to upgrading so that gameplay doesn’t become repetitive. Overall, Deus Ex: Human revolution is a fantastic game that will satisfy RPG fans and FPS fans.

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