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    Oct 16th, 2012 at 07:47:46     -    Angry Birds Space (iPd)

    When I heard that Rovio was releasing Angry Bird Space, I was kinda excited. As a huge supporter of the space program, I was intrigued on how they would be able to pull this off. Additionally, I only played the original Angry Birds a couple of times, nothing too strenuous. In Angry Birds Space, the rules of the original game are still intact. You must defeat the piggies but in a mix of zero-gravity and gravity induced environments. I like to think of this game as the Angry Birds for the Angry Birds “challenged,” the zero-gravity becomes a good friend but also can screw you over when you need it the most. Anyway, the game has very unique environments. You go through various planets such as Pig Bang, Cold Cuts, Fry Me to The Moon, Utopia, Red Planet, Eggsteroids, and Danger Zone. As you go through the planets, of course, like any Angry Birds game it progressively gets harder. The great thing about Angry Birds Space is that you are in an environment in which is not really explored to a great extent. Not many games explore the physics in space, so, it was nice to actually have a game environment that could either benefit you or quite the opposite. Also, Angry Birds Space has new birds like a Space Eagle that destroys a predetermined amount of space. But the graphics of the game are very nice to the eye and tend to be a little distracting when trying to aim for a pig. Therefore, if you have been a fan of the Angry Bird series since the release of the first, then you will enjoy Angry Birds Space. The game has great graphics for an iOS game, a nice storyline, a cool environment, the absence of gravity, and piggies.

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    Oct 8th, 2012 at 20:01:57     -    Cry of Fear (PC)

    As a supporter of Indie games, I keep updated with the new releases of horror indie games. In February, the release of Cry of Fear was highly regarded as one of the best horror indie games released this year. It took me a while to actually get around to playing it and all I can say is that I regret not playing sooner. The game itself is a Half-Life 1 mod but the story of the game is actually quite interesting. You play as Simon who wakes up in a dark alley, knowing nothing of his whereabouts or what has happened recently. However, as he begins exploring his environment he encounters monsters that represents the darkness and fear that follows him. Therefore, you get a mix of horror and a psychological thriller all in one package. The basic controls of the game is actually quite simple, however, the inventory can get tricky but eventually you get used to it has you have quick select, you pockets, and your bag as your inventory slots. The monsters in the game are quite grotesque looking but represent different fears surprisingly. In order to defeat these enemies you utilize melee weapons and arsenal. You get an array of knives and guns, for example, you have semi-automatic weapons, automatic weapons, handguns, shotguns, and sniper rifles to help you defeat enemies. The game also utilizes puzzles as well. In some instances, you have to find items in order to make gates or equipment work and find keycards to access buildings in order to progress. However, as a person who loves a good story, the game accomplishes this aspect very well. Some parts of the story are confusing but it allows the player to become more involved in the story. Lastly, the graphics (especially for a Half-Life 1 mod) aren't that bad, of course there is pixelization but it’s tastefully done. In conclusion, I recommend this game to anyone who likes a good story and likes defeat monsters. If you've played Afraid of Monsters than I highly recommend this game.

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    Oct 1st, 2012 at 17:06:20     -    Ao Oni (PC)

    Ao Oni is a Japanese RPG indie game in which you play as Hiroshi and go into a haunted mansion with a group of friends that suddenly become frightened by a monster. The main concept of the game is to be chased by the monster for a predetermined amount of time until you are able to escape. However, you are still stuck in a mansion and must find your way out. That's where the puzzles come into the gameplay. In order, to unlock rooms or obtain items you must complete a puzzle to access the key to the locked room or the item you need to progress further into the game. Due to the inability to determine when the monster comes out, tension and stress really become a huge factor in the game. I think that's one of the main points that I really like about the game in general and that's its ability to utilize basic horror elements and make it into a successful game. Also, the storyline is fairly decent as well, kind of cliché but it still becomes exciting as you progress through the game. The utilization of horror is apparent through the monster and what it does to Hiroshi and his friends. If you have watched a couple of Japanese horror films, most clichés are apparent in the game as well. Unfortunately, one thing that does become frustrating in the game is kinda reminiscent to the Silent Hill series. That one thing is trying to progress at an amazingly slow pace. It can be quite difficult at times due to the varying difficulty with the puzzles and the inability to put point a and point b together. Overall, it's a very good indie game that definitely deserves some attention. If you enjoy RPG, horror, puzzles, and a very decent storyline, I would check it out.

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    Sep 24th, 2012 at 14:51:02     -    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PS3)

    I will admit first that I started playing the Call of Duty series back in 2008, due to my lack of interest in first-person shooter games beyond that point, and I have always somewhat enjoyed the series. When the release date of Modern Warfare 3 was announced, I was moderately excited. After playing Modern Warfare 2 campaign mode, I was impressed with the storyline overall and became anxious regarding whether or not a sequel would be in its future. However, that would soon come true. As I was playing through the campaign story in Modern Warfare 3, I felt a sort of repetitiveness through it. Find the Russian president, save the daughter, kill the bad guy, and save the day was the main modus operandi throughout the entire campaign. Therefore, I thought the campaign of the game was a little disappointing and unappealing. However, I felt that the Special Ops and Multiplayer options made the game. The Special Ops missions were exciting and engaging. The inclusion of missions with time limits, a direct goal, predator-and-prey gameplay, and the involvement of special weapons made the lackluster performance of the campaign mode a little more forgivable. But, the Call of Duty franchise has always been well received due to its multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode in Modern Warfare 3 is more impressive than its previous predecessors. Some of the features that should be noticed would be the notable details in the graphics, the vast selection of weapons and equipment, the considerable amount of game playlists and so forth. However, there tends to be lag and host migrations when playing online that occur in the middle of a game or towards the end that could leave most players frustrated. Overall, Modern Warfare 3 is a good game if you have a few hours to kill and just need to relieve a little tension and stress. If you are looking for a game that only succeeds in multiplayer and Special Ops then purchase the game but don’t waste your time if you’re looking for a good story.

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