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    Dec 12th, 2012 at 14:42:22     -    Call of Duty: Black Ops II (360)

    When i started up Black Ops 2 for the first time, i immediately skipped the main campaign. I have found that the main campaign in practically all call of duties are not so appealing to me. Ever since the second modern war fare, the only game play that i experience in call of duty is the online multiplayer. Not to boast, but i am pretty good at COD multiplayer and black ops 2 is no different.

    Starting from my first match, immediately got used to the engine. The graphics appear to be just about the same as all the previous CODs, but it is definitely a little cleaner and clearer. The game seems to run very smoothly, and i don't even recall seeing any lagging even on the mason connection server. My first weapon of choice was a 50 caliber default sniper class. As in all first time experiences, i struggled a bit to get the hang of the gameplay, but since it did not take much more than two games until i got the hang of it.

    I have found that sniping in COD is the most appealing to me. I have learned new techniques in using the sniper that gives me an edge. One technique is quick scoping. It doesn't even take much effort and practice. In order to quick scope, i just use the center of the hip aim cursor and center the cursor right on the enemy. At this point you then aim (while the player is right in the middle of the side-hip aim cursor) with the left trigger and the enemy should automatically be strait ahead in your sniper scope and you should be aiming directly at him, so there is no need to aim with the scope; you just immediately pop him! It is a very quick process and it shouldn't take much more than half a second to do this. The only problem is if you miss.. you most likely will die because of the recoil and slow fire rate of sniper rifles. I don't know why, but quick scoping is very easy in this new version of COD and it is a good thing for me. My kill/death is probably at round 2.5 because of it.

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    Dec 12th, 2012 at 14:01:45     -    Assassin's Creed Revelations (360)

    Its has been a while since i have written about Revelations, but i will catch up. I have proceeded quite far into the game. The major part of the story starts off in Istanbul where there is an inter city feud between assassins and templars. The guards of the city are not associated with either side, but only are interested in the safety of the city's people. Your character, Etzio Auditore has arrived and has met up with the assassins guild there. Your job is to be a lead assassin, in charge of managing and moving other lesser assissins and following up on multiple missions. Your ultimate goal is not associated with fighting the templars however; the main objective of the game is to find the mysterious artifacts known as the pieces of eden. The templars are also looking for these artifacts as well, so Etzio must find them before the templars.

    One thing to notice about the game play is that fighting is a bit harder in this game than the previous. Before, fighting consisted of multiple opponents gathering around Etzio and took turns attacking. Now, even though the ring concept still exists in this game, the enemies attack much more rapidly. You need not fight your battles alone in this game. One mechanic of the game is training (other assassins). You can recruit and hire assassins off the street and train them and send them on missions. In a way, this game uses a pokemon game like strategy in raising assassins. There are also strategic battles where you must call other assassins to take position and battle on coming swarms of templars. You can set up walls to slow them down, and archers and sharp shooters to shoot at them.

    To sum it up, i have played etzio as a single soldier figher, a commander giving orders, and a master trainer to assassins. You have a lot of different options in revelations, and that equates to why this game is so appealing.

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    Dec 12th, 2012 at 14:00:07     -    Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2012) (360)

    Im realizing that this game is more difficult than any other racing i have played. When traveling at high speeds, it is difficult to see ahead very well and you cant tell if the tail lights ahead of you are racing opponents or civilians. You usually don't find out until a second later when you either crash right in the back of a civilian vehicle or you realize that you cant catch up because they are your opponents and they are traveling too fast to gain up. When you crash or nick anything in this game you're screen shakes and and flashes vibrantly which also makes it difficult to see. In addition, crashing causes you too lose control of your vehicle quite a lot, so you end up falling behind from the slightest contact.

    On the second day of playing this game, i have already thrown my control down several times due to the fact that some races are just incredibly hard to compete in. Its all most no fair because some of the races are difficult because you must improve your car to a certain point so that you can actually have a chance, even though the game doesn't stop you from participating in those difficult races. Cops are another pain to deal with since they tend to interfere in every single race, and they seem to focus primarily on cutting you off instead of the other racers.

    Still the challenge in itself is intriguing and it makes me keep coming back. If i wasn't an experience racing gamer, i might have given up on this game a little early. The amount of vehicles to use in this game is wide; from land rovers, to lamborghinis, NFS 2012 offers many options.

    I am now at the point where i can face my first "most wanted" opponent out of 10. My next entry will go over my experience of beating him.

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    Dec 12th, 2012 at 00:57:26     -    Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2012) (360)

    While i continue to play NFS 2012, i have grown more fond of this race simulator. The general audience of a racing game is targeted to be those who appeal to flashing, out-of-control type of game play. By creating a very physically real game, nfs has created a much more appealing game than before.

    When you drive at 120 mph in a real life, things fly by you faster than you can imagine, and the world around you feels out of control. You feel extremely vulnerable in that the slightest error can lead to your vehicle flipping multiple times and crashing and burning. In previous nfs games and other racing games, while driving at 60 mph it can tend to feel like you're moving at jogging speed because the game is designed to a play through so that players can react to the environment and make turns appropriately without crashing so often. The difference in nfs 2012 is that going 60 mph feels like your at racing speed and going 120 feels like you are flying a jet plane 2 feet off the ground. You feel like you are out of control and are going to crash at the slightest error... and you do indeed crash often if you make mistakes.

    The crashing in this game is much more realistic. Upon crashing into a median at 110 mph, my vehicle when flying, flipping, and shattering all over the place. Once you experience your epic whip-out, you are respawned slightly behind in the race as a penalty. Personally, i like this new concept of having realistic out-of-control environment, and equally realistic crashes.

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