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    Dec 9th, 2012 at 22:39:06     -    Curiosity- What's Inside the Cube? (iPd)

    Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube? Is a multiplayer social experiment game that has players tapping away at cube blocks on a cube with the goal of trying to find out what’s inside of the cube. The game is developed by 22Cans, a new studio by Peter Molyneux. Every time a player breaks a cube, they receive coins that can be used to but tools to help players break more cubes in a shorter amount of time. What’s inside the cube will only be seen by one player, the player who breaks the last block. And whatever is inside the cube is supposed to be life changing. The game gives layers clues as to what is inside the cube with pictures in the outside of the cube.
    The developers have promised my game mechanics later on in the game, but as of right now, all players can do is break blocks. So far, there are 3 million people who play it and are breaking blocks. And even with this number, the developers have predicted that the center of the cube will be reached sometime late next year. The fact that only one person will know what is inside the cube is interesting, but the fact that there is little reward for the players makes it hard to continue to play the game. The odds of a player being the one player to “win” are huge, and make the mind-numbing action of breaking blocks boring and dull. The game has an interesting concept behind it, but so far it fails to deliver any reason for players to continue to player.

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    Dec 9th, 2012 at 22:21:58     -    Angry Birds Star Wars (iPd)

    Angry Birds Star Wars is another Angry Birds game by Rovio Entertainment with a clever twist; the birds and pigs are famous characters from the Star Wars universe. This puzzle game has parts of the original Angry Birds and the newer Angry Birds Space. Some levels take place on planets where the gravity is unaffected and other levels take place in space, which affect the gravity and path of the birds. The core mechanics of this game are similar to the previous game with changes to the characters, settings, and the abilities of the birds. The game still revolves around angry birds getting back at the enemy pigs.
    The addition of the Star Wars universe is a refreshing addition to the series. It is so much fun to see a Luke Skywalker bird flying through the air towards a storm trooper pig and wielding a light saber. Some of the new abilities of the birds include light saber wielding red birds, a gun shooting Han Solo yellow bird, a powerful Chewbacca big brother bird, and force wielding Obi- Wan Kenobi black bird. Another new addition is that the birds now have the ability to still use their abilities even after they hit the obstacles.
    The game is ridiculously addicting and fun to play. It has fun sound effects that reward players who fling the birds towards the obstacles. The new take on the Star Wars characters are a fun addiction to the Star Wars universe.

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    Dec 9th, 2012 at 21:54:22     -    Plants vs Zombies HD (iPd)

    This week I played Plants vs Zombies. This tower defense game by PopCap Games is not a recent game, but it is still fun to play through. The game has players fight off the invading zombies by planting certain types of plants that combat the zombies. To create these plants, players have to buy them with suns. To collect suns, players can grow them from sunflowers or by collecting them as they fall from the sky. The plants each have a unique ability that has advantages over certain types of zombies, for example the potato plant is great to be used against the zombies that can pole jump.
    There are several different environments that change the gameplay of the game. When it is nighttime in the game, there are no suns that come down from the sky. This lowers the amount of resources the players have available to make plants. To balance this out, there are certain plants that can grow at a lower cost of suns, or no costs of suns. There is also a level that has a pool in it that requires players to first build a place to put plants on the water before the plants can be placed.
    The game is fun for waiting in lines where you can put it down and pick it up again as need be. There is no story arc in the game, there is no definitive reason as to why plants are being used to kill zombies, but it is a nice, casual game to play if you're bored.

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    Nov 26th, 2012 at 20:41:58     -    Walking Dead (iPd)

    The Walking Dead game is a point and click RPG game by Telltale games. It takes place in the same universe as the comics and the TV series. The game is available on every platform, but I played it on the iPad. The game is a five-part episodic game where the player takes the role of a survivor as they battle for survival in the zombie apocalypse. The game takes the same theme from the Walking Dead series in which the zombies take the background. The game is more character orientated and less action based. The players have to make lasting decisions that will impact the outcome of the game. Some of these choices are as simple as giving someone an energy bar, or to deciding whether a young man or a little boy dies. The players have to make these choices in a limited time, as a timer is set to each choice. Sometimes there is no timer, but for the most part, there is one. This timer adds a level of intensity and stress that added to the dramatic story. It makes every choice seem vital, which in most ways, it is. On the iPad, there were a few control issues that made it hard to play the game. The first quick-time action sequence was near impossible because I was unable to look left or right in a timely matter. But after that sequence, the controls evened out and the game became engrossing. As a zombie game that has little zombie killing action, the game is fantastic. The story is so engrossing and intense; it feels like the player is playing through an episode of the Walking Dead. The point and click may not be the most exciting game type out there, but the story is so well written, that the player is on the edge of their seat wanting to know what happens next.

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