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    Apr 30th, 2013 at 19:24:24     -    Trine 2 (PC)

    Trine 2 is a 2D platformer style game in which you control one of three characters to progress through each level.

    Amadeus, the Wizard:
    Amadeus has the ability to interact with the environment by using magic to grab and move objects, as well as the ability to create boxes out of thin air.

    Zoya, the Thief:
    Zoya has a bow as a weapon, and thus is good at taking out ranged objectives. She also has the ability to grapple to certain surfaces in the game world, allowing her to swing from them or climb to them.

    Pontius, the Knight:
    Pontius has a sword and shield which make him the primary choice for combat. He also has a large hammer which can be used for both combat and to destroy objects that may be blocking the path.

    The first level of the game introduces each character and lets the player get a feel for their abilities and uses in the game. After the initial level, if you are playing through as a single player game, you are able to switch freely between the three characters. Each character has their own life bar, and in the event that one character 'dies', they are unusable until you come to a checkpoint. If you are playing through as a co-op game, each player (up to 3) plays as one character, allowing each character to be active at the same time.
    Throughout the game, there are 'puzzles' during which you need to use a particular character or series of characters to progress past. For instance, you may need to move a bolder with Amadeus to enter a tunnel, or create a box with Amadeus so Zoya can climb it to grapple to another object. The puzzles for the main story can, as you would suspect, be completed in single player mode. Co-op usually makes the puzzles easier, as you do not have to switch between characters to complete them.
    There are also magic vials throughout each level that allow the player to increase skills. For every 50 vials collected, the player is awarded one skill point. These skill points can be used to level up skills in the character skill tree. Each character has their own skills that can be leveled up, but the skill points do not share across them. In a co-op game, the skill points are not shared between players, rather the host of the game gets to decide where to spend the skill point.

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    Feb 5th, 2013 at 13:33:57     -    Chez Geek (Other)

    Chez Geek is a multiplayer card game similar to Munchkin.
    All of the players in the game are roommates. Each player has a job which labels their income, free time, and slack points for the game. Players are able to spend income and free time on different activities to reach their designated slack goal.

    Activities are cards that take one free time to perform and usually give the player slack points for doing them. Activity(TV) cards are special in that they can be played on another player to cancel an Activity they are trying to perform.

    Players may also spend one free time to go shopping, during which they can buy as many items as they have income to pay for (ie the Corporate Drone, with an income of 6, can spend his one free time to go shopping and buy up to 6 cost worth of items, or go to one activity, but not both.)

    People cards are cards you can "call over" to your house. There are helpful people, like She-Who-Cooks and TV Queen, who add slack and/or boost slack in the room, and there are harmful people, like Choad Warrior and Clumsy Drunk, that make you loose slack or items every turn. You can place harmful people in your roommate's rooms with no die roll, but in order to get a helpful person in your room, you have to roll a 3 or higher on a d6(calling to see if they are home)

    Whenever cards are cards that can be played at any time, either helping the player who played it or harming the player who it was played on. Sometimes they even do both.

    =Game Play=
    The game started with myself as having a campus job(income 3, free time 2, slack goal 17), and my roommates being a bike messenger(income 2, free time 2, slack goal 19), a pizza delivery driver(income 2/4, free time 2, slack goal 18), and a corporate drone(income 6, free time 1, slack goal 22).
    Play proceeded fairly uneventful as each roommate spend their free time on activities like Hang Out at Cafe and Computer Games, or went shopping for Bubble Blowers and Microwave Popcorn. The Corporate Drone spent one turn to buy a GameStation, being the only one in the house who could afford it. A few turns in, I pulled the first person card of the game, allowing me to call She-Who-Cooks into my room. With a die roll of 4, she was home and came over; adding one to each of my 3 food items in my room. This brought me to my slack goal of 17 and, since my roommates could not stop her from coming over, won me the game.

    All in all, Chez Geek is a fun card game to play with a group of friends that appreciate geeky humor.

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