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    May 15th, 2013 at 23:59:48     -    Columbine RPG (Arcade)

    Again, I spent another thirty minutes just running around the small portion of the game your allowed access to without finishing the objective. I can not being myself to plant the bombs in the cafeteria and commence real events even if they are played out in a video game. Because the events of this video game did actually take place, my vivid memory of them, and the social setting (College Student environment) I can not forgo the given objective and therefore am happy to be done playing or walking around this game endlessly. It was as immoral as the initial game (GTA) however because of its reality based story (narrative) there seems to be an added immorality built into the structure and framework of the game that make it not conducive to me completing its objectives.

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    May 14th, 2013 at 16:48:51     -    Columbine RPG (Arcade)

    I played another 30 minutes of game play today, but not because I wanted too, as I did not play yesterday in order to receive full credit for this assignment I must have this log and one more tomorrow. However, during my game play I just aimlessly walked around in search of anything to do but blowing up a cafeteria full of my peers and then starting a shooting spree. There is a difference in playing this game versus playing GTA San Andreas, I feel more personally connected to this game as its actual events took place during my child hood and also because I am currently a student and right now my peers are again my classmates. Because of the contentedness I feel to the topic of the game I can not bring myself to conduct the actual objective given to plant the bombs in the cafeteria finding it so morally wrong I would rather spend thirty minutes walking around than actually completing the objective.

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    May 12th, 2013 at 13:24:40     -    Columbine RPG (PC)

    My first 30 minutes of game play was spent learning the modest controls of the game, and trying to figure out how to enter the cafeteria. The narrative of the game is very realistic in terms of the planning the morning of the attack I even remember the Marilyn Manson music being blamed for the motivation these teens had to conduct such a horrific attack. The game addressed that with an album by Marilyn Manson found in the basement while I was gathering all of the “gear” to conduct the attack. I did not get too far in the gameplay today as far as my first 30 minutes go however, the dialogue between the two main characters (the two attackers) was very realistic and brought me back to how I felt hearing this story the first time over a decade ago. I look forward to continuing the game tomorrow and hopefully getting somewhere as far as the actual gameplay is concerned. I must say that playing this game now I am filled with feelings of anger toward these young men who carried out this real life brutal attack against their peers. I can only imagine how playing this game at its release (closer to the tragedy) and what kind of emotions it would have invoked then. While the game itself is based on a very immoral act and I am guided through the game with one intention, that being to carry out the violent attack at Columbine, I find myself not wanting to play the game at all. Where in Grand Theft Auto for example I could commit acts similar if not worse than that of super columbine RPG all day I am having a hard time even allowing myself to play another 30 minutes of this game and the only reason I have come up with thus far is these events actually happened. The narratives, realness and authenticity, as well as remembering how I felt hearing this story in real life as it unfolded give me a very real sense of immorality and being forced in this game to carry out these attacks has left me with a feeling of disgust. So much so I am finding it hard to actually follow through with gameplay and plant the bombs in the cafeteria.

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    Apr 19th, 2013 at 13:53:15     -    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (PC)

    Luckily on my behalf this assignment only requires three thirty minute game sessions, one per day. I say this because I quickly grow tired of running around pummeling people and being chased by the police. As my first post stated this to be fun and don't get me wrong it is, at this point I have done it too frequently and am ready to set the game aside. I realized now playing as an adult the extremity of violence that occurs freely in GTA San Andreas and also realize that I readily take part in it and even enjoy it. However, I do believe there is a distinction between moral actions in the virtual world versus the real world and my immoral actions played in GTA don't extend into my reality. I hope this is the case for all others as to blame this game for some act of violence is silly. Horror film creators, like the creators of the saw series literally thought up all of those unspeakable immoral acts and they aren't in the streets actually committing them no, they provided them for an entertainment value and that is all I would hold upon this game, entertainment value.

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