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    May 13th, 2013 at 21:30:43     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Final Game Log

    Continuing the unjust onslaught from the last log, I found myself interacting with the environment to try and advance in the game. A rather interesting part of the school was the bathrooms. One bathroom in particular was filled with jocks and a kid being bullied. Eric yells at the jocks and kills them saving the victim. This is the first time I’ve been able to save someone in the game instead of killing them. Eric himself kind of saved a student in the parking lot early telling him to get out of here before he started the rampage because he liked him, and had no problems with him.

    After interacting with the school environment for awhile I’ve become really bored. The combat system is rather boring because the enemies provide little to no challenge whatsoever. The combat is simple; I’ve begun to spam actions because the students are so easy to kill. After a bit I encounter another cut scene where it shows the duo watching a movie with “Dr. Frankenstein”. Eric talks about some things and then it’s back to the lame combat system and what the hell to do next. The only thing at this point keeping me entertained is the sound track.

    Continuing further I find myself in the school’s gym. The duo goes around killing people and after a bit I’ve activated another cut scene where Eric is being picked on in the gym’s locker rooms at school by some jocks. The scene is rather saddening and kind of brings the issue of bullying into my head more. The song “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nines is playing while the cut scene happens and provides a dark mood for the scene. Truly executed well for the player to understand or at least feel sorry for Eric in some way despite the horrible things him and Klebold have committed.

    Looking at the game so far the combat system is rather repetitive and boring. It brings a nostalgic feeling of the 90s with the sprite characters and 8-bit sound tracks. But the only thing the game was going is the cut scenes and perfect use of the sound track and powerful songs.

    Really looking deep into this game I believe the creator was trying to have teen bullying the focal point for the game. The retro combat and game itself is a backdrop for the problem of bullying in the school systems. This is evident in the bullying of the kid in the bathroom and the sad scene where Eric is being bullied in the gym’s locker rooms. I believe the game attempts to showcase and suggest what may have caused these two young adults to commit such horrible acts against their fellow students and teachers.

    The game play is boring simple but brings a nostalgic feeling of the 90s. The sound is the best part of this game with well executed cut scenes. But the combat system drags it down in terms of being an RPG; it’s a story rather with a simple combat system that anyone can advance through given any sort of effort. I don’t believe the game is unethical but really tries to show the player the affects and extremes of bullying and how it can turn young students into inhumane monsters.

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    May 12th, 2013 at 22:07:01     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Game log 2

    Alright so this time I figured out how to get out of the grass after you’re caught, it was rather simple but I thought there was a wall there. Guess there’s some type of underpass.

    This time around I figured how the cameras work. The player has to walk directly under them to avoid their vision. After avoiding all the cameras and knowing their position it was easy to get to the lunch room. This is where I planted the first bomb by the snack machines, it was at the right top of the cafeteria and I had to work my way around to avoid the camera right near the machines. As a side note the first time I got to the cafeteria I forgot the bombs in the trunk, the game never really told me I had to get them out; I thought they were in my inventory to begin with. At this point I was rather frustrated with the sneaking and running back for the bombs. After this I meet up with Klebold and another cut scene rather long too. Here they both talk on a bench about some issues with their life it seems then equip a bunch of weapons and explosives.

    As of this point I can guess what happens next, the tone in the game is set and the killers have the bombs planted and weapons ready to go. Here the combat system of the game kicks in. It remembers me a lot of final fantasy is rather simple at this point just shooting anyone in the parking lot. For a while I explore the school and get locked in battle with anyone I interactive with. After killing someone, there corpse is left on the floor in a pool of blood.

    Now if this wasn't based on the massacre that happen in real life I would probably say it wasn't really all that violence because in games like Final Fantasy the player is killing “monsters” or fighting with evil beings. In Super Columbine Massacre RPG the player is forced to take the lives of innocent high school students and teachers. There is distasteful feeling in my mouth while playing this game, I definitely feel a immoral ethical pulse coming from this game, but then again looking at the first amendment rights, this artist should be able to express the events of this massacre.

    Looking at the game itself and not the representation the combat was a bit boring and simple. So far I was really stressed out at the “sneaking mission” aspect and was hoping for more RPG elements.

    Until Next time!

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    May 11th, 2013 at 19:16:44     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    First game log entry for Super Columbine Massacre RPG. The first issue in this game I've found is the text, I looked at screen shots of the game and the text is readable, but for my game I can barely read the text. Not sure why but my computer is a hardcore gaming machine, so it isn't the specs.
    Besides that the game starts up rather well. From the dialogue I think I have control of the character named Eric. The game starts with some Marilyn Manson song and gives a creepy feeling and sets the mood for the game. I look around his room and call up his buddy and they talk about the bombing, a little foreshadowing but ultimately easy to see what happens because of the events the game are based on. Interacting with the room I come across a Marilyn Manson CD that I can equip on the character as an accessory , also a doom game I put on equip on the second character in my party. On the Marilyn Manson CD there is an interesting piece of text “Inspire impulsive aggression and rage”. The game is either taking the stance that the lyrics of Marilyn Manson’s music and themes are to blame for the massacre or just having fun at people who really believed that correlation. Interacting with various things in the room, like the radio started to play Nirvana’s “Smells like a Teen Spirit”.

    From my knowledge about the massacre many people put blame on Marilyn Manson’s music, citing it for motivation for the killing. The role of the media many people believed was the instigator for the murders. Personally I find that outrageous, there is no causation relationship between media and crazy’s people’s actions of horror. Leaving the room and heading downstairs I am required to get the equipment for the massacre before I meet up with Eric’s friend. An interesting mechanic in the game play here is when I try to interact with a pizza box it invokes a flashback to when Eric and his friend were using explosives they built somewhere in a dark alley. The dialogue in this scene again attempts to foreshadow the events to come and I think provides some reasons why the perpetrators committed such a crime. Another soundtrack found within the parking lot cut scene is yet more Nirvana music. Many associate Nirvana’s music with grunge and the rebellious attitude of young adults from the 90’s scene, I think the game takes a shot at that theory and suggests this type of environment and music was part of the motivation for the killers.

    The controls for the game were relatively simple and only involved using the arrows keys, esc, and either enter or space for interaction with the environment. The controls were easy to pick up so far and the game had a great soundtrack this far. After the parking lot scene it was hard to pass through the hallway unnoticed and I was getting mad a bit because I couldn't get passed for a bit and if I got caught I would be sent outside of the building and I couldn't go anywhere. I was stuck between the parking lot and the lawn and got quite mad for a bit, eventually just exiting out of the game and reentering from my saved spot. The narration in the game so far is a bit lacking and if I didn't know about the massacre from media at the time I wouldn't know what was really going on. I really like the 90's feel of the game with sprites and 8-bit soundtrack, it provides a really nostalgic feeling and so far has make the game quite enjoyable.

    Until the next game log!

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    Apr 21st, 2013 at 21:53:41     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)

    This third session of GTA: San Andreas was a good one. It started off with continuing missions outside of Sweet’s house. The first mission was to “represent” the Grove family. I headed out to the store to get a green hooded jacket and some camo pants and bandit scarf. Right across the street is the gym, and I go in to work out a bit to get that “gangster physique” as Sweet puts it. So now CJ looks the part of a Grove street family member. After getting properly dressed to earn some respect in the family, Ryder starts making fun of CJ and questioning his status and driving skills. The next mission is called “cleaning up the hood” and is brought on from Ryder questioning CJ’s driving skills. In mission I get to drive around and kill bawlers with the Grove street family, just a normal night for them. The next couple of minutes involved hunting down gangster’s clad in purple attire and make them road kill.

    After the “cleaning up the hood” mission was over I went straight back to Sweet’s house to get the next mission, but no one was there. Shortly after stepping outside I get a distress call from Sweet, he is the middle of a gun fight with a section of the Grove street family that isn’t on good terms with the group anymore. This dilemma presents itself it a through the use of the cell phone system within the game, simply pressing L1 on the controller while someone is calling activates it. The is the first time I really get to have a gunfight in the game with multiple people in a mission, the previous missions were just driving around and letting the rest of the family take people out. This time I get a better feel of the gun combat system in a real situation. After rescuing Sweet and his girlfriend I rushed to drive them to a safe location. A memorable piece of dialogue from Sweet after this mission really caught my attention; he says it’s time to stop the “green on green” war. Suggesting that family is important and the fighting should stop. With that it brings me to my main topic of this session, family.

    Within GTA: San Andres there is a sense of solidarity and camaraderie within the Grove Street family. After each mission with members of the family I am rewarded with cash and respect. Respect is a key system in the game to improve CJ’s position in the gang and makes sense with the motif of family elements. All the members of the family so far have never hesitated to rush into a violent situation to protect other members of the family. There is a strong bond present with these characters, everyone is watching each other’s back.

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