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    Apr 21st, 2013 at 23:00:19     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)

    This was my firs time San Andreas in a long time, and my though of the game has not changed. i still find the game interesting in every way the graphics might be poor but it is a well rounded game. I did not do any missions, but what i did do was get some cheats so I could get all kinds of weapons for myself to cause mayhem all over the city. I was stealing cars, crashing into police cars on purposes, basically my main goal for the game was to reach five stars. Which in this case means that not only do you have cops chasing you down, but also SWAT team members and helicopters trying to arrest you or kill you. The game play was nice, easy to control the characters and cars, it was basic like it should be.

    My thoughts on the characters seem to be that they are ghetto people that are involved in gangs, who are always getting in trouble with the law. Most of the characters in the game seem to be to black or Hispanic, which in this case brings up many stereotypes. The Hispanics and Black races are misrepresented in this game because the majority of the characters seem to be of those races. These misrepresentations of races cause stereotypes . In this case it would be only black and Hispanic people are gang members who live in ghetto areas. i feel like this sets a wrong message, because although this game depicts Hispanics and blacks as being the only ghetto races, this is very false. In this world we have all kinds of races that are different social classes

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