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    Apr 8th, 2015 at 12:25:00     -    Defcon (PC)

    Defcon play through 3 was better than the rest. I am getting pretty good at this game. I find it frustrating though that I have to micro all the little planes and that the controls for shooting a nuke are so clumsy. I guess it does force me to make a conscious decision about when I am going to formally attack someone offensively rather than being entirely defensive.

    I have devised a general set of rules and a plan for winning. I basically try to rely on setting up a solid defense of anti air that is not too close to my borders and keep my air fields to defend my borders instead. As for the defensive, I try to make small fleets of subs to spread out over the border of my main enemy and I try to attack them as fast as possible hitting my enemies bigger cities. This is strategy is to provoke them to use silos to attack me and reveal themselves and to rake in some early points. I then launch bombers and fighters to scout out enemy radar and such and then nuke those. This general strategy has worked for me so far.

    some reflection:
    The sterile feel of the game with the wire frame neon graphics and the eerie music really set the scene for some chilling moments. My most memorable moment was when I was so immersed in the game and I would be jarred back to reality by the little pop-up after a nuke hits that says 4 million dead or something. Then the pop up disappears and I am back into the game almost like nothing happened. It makes me think of the humanity of the game and what it means to have nuclear capable countries.

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    Apr 7th, 2015 at 20:35:43     -    Defcon (PC)

    Pay through 2 today was a bit easier to understand. I replayed some of the tutorial and then played a game against the computer. I was impressed by the game in general the strategy involved in it. here is a bit of a break down:

    each player starts at defcon 5 and has to wait until defcon 1 to attack. during that time, generally players set up defenses and position themselves to attack or defend. The interesting exchange takes place when defcon 1 hits. a player may decide to launch everything at the enemy which in turn exposes their own silos. or they can wait and when the enemy is out of nukes, then the they can retaliate and score more points by destroying all enemy silos AND bombing all the major cities. This means that a player needs to have a balance between positioning their ships and planes for scouting, firing missiles at the right time and trying not to over extend but capitalize on every opportunity.

    I did realize that the score goes up when you kill any enemies including non-military targets. This means that if you are behind, of course taking out silos is good, but bombing major cites can also help. I am not sure about how I feel about that. I find that when I have handily beat my opponent, A victory timer starts and I try to raise my score even higher before it runs out. I do this by trying to kill as many people as possible. I do this by dropping nukes on the most populated cities. and try not to waste nukes on places that I have already decimated. I know it sounds bad...but it feels natural in the game.

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    Apr 6th, 2015 at 18:19:23     -    Defcon (PC)

    Well my first play session of defcon has me still feeling a bit confused by the gameplay. I played through the tutorial but I am still kinda lost. I think that the general idea is pretty cool though and I will need to spend a bit more time playing it to figure out why its fun and what it is all about.

    I generally like this type of game as it is heavy on the strategy. So far the ideas of recon, anti air missiles, nukes, fleets and subs are pretty cool and I am looking forward to getting into some multiplayer with it soon.

    I was a bit surprised in the tutorial in mission 6 i think.... where you attack in the pacific ocean. I rolled up on and bombed Japan. At first I was indifferent and then I noticed that 4 million people died in my attack. After that I stated to realize how cold this game was. The aesthetic and everything could have been very different but i think that the computer feel is deliberate to make the player feel like a machine....

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    Feb 24th, 2015 at 17:44:20     -    The Walking Dead: Season Two (PC)

    Well I finished the game. I must say it was a pretty crappy situation to end the game in. I felt like nothing was really resolved. The ending I got was pretty good though. I ended up killing Kenny and saving Jane and AJ. We headed back to Carvers place and met a family of 3 and joined up with them.

    I am pretty upset that jane would resort to something as insane as what she did and carry it out to its conclusion rather than making a political or mature choice which would be to discuss the craziness of kenny in a direct way.

    I felt like joining with the family at the end was an important choice for me because it shows that while I am a survivor like Jane, I am not as cold and calculating as her.

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