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    Apr 8th, 2015 at 11:41:27     -    Defcon (PC)

    So, it seems the strategies that I mentioned in my earlier post dont always work with each AI(Obviously....). One thing I figured out when playing my next A.I. game(Europe vs Africa), is that focusing too much on specific targets will definitely leave you pretty much defenseless in the late game. I was focusing too much on the towns early on and I left myself wide open for a full-scale retaliatory strike. Though I barely managed to win, I decided to try the opposite strategy in my next game.

    Turns out focusing too much on military targets also didnt leave me a lot left to hit the towns. I was reduced to bombers on my final run, which took quite some time to clear the towns and win the game.

    It seems the continent that you play for matters as well. The continent of Europe is so small that it's almost too easy to defend since almost every unit has a range big enough to protect the entire country. It does however have a lot of open water around it where enemy subs can sneak in unnoticed.

    I stand corrected about my initial thoughts on this game... This is definitely a great game to play with friends, and I would recommend this to classic-gameUI lovers.

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    Apr 8th, 2015 at 00:09:02     -    Defcon (PC)

    Alright, so here is my second playthrough. It seems the point system is solely based on civilian casualties, but not on destruction of important defenses like nuclear silos and airbases. This seemed a little odd to me(and maybe a little iffy on the ethical perspective), but that seemed the only way to win a battle.

    I was playing Asia vs Europe. Some of the important things I noticed that I should not spend too much fighting. Sometimes defense was the best offense, when I was just patrolling my coasts with my carriers on the lookout for subs, since they can quickly sneak up to your coast without detection. There is also a need for balance between launching a sizeable amount of missiles to hamper the enemy's counter-attack and defending your cities since launching missiles switches off the air defense systems.

    I used these strategies to essentially annihilate Europe's fleet of subs and air-defense systems early on, after which I flew in and started bombing the cities with little to no resistance. While this may seem a little cold in retrospect, the UI of the game doesn't show this perspective during the gameplay.

    More to follow from my next A.I game...

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    Apr 6th, 2015 at 20:50:00     -    Defcon (PC)

    So I went through the tutorial stages of this game, and I got to say, this seems to be very much like the war stage of any Civ game I have played, although a little slower. The UI is very simplistic, and once you figure out the game and the AI's gameplay style(which doesnt change much at all frankly), it is not a difficult game to win.

    I have already play two games with the AI(Africa vs Russia, and America vs China), and from the point of ethics, I am still not convinced that the game actually forces player to change their gameplay based on their previous choices. I mean, sure, the UI indicates that launching nukes creates huge casualties, but they are just numbers, and not visual.

    But I will reserve my judgement for now, atleast until I played a few more games with different strategies...

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    Feb 25th, 2015 at 11:28:51     -    The Walking Dead: Season Two (PC)

    The more I play this game, the more I realize that the guys I liked from a character perspective end up dying violently, which is not helpful at all. Sometimes it makes me agree with Carver when he said that only people of strong will and character can survive in a post-apocalyptic world like this. Which went against my moral principles, of course. But, tough choices were an essential part of the game play and the narrative of this game, and I was determined not to let it get to me.
    So the group arrived in a small ‘city’, where the leader, Carver, gives a big speech on how we can redeem ourselves by hard work. I have seen many times that the guy who is so calm during a moment of terror for other people ends up doing unspeakable things. Turns out I was right, when during the garden chore for Clem and Sarah, Carver just comes up to Reggie, talks to him for a few minutes and then pushes him off the roof. When Clem was called up to Carver’s office, Alvin was found passed out after what apparently looked like brutal beatings from Carver. Well, that’s it, I can’t wait to put a bullet through his skull(or have someone else do it obviously, I am not a killer )
    Anyways, after Clem manages to find the radio, Carver apparently figures out the escape attempt and finds the other radio. Kenny starts getting beat up after he confesses to having the other radio, which is when another one of the “tough decision” QTE pops up. Now, I felt restraining Sarah was going to be pointless, so I had Clem run towards Kenny. Turns out not so smart, as she ends up getting punched in the face, hard. Next guy on my kill list in the game(Funny, in the previous season, I didn’t have a kill list since I didn’t really want anyone killed so bad).
    Well, looks like Carver gets killed in a revenge beating by Kenny(good riddance?, we will see). Though seems that one of the good guys had to go too. Carlos got accidentally shot, and the dead just smelt blood, I guess and pounced on him. Sarita got bit, and I had to choose between hacking up the dead dude or her hand, since I knew/ heard it worked before and well I needed more people to survive till the next episode. And so it ended, in a “Kill Bill” sort of way, with blood spurting off her hand.

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