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    Mar 2nd, 2015 at 20:08:18     -    Mario Kart 64 (N64)

    Mario Kart 64 is a single player and multi player game that allows up to four players to race. The game is a party style racing game where you pick up items on the track and try to use them to harm your enemies in hopes of winning the race.

    Each Player/AI selected a Nintendo character and first player chooses what track will be used. There are eight characters to choose from and 16 tracks. The character are divided up into 3 types: light, medium, and heavy weights. Each category has its own acceleration and top speed rating. Tracks may be selected individually or as a championship of four races.

    The tracks are a diverse set of tracks each with it own set of quirks that include jumps, traps and cliffs that cause you to crash and have to be reset back onto the track. Each track also has items that are spread throughout the track that respawn every lap.

    Mario Kart 64 has 14 items in the game. These items include obstacles such as banana peels and fake item boxes along with attacking items such as shells, stars, and lightning bolts. Also in the game is performance boosters such as single turbo, triple turbo, and super mushrooms.

    Each race starts out with the players lined up in two columns. After the start of the race, the players and ais are racing to see how gets first. The race is manipulated by the items that the player and ai collect. The characters also have the ability to slide which allows the character to gain speed in the corners that they would not normally have.

    First Race:
    I choose a heavyweight character Donkey Kong. I started in last on Luigi Raceway and made my way through the field to third place by the second lap. It was then that I used my triple red shield to knock out both first and second place. On the closing stages of the second lap, I hit a banana peel and only managed to recover back to second place by the end of the second lap. On the third lap, I managed to get past Luigi on the last set of corners by a nicely placed green shell. With this win I would be in first place of the championship going into the second race at Moo Moo Farm.

    Second Race:
    I started in first place due to winning the last race. but was unable to obtain any items on the first lap. I was knocked down into fourth after being hit by multiple shells. On the start of the second lap, I hit the moles that block the path on the opening straightaway. This caused me to be far away but I managed to recover back to first after getting multiple speed modifying mushrooms and a lighting bolt that stopped everyone on the track. However I lost the race after being hit by a shell right before the finish line causing me to finish third.

    The game is an extremely fun quick game. It is easily picked up by anyone due to the fact that it has basically two controls: gas and steering.

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    Feb 11th, 2015 at 09:35:05     -    Building an Elder God (Arcade)

    Building an Elder God is a fast-paced board game / card game hybrid that involves drawing cards to complete your elder god. This game not only relies on the luck of drawing the needed cards to complete you elder god but also has a large amount of strategy for where and when to place cards. Common strategies include trying to take up as much of the table as possible (territory control), complete your elder god the quickest, or ignore the entire game and just try to make sure another player always loses by severing their elder god’s pieces.

    The game plays like your standard card game where everyone is dealt card five cards at the beginning of the game and allows for the player to draw one new card once they have played one of their five cards. Each turn a player can only play one card onto the board. The goal of the game is to place 10 consecutive piece onto your elder god and top it with an elder head card. These piece must be linked up and can have no severed parts in the chain of cards. If a piece is severed then the player must replace that card with another card of equal or greater number of directions. An example of this is a straight line piece can be replace with another straight line or piece that has 3 direction but also includes the original straight line. Each player gets three elder signs which can act as healing cards that make your severed piece fixed and also immune from all future attacks.

    In the first game, everyone positioned their starting place in the center of their side of the table. This allowed everyone to have adequate starting room to begin placing down cards. As the game progressed to the sixth turn, one player found them self in a position that could only cause them to lose the game. Since territory control is one of the key elements to the game, he realized he was boxed in and left with no room to place more cards. The player began only playing to cause other players to lose. He accomplished this by playing severed cards onto other player elder god and trying to redirect the elder god into confided spaces. This severely alter the strategies of the other players as they had to now rely on only luck to help them get the piece they needed to fix their elder god. After ten minutes of trying to get the right cards in the right orientation, I finally completed my elder god ending the game.

    The second game was very similar to the first except that instead of one player getting trapped and playing for other to lose, one player decided to only try to make one player win and the rest lose from the beginning. This cause new strategies to form on how you could team up to control the area of the table that was left vacant by the person deciding to only play onto other players elders. This game was much shorter as luck can only help so much when each player’s core strategy has to change every turn when another player intentionally tries to block you from winning. The game ended with the player who was receiving help finishing their elder god.

    The game has all five elements of game play included but some only seem to show their self when players decided to not play the game the conventional way.

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