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    Mar 12th, 2007 at 20:19:56     -    The Adventures of Gilgadesh (Other)

    The Adventures of Gilgadesh, from the few minutes it was presented, looked like an interesting and colorful RPG. Some of the things that were good about this game is it's quick pace. Right after starting, you are attacked by villagers and chased out of the village with your green-haired partner. Good use of events are made in the opening scene, having battles and then many characters appear afterwards. I also liked how he made his scenery on the mountain, and the ability to jump over water and such.

    Some of the things he could have done to make this game more rich is more character development at the beginning. You have no clue who Gilgadesh is or why he is being chased out of the village.

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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 17:23:39     -    mario 64 (N64)

    After my second play session, I now have 106 stars. Now that I’m reaching the last stars, it is becoming more difficult to get them. This is another interesting quality of Mario 64; some of the stars are hidden or require you to collect 100 coins, rather than just completing the missions given to you. Getting 100 coins in some levels proves to be extremely hard, taking several tries and a longer time to get these stars.

    The musical score in Mario 64 is also one of its best qualities. Nearly every song in this game can get stuck in your head all day, despite them being simple. Though there are about less than 10 different songs, some of which are repeated in various worlds, you still never get tired of them. This is so impressive to me because I am currently writing the music to our 80k final game and it’s a challenge to find a melody that will not be annoying listeners after a few plays. The sound effects are also very entertaining in the game, most of them being noises Mario makes. You never get tired of hearing Mario yell “Yahoo” every time he jumps, or “ohh!” every time he gets hit my an enemy.
    Overall, this game is a masterpiece. This game helps me realize everything I need in my own games to make them successful. They need what Mario 64 has; excellent level design, musical score, challenges, addictive game play, and rich, interesting characters. All these elements help create flow in Mario 64 and thus make players want to return and play this game more. The only thing I would change about this game is that they make more interesting levels. In my opinion a couple of the levels are boring and a hassle to play through, especially the water ones. Still, this game is nothing short of a masterpiece and am enjoing it immensily.

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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 16:13:39     -    mario 64 (N64)

    For this game log I chose Super Mario 64, which by the time I played my first game session I already had about 90 stars. What stands out the most about this game, hailed as one of the best platformers ever made, is its almost limitless freedom and abilities. Mario can jump in more ways than any other game character you could think of, as well as punch, dive, fly, swim, wall-kick, run, crawl, and even turn invisible and metallic. In every world, Mario can perform almost any of these actions whenever the player wants (unless the necessary item, such as the blue cap to make you invisible, is unavailable) Thus gameplay in Super Mario 64 is definitely it’s greatest quality, making players want to go back and play this game every once in a while. This is because there are so few games today, even in the platform genre, which offer such freedom as this game.

    Every excellently designed world each holds it’s own special challenges and conflicts. In Mario 64 every world has it’s own theme unique to almost any other world in the game. There’s a dessert world, lava world, sunken ship world, haunted mansion world, ect. This is important because due to each world having its own theme, a more variety of challenges and monsters are possible. To progress in Mario 64, you have to complete certain missions in each level to gain your reward, a power star. In the dessert world the challenges are based closely to the design of the world, which differ from the challenges in other worlds like a snow world. Also, you will find dessert-theme monsters and obstacles like sand tornadoes and vultures, while in the snow world you’ll find snowmen and snowstorms complicating your adventure. Thus, the level design in Mario 64 holds one of the best works in any game, helping all worlds, missions and characters hold their own uniqueness.

    The, yet simple, is a classically Mario and flawless. Mario goes to the castle to visit Princess peach, but Bowser has captured her and taken over the castle. Now Mario must go into paintings in the castle and recover the power stars necessary to open doors, newer worlds, and ultimately access Bowser’s lair and find him. Getting all 70 stars necessary to defeat Bowser is somewhat easy. The real challenge, which I am currently trying to do, is get all 120 stars.

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    Feb 10th, 2007 at 01:35:17     -    Legend of Zelda: Four Sword Adventure (GC)

    After the second gaming session, I realized that the one thing that would actually be better in this game is if you can’t pick up the other players. For some reason, and I can’t image why, but players didn’t like when I picked them up and threw them into a pit of doom as I grabbed the 300 Force Gem. This is fun, but it tends to get annoying for everyone after a while. Also, everyone’s weapons can hurt each other which gets frustrating.

    Four Sword Adventure has given me a few ideas for my own game project. Like any other Zelda, FS makes me realize that a perfect blend of puzzles and action would be very suitable for a successful game. Some people enjoy hacking through countless monsters, but a mind-nudging puzzle every now and then helps keep things interesting.

    Four Sword does in fact get more difficult as you progress. You will find yourself dying A LOT more times in the later areas just from falling into lava pits and such. Also, puzzles will tend to get much more difficult and require more teamwork and strategy. Without multiplayer, this game would definitely be dull.

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