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    Feb 28th, 2016 at 23:03:15     -    Prison Architect (PC)

    I got pretty into it tonight. I was kind of rushed and set a timer for myself to play for exactly half an hour so I could get to bed super early, but I ended up playing at least double that, maybe more. I still haven't really noticed a strain on my money in this game, so I see absolutely no reason to not give the prisoners everything they need. So I'm still stuck in chapter 2 of the campaign as I do absolutely every optional thing to make the prisoners lives better: recreation, food (I kind of can't believe that one was "optional"), laundry, etc. I even started building new cells, which I feel is way more complicated than it should be--there should be like a standard cell stamp or something that does the walls, bed, toilet, and door all in one.

    I guess this game is showing me that my view of prisoners is that they should be treated as humanely as possible. I know many people would disagree with me--but I honestly don't understand why I would try and just make their lives hell. I don't get how that helps them not commit crimes again in the future. I feel like most (if not all) criminals are victims of circumstance. Maybe I'm na´ve? In any case, I still have well over a million dollars in my account--they're getting their pool tables and TVs.

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    Feb 28th, 2016 at 00:19:22     -    Prison Architect (PC)

    Okay, so my question in class has been answered: this game definitely has a story. From my first session, it looks like I'm still mostly in tutorial mode, with the CEO telling me exactly what to do at every moment, but the story so far is quite interesting. My favorite moment is how Chapter 1 linked directly to Chapter 2 in a surprise twist.

    As far as ethics go, we've definitely already seen discussion on the death penalty--a classic ethical question as old as civilization itself. And the game has told me that I can care or not care about prisoners and give things like a bookshelf or not, but I haven't seen yet what the actual impact of this is--and I haven't been limited in resources at all to see any reason not to do it. But I'm definitely intrigued.

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    Jan 24th, 2016 at 13:11:29     -    This war of mine (PC)

    Day 9. That's when it finally happened. That's when I caved and stole something. And it was from a hospital. But Bruno escalated to "lethally wounded" and I couldn't find bandages anywhere and all the traders are hacks who take way too much for anything useful. I talked to all the nurses, I couldn't find the doctor to trade with, and no one would help me unless my actually wounded and sick character was the one there, so I opened a private property cabinet and found food and bandages and took it. I even left a bunch of stuff there in its place as a sort of trade to make myself feel better, but it wasn't a fair trade and I knew it.

    The worst part, though, was the next day getting back and having people show up to say that someone stole from the humanitarian center and they asked if my guy did it. I said no, but they didn't leave. Then I had to stop playing and I didn't finish the day so I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to face them again when I get back. I still have a lethally wounded dude who's also depressed now, as well as a severely sick guy who's beyond the help of herbal medicines and needs real medication. And keeping up with food is just impossible. I had a miracle of a new reporter girl show up and join my group who has "bargaining skills" but I haven't had the chance to use her skills yet and see how good they really are.

    I really don't think my group is going to make it much longer.

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    Jan 23rd, 2016 at 11:15:13     -    This war of mine (PC)

    After my second session with the game I'm feeling pretty proud of myself - day 7 and I still haven't stolen any private property or hurt anyone! Well, I've been raided a couple times and one of my dudes is "severely wounded", which is probably my fault, but I haven't been an aggressor yet. I have had a couple of pretty rewarding moments along the way, too. I went into a school that was labeled as "huge amount of materials," but then said materials were nowhere to be found and every path was blocked by rubble and I had no shovel. I took a big risk and picked a pile of rubble to clear. It took like half the night, but it was the best pile of rubble to clear because it provided a round-about path to nearly every room in the school, going around all the other piles, and I had a full haul of wood and components by the end of the night.

    The other experience was at the super market. There was already a group of at least 3 looters there and I was trying to sneak by them when one with a VERY intimidating gun saw me. He said, "Hey, you!" and I instantly ran the other direction. I almost ran all the way home but then I saw him say, "There should be enough for all of us." I didn't trust him at all, but he did let me walk by him and I got a full haul and then just booked it out of there before giving them time to turn on me.

    I have a nice rotation going of two guys sleeping at night and working during the day while my "Good at scavenging" guy sleeps so he's ready to scavenge again at night. The only problem is at least 2 people are still always hungry, and one guy is severely wounded and I just barely got some bandages for him. Sometimes it says "recovering" but then that goes away and he's still severely wounded. I'm scared for him. And not entirely sure what to do beyond bandages and rest. Plus he's the best cook so I need him.

    I knew this game would challenge my ethics, but what I wasn't expecting was the rewarding side of that--the sense of accomplishment of getting by this far without giving up my morals. I'm still worried the storm is coming, but at least so far, I can feel proud of myself. And I am strangely satisfied in a way I've never been in a game. Not satisfaction of skill or creativity, but of morals.

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