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    Apr 7th, 2016 at 12:15:14     -    Undertale (PC)

    So I have been playing the game completely passively for about an hour now and I’m dying more often than before. I really hope it’s worth it. One thing that I noticed after restarting the game is that certain narrative elements have changed, and this was very cool and creepy at the same time. For example, the second time I confronted Toriel at the exit of the ruins, she mentions something along the line of me looking at her as if I saw a ghost. Wow, did the game record my previous session where I killed her and adjusted the narrative based on me killing her? If that is the case then I’m very impressed, not because it’s a fresh idea, but rather the way it was implemented. I could have played through the second time without even noticing the narrative adjustment, instead of making the change extreme and noticeable it was very subtle, but at the same time very powerful.

    Playing passively can get a bit annoying at times. As stated above I’m dying more often and staying determined is not easy. I’m currently solving puzzles by the two skeleton brothers (for the second time) and I really wish I had completed the game by this log entry so I could reflect on the ending.

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    Apr 5th, 2016 at 22:13:33     -    Undertale (PC)

    So as I was making my way through the underworld something was bothering me. The moment after I killed Toriel and went through the door I was confronted with that annoying flower character. And it mentioned me killing her, I can’t exactly remember what the flower said, but it was something along the lines that “I didn’t even spare her”. Which got me thinking, maybe there is a different way? Maybe I don’t have to kill her to progress through the game. This also got me thinking how at the beginning of the game Toriel informs me that I can talk to enemies to avoid fights i.e. killing them. There is even a fighting practice dummy that you can talk to. At this point I realized I didn’t once try to flee or spare enemies. I was just slaughtering everything that came upon my way or try to talk my way out of conflicts...but no fleeing or sparing.

    So I couldn’t help it. I reset the game and started all over again. This time I didn’t kill a single monster. I quickly learned how the flee and spare mechanics work and it made the game even a bit easier in terms of retaining health points and getting through conflicts quicker. As the moment came to face Toriel in front of the exit of the ruins, I did not attack…I stayed determined and kept on talking to her, to the point of thinking nothing will happen, when eventually the conflict stopped and her life was spared. She let me through the gate and she is alive. This game is messing with me…because now I know there must be alternate endings…now I must remain passive until the end. Wish me luck.

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    Apr 4th, 2016 at 18:04:29     -    Undertale (PC)

    So I know very little about this game. Let’s just say that these retro style RPG’s are not my favorite games, but let’s give Undertale a chance shall we?
    The first thing that grabbed my attention was the strange and interesting concept of being able to passively end conflicts with monsters. This is fresh, for me at least. I actually tried playing the game entirely as a passive character, which didn’t last long. After only about a dozen monsters I gave up on the whole passive nonsense and just proceeded to kill enemies. One thing that I really like about the combat mechanics is the sliding bar attack mechanic, and the bullet hell defense mechanic is also very cool.
    So about 20 minutes into the game and I’m slightly becoming annoyed. The mother-like goat character, Toriel, is really creeping me out. When I eventually reached her house I immediately left to go explore, just to realize I can’t do much exploring. I obviously have to put up with this strange goat character. And that’s when the game had its first impact on me, the moment when I had the opportunity to ask Toriel “when can I go home”…I paused on this screen what seemed like a long time, I felt bad for the old goat lady. She made me a cake and was taking care of me and even though I found her annoying, I felt bad asking “when can I go home”. So I tried to ignore the subject, but quickly realized that I must confront her on this…and here I am now, I just killed her. She sacrificed her life to test my powers and see if I’m strong enough to face all that the underworld brings…and now the game is officially starting. Old goat lady you will be missed…

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    Mar 3rd, 2016 at 12:00:28     -    Prison Architect (PC)

    So this time I decided to build my own prison. It was interesting to note that the game gives the player a significant amount of adjust-ability in terms of difficulty. The player can select options such as different wardens, unlimited funds, gangs, and random events etc., which all have an effect on how the game will be played. In order to get the best idea of my own play-style I decided to go fully sandbox mode. So I gave myself unlimited funds.
    In my first log I mentioned how I always cheer for the prisoners in prison escape movies, well having the power to control a prison with unlimited funds definitely changed the way a favor escaping prisoners.
    My first 45 minutes of playing were spent blueprinting the prison layout. I spent most of the planning time making sure the prison exits and entries are well secure. I haven’t played the game long enough to even know if prisoners will escape through the main prison exit, but regardless I made sure to make it as secure as possible. The next thing that I did was build the water and electricity infrastructure to perfection. I think this is coming from my old days of playing Sim City. I wanted to make sure that my prison is “future proof” by having a solid water and power infrastructure. I made a grid of pipes and wires which was so dense that regardless of where I placed a building it would automatically have water and power connections nearby.
    The next step was prison cells and sanitation. While the traditional cells has its own toiled, I went a step further and installed showers and drains in each cell. I was under the impression that if I have showers in each cell it would reduce the likelihood of soap dropping incidents happening in the shared showers, haha.
    By this point I have been building my ultimate prison for 2 hours. I was so invested in the building process that I completely disregarded that I have a queue of prisoners waiting to move in. But regardless of that it was interesting to notice that my main goal was to make a prison that has great sanitation and infrastructure. My prisoner’s quality of life was priority number one.

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