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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 08:22:49     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    Part 2:

    After more playing I discovered the different VS modes. One can play for lives or for a time limit, both options with an optional team mode. With 4 players this game is really fun, capable of having 2v2 battles.
    There are a lot of maps which emphasize jumping a little too much. One map has rising lava periodically, in which only the top level is capable of staying afloat. Anyone caught in the lava will take a lot of damage, killing them if they already have a high probability of not being able to get back to the platform.
    Weapons are a major part of this game as well. There are a multitude of weapons that drop, from normal(ish) weapons such as fans, light sabers, and laser pistols to uncommon weapons like Pokemon balls and a hammer that makes one invincible (from Donkey Kong).
    I think I like the Yoshi character the most- he has a pacifying attack, which makes him gobble a character up and put him in a shell, useful for team games, a good aoe-attack, where he jumps up then slams down, and a long range attack where he throws eggshells at enemies. Any character played well is good, but the characters that seem the most troublesome are Pikachu and Link. Link has a really large aoe-attack, swirling his sword around and Pikachu launches a lighting bolt straight up in the air zapping all enemies close to it. Most other characters I can consistently beat with Yoshi but Link and Pikachu seem to be able to beat me relatively easily.
    The level design is fairly good but I wish there were more flat, long maps like the Star-Fox level and the Link level. This game is really fun but is very basic. Only one character can be unlocked, the graphics are typical of an N64 system but nowdays seems lacking, and the camera isn't the best. I think the game was dramatically improved in the gamecube version, with nicer graphics, a better feeling gameplay and easier to use controls. The gamecube version also has more unlockable characters and maps as well as a much larger variety of characters and maps.
    Overall this game gets a 5-star rating from me because it is really really fun in multiplayer and has a very innovative gameplay.

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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 08:09:40     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    Super Smash Brothers is an interesting sort of game. It is not like any other game and has a very unique sort of gameplay. The maps are set up so it is a multitiered 2-d game with 3d graphics, enabling the players to jump between platforms and hit enemies. The map never changes inside the level, but the camera zooms in and out to fit all the players on the screen.
    I first tried playing the single player mode as Link. Some maps pit you against one or several enemies whereas others are bonus stages and involve jumping to platforms to tag them or hitting targets while jumping inside a maze-like structure. Jumping is a very important part of this game; everything revolves around it.
    To kill enemies you must make them fall off the platform. As enemies (or you) take damage they have an increased probability of not being able to get back onto the platform. Once hit off, you get two jumps to get back on. One jump is the 'c' up arrow, the other is moving the direction stick up and pressing B, a jumping attack. If you are unable to reach the platform with these two jumps, you lose a life. Sometimes you have such a high probability of not getting back on that anything that hits you hard will cause you to fly far off the screen without you being able to do anything about it.
    There are several types of characters in the game, making multiplayer battles entertaining. All the characters are from different nintendo games such as Donkey Kong, Mario, Kirby's Adventures and Zelda. The more tank-like character is Donkey Kong, a hard hitting but slow and not very agile character. He has two attacks that cause AOE (area of effect) damage, making him a good character if one likes to sit and wait for enemies to come to him. Samus from Metroid is a long range type, with a shooting attack that can be powered up. Kirby is a long-range sniper type with a dropping block attack, a character usually played by flying far up and dropping down upon unsuspecting enemies.

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    Feb 9th, 2007 at 19:23:05     -    Warcraft III -- Frozen Throne (PC)

    There are several different types of tower defenses, from those you play by yourself, building towers along cliffs, to those you have to maze so units don't get by and play on a team. Green TD is an example of a team based game- however many people are playing determines how many spawns of creep there are that the players must kill each wave. In games like Element TD, however, a player is only responsible for him/herself, and any screw-ups the player undergoes affects only him/herself.

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    Feb 9th, 2007 at 19:20:46     -    Warcraft III -- Frozen Throne (PC)

    Revisiting Warcraft 3:

    DOTA is a really fun, time consuming game, but unless you're already pretty good at playing people can be really unkind towards you. Since one player can really drag the team down (especially if the team has fewer than the full 5) individual player responsibility is really high. The games usually last an hour, and a banlist is in place to kick people who have left games from games that start up, making sure that nobody leaves a DOTA game unless they wish to risk getting added to a banlist.
    I started playing games that weren't so time consuming as DOTA like tower defenses. These are also UMS games that take advantage of the rpg capabilities of warcraft 3. The player must build and upgrade towers with money and kill creep walking by the towers to get more money.

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