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    Apr 5th, 2016 at 17:19:40     -    Undertale (PC)

    Wow, I played a total of 8 hours and finished the game today. The end was Ö. Not what I expected. And it seems I did not get the True ending either. But it was still nice to see how it all came together in the end. The game gave me hints, saying I could finish the Entire game without killing even a single thing. I could totally avoid killing Toriel too, whose death broke my heart.
    I did start new game + to try and get the True ending. I got till the fight with Toriel and was stuck for a while trying to figure out how I could proceed without killing her and I was stuck for a while. But then I saw the subtle hints the game was giving me during the fight which I had totally missed during my first playthrough. And it was an amazing moment to realize that.
    I recommend anyone who has ever played any traditional RPG to give this game a go. And as a bonus, the Soundtrack is amazing! God I am going to spend so many more hours playing this amazing game again. I must uncover all the endings and the truth!

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    Apr 5th, 2016 at 17:19:06     -    Undertale (PC)

    Today I played another 100 minutes. So far I have successfully avoided killing/fighting anyone. I also went on a date with a skeleton. And ended up being rejected D: By a skeleton. I want to finish this entire play thorough avoiding every fight possible. Maybe on my second play through I will fight everything and see how things end up getting a better idea about what the game is trying to convey with its game system. There were a few mini games here and there that conveyed some message, but I am still missing the big picture. I will have to finish the entire game to figure it out I guess.
    As always there were a lot of giggles through this play through. I hope it has a happy ending! I am certainly enjoying the ďcombatĒ system in this game. And the frequency of random encounters is perfect too. Hasnít annoyed me much!

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    Apr 5th, 2016 at 17:18:30     -    Undertale (PC)

    This is a funny game. But it sometimes gives off the vibe of being twisted. Undertale has been satisfying to play and Iíve played over 100 minutes of it already! Killing Touriel was the saddest thing that I had to do though. They present her as a mother figure and FORCE you to kill her in order to progress (I donít yet know of a way I can avoid doing that.). The battle system is pretty unique and entertaining, seeing how you need to interact with each monster in a certain way to resolve the conflict peacefully.
    The game hasnít shown or given me any incentive to fight yet so letís see how it goes later on. I will probably do a run where I fight and kill everything! Muahahah! Although I donít think I have the heart for it.

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    Mar 3rd, 2016 at 11:22:37     -    Prison Architect (PC)

    Today was the the most frustrating playthrough for me. I started the fourth campaign and it was about a very depressed inmate. I was asked by a visiting doctor to build a new block of cells to hold the incoming prisoners. That task proved to be a challenge for me just because the game would keep on giving me trouble assigning rooms as cells and forcing me to restart the level 4 times before i could finally figure out how to get that task done.
    After the initial frustration I got back into the story. The guy who was the focus of this campaign was depressed because the conditions in the prison were very bad and he was not even allowed to have his family visit him. The doctor manages to get the visitaion rights for him. But the security denies him those, even after being promised a visit and the wife is sent back home disappointed.
    After this I focus on building educational facilities for the inmates and enable prisoner labour to help out in the kitchen and the workshop. The programs get a lot of prisoners interested and the overall happiness of the prisoners increases. I also buidl additional facilities for visitation and provide ways for the inmates to call their families from the yards.
    At the end I am informed that there has been a sucide. I assume that it was definately the guy, Henry, who was the focus of this story, who had commited sucide. But to my suprise, it was not. Infact he was in a very happy state of mind and looked Healhty. His outlook towards the future was also a lot more positive. This campaign successfully conveyed how reforming and rehabilitating prisoners would help more than just punishing them. But again, the game did not give me any choices of my own.

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