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    Apr 7th, 2016 at 12:59:26     -    Undertale (PC)

    I want to begin this log by saying that I have loved the characters, they have a range of emotions, are memorable and have kept me going. The game in itself is a very unique experience and I wish I had played the game earlier and without spoiling the game a little for myself. There's some stuff that's laid out in front of you and some that's hinted at, so you're given a sense of a world that's much broader than what you experience, and left to think about it.

    In this playthrough, it was more or less a similar experience in terms of gameplay but the battles were more intense and challenging. So in my previous playthrough I got to befriend Papyrus, which allowed me to befriend Undyne. Iterating my thoughts on the whole "consequences" aspect of the game, it takes in account various aspects of the prior interactions and not just the result (whether I chose to spare or kill the opponent).

    I think it does a great job at challenging some of the expectations of today's games. Overall, the unique gameplay, a decision system that feels natural and actually impactful, lovable characters, intricate plot, interesting and varied enemies, and the simple art and great music track have made my experience complete and enjoyable.

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    Apr 7th, 2016 at 02:02:07     -    Undertale (PC)

    So continuing from where I left off last time, I began my playthrough by exploring Torielís house and after following Toriel to the basement, it came as a surprise that the next battle (which would seem like a boss) was in fact Toriel, who was insistent that I go no further. Having played RPGs like pokemon I figured I would probably bring her HP down to a point before the game would throw a narrative element at me, but it is in fact nearly impossible to lose the fight. As her HP did reduce, at one point I dealt a one-hit blow. I restarted the game at this point to redo the fight and tried a different approach of sparing her which did not work. In fact her attacks started to avoid me when my HP lowered. This was really interesting as it felt that the game wanted me to kill Toriel. So far in the game though, I had attempted a neutral route, attempting to gain experience points from battles and also spare some enemies based on their nature.
    As I proceeded further, with a heavy heart, I am introduced to two ridiculously hilarious characters Sans and Papyrus (skeletons). It seemed like the game in a sense might have been trying to cheer me up at this point. I encountered several puzzles (some of which were apparently designed by Sans and Papyrus) while exploring Snowdin and it finally led to a battle with Papyrus. This was an extremely lengthy battle but all the actions seemed pretty straightforward. Some of the dialogues were extremely funny, and I was close to losing, when he decides to spare me. I happened to flirt with him during the fight (ďmy true feelingsĒ) and went on a date with a skeleton.
    Proceeding further, the point where the consequences of my past actions were made relevant again was when I went up against the mad dummy. So my first battle with the dummy (after my introduction to Toriel) was brought into context and was apparently, this one (or as I remember a ghost) was mad at me for the things I did to its cousin dummy.

    So far, Iíve enjoyed the sound track and also the combat system has not failed to disappoint. With every battle with a new character, there seems to be a slightly personalized experience with the combat system. While other games only seem to present the player with fake choices, undertale succeeds at merging these choices into its gameplay and narrative, and being consistent and firm about the consequences of those choices. It all just feels more natural.

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    Apr 5th, 2016 at 23:27:36     -    Undertale (PC)

    So I went into the game with a lot of expectations, considering some of the reviews Iíve read and all the hype surrounding it. Undertale is an indie RPG game developed by Toby Fox in which the player controls a human child as he/she explores the underground world. I was given an introduction to the world of Undertale and the circumstances of its time before I could actually start playing. As I began my exploration, I came across a character Flowey, who gave me a brief idea about the rules and mechanics of the game. The next character I came across was Toriel, who gives me a proper tutorial leading up to a training duel of sorts. I thought the combat was some sort of mechanic of the game and was expecting traditional RPG like combats going further but that was not the case. I came across several other unique characters with their own abilities and characteristics. I could either kill my opponent by reducing its HP, speak to it or spare it. Having played traditional RPGs, I must say the combat system was unique and the other interesting aspect was that the damage they took increase as they are closer to death. I also came across some puzzles, which are part of the rooms you are put into with features like trap rooms on the floor. So far though, I have managed to cross the puzzles and reach Torielís home who in a sense seems to have adopted the human child.

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    Mar 3rd, 2016 at 14:52:15     -    Prison Architect (PC)

    Chapter 3 begins in yet another blown up situation at the Alchemico state prison and Iím informed that several personnel are still unaccounted for including the CEO who I had been communicating with so far. A riot has broken out post the arrest of some high-profile judges who were apparently bribed in order to serve out more severe punishment and somewhere in there the incidents of the previous chapter are connected and made relevant to the current situation.
    My task: stop the riot. So far all the scenarios and situations Iíve been put into could be compared to a scene out of a movie. So Iíve control over a bunch of riot police and some paramedics and Iím in constant communication with the negotiator, who asks me to sort the situation out. In between all this ruckus, I get a call from the mayor and the assailant (keeping around 5 people hostage, one being the CEO).

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