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    Apr 4th, 2017 at 23:18:37     -    The Wolf Among Us (PS4)

    Game Log 3

    Play Time: 2 hours 30 mins

    I finished episode 3 and started episode 4.

    During this play through people who are supposed to be "good" have revealed their questionable side. Snow has a bit of a violent and controlling streak. She wanted to burn down someone's livelihood, enforce an unfair law (unfair in the way that it keeps poor people poor and in prison), and is issuing threats stating it's "for the good of Fabletown". I've also noticed that Snow isn't as good a character as they are trying to portray her as. She's extremely unkind and unfair to Bufkin, the record keeper, and she acts as though she's above the girls Pudding and Pie. Not really a fan of her right now.

    Beast and Beauty are also being strange; they asked me to kill someone so they wouldn't have debt. Although their debt stem from from their own extravagant lifestyle in a bad economy. However, it seems that the Fabletown system is against them and even if they lowered their lifestyle they wouldn't have jobs.

    I think the commentary that the game is having with Mr. Crane is really interesting. In "the Homeland" he was a caring man and good teacher, all of his students loved him. But over the years (in Fabletown) he became run down by politics and started making deals to keep the town running. Then he blamed the town for his own stained hands and started making deals for himself. Eventually, he became the twisted and creepy old man he is today. The commentary about the corruption in both the real world and the fairy tale world is interesting too. Especially because so many of the "good" characters seem to remember the fairy tale world as perfect with good, fair endings, while side characters experienced hardship in both worlds.

    Since I noticed that I tend to play a softer Bigby I've tried to play as a more moderate one. Instead of always being nice sometimes I'll throw a punch if I think Busby's temper would cause his patience to run out.

    I'm definitely going to finish the game.

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    Apr 3rd, 2017 at 23:37:07     -    The Wolf Among Us (PS4)

    Game Log 2

    Time Played: 2 hours and 30 mins

    I was mistaken in my last log and during this playthrough I reached and completed episode 2!

    During this playthrough I tried to play a softer Bigby after his conversation with Snow. If an option came up to stop fighting, I immediately took it and only used physical intimidation after multiple tries of non-physical persuasion. This mix of soft Bigby and normal Bigby (according to how Bigby was in the fairytale-land) seemed to be very effective. I was able to increase my standing with civilian fairytale characters while still being true to how other characters viewed Bigby's character, a mean, violent, and unfair creature.

    I still was fairly rough with some characters like Mr. Crane and Bluebeard. I chose to still be a meaner Bigby to those characters because I felt like Bigby keeps a solid grudge. (Also I don't like Mr. Crane at all, he's definitely doing some shady stuff.)

    I'm starting to think a little more carefully about the relationship between metagaming, ludonarrative gaming, and how I am personally reacting to the situations. Although I still feel like I'm avoiding metagaming and just play as how I view Bigby, in most circumstances I feel like I'm playing more to how I would react over how Bigby would react. There are some occasions where I think Bigby would lose it and not be able to stop fighting but I personally don't want him to fight because the people he's fighting with are doing it for "good" reasons.

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    Apr 2nd, 2017 at 20:55:50     -    The Wolf Among Us (PS4)

    Game Log 1

    Playtime: 1 hour and 20 minutes

    During this gaming session, I completed the first two "chapters". It is an interactive story line with QuickTime events so all of my decisions impact the next scene and the final ending.

    I played with a group of people watching me and they were pretty upset at some of the decisions I made. One decision in particular was very controversial with them (which I did not expect to be), they were in a near uproar with several cries of "you should've chosen the other one!" It was after investigating the storybooks and finding out that Faith had a husband in fairytale-land. There was a choice to find Faith's husband (who seemed to be in danger) or to find Mr. Frog who had recently called you asking for help about a break-in. I chose Mr. Frog because I felt like the character would choose to help an acquaintance over finding a suspect in the case. (Also I personally wanted to help Mr. Frog.) They wanted the story line to progress whereas I was wanted to play, what I considered to be, in character.

    As a sidenote, I really like that some of the "nice/good" decisions aren't the "best" decisions. Also I didn't know that this game was based off of fairytales so that is rather exciting to me.

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    Feb 18th, 2017 at 15:23:05     -    Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons (PS4)

    Game Log 3
    Playtime: 45 minutes

    This is my second time playing this game through and there isnít anything that is very different. The gameís storyline is linear so I canít really change anything. The only things that Iím noticing on this playthrough that I didnít notice last time is the villager interactions and the older brother/younger brother interactions. In the beginning of the game there are more villagers that you can interact with that slowly disappear as the story goes on. Also they are more happy the closer they are to the starting point. As for the brother interactions there are very few interactions in which the older brother relies on the younger brother, most of them are things that the older brother has to help the younger brother do, like swim across rivers.

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