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    Apr 4th, 2017 at 14:57:19     -    Life is Strange (PS3)

    Life is strange is a choice based game, but for a short time after each decision is made you can reverse time to make a different decision. So far (through episode 1), it seems that most of the fallout from each decision happens after this grace period, so you still have very little to go on. It gives a much greater feeling of control, however.
    The puzzles are simple enough, with some creative use of the time travel. The optional ones don't seem to have much impact at all.

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    Feb 23rd, 2017 at 21:40:50     -    The Wolf Among Us (PS3)

    Before now, I've talked about how this game felt less like making moral choices and more about making poorly informed decisions. I'm beginning to rethink that positions, as I continue a train of thought I had when I wrote my last log.

    Having now played while thinking about rule vs act utilitarianism it seems a more convincing argument, and doesn't contradict what I wrote about getting into character. In my opinion, role playing games are a great way to consider events from another perspective (and the University might share this opinion, as I have actually taken a class that was role playing through historical events), and this game causes the player to consider moral axioms from a different perspective. Bigby is constantly put in difficult positions that will hopefully never occur in my personal life, so I haven't considered which rules I would consider to be the moral ones. I haven't had time to fully meditate on this, but it could be a valuable perspective.

    As far as the moral choices go, this game has a real Film Noir feel to me. In Noir, it's about human failings more than anything else, and Fables are still human in those respects. In a rather dark narrative, you are forced to face the aspects of morality that you generally hope you never face.

    As a side note, I have found what (to me) is probably the best thing in this game: Cinderella's page in the Book of Fables is briefly visible, and her personal information has all been redacted with a [classified] mark next to it. Those who have read the Fabletown comics may know that Cindy is a secret agent, basically a double-o spy/assassin working for Bigby to maintain Fabletown's secrecy by embarking on James Bond-esque globetrotting adventures. The shoe shop she runs as a front is also visible in the first episode.

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    Feb 23rd, 2017 at 00:11:28     -    The Wolf Among Us (PS3)

    So far the game seems to be more geared towards the player having to make character based choices rather than moral ones. I quickly developed a sense of what I wanted this character to be, and then choices became more "what would my character do?" than "what would a moral person do?".
    That being said it does raise questions about rule vs act utilitarianism. With most decisions you have little to no idea of the repercussions. With act utilitarianism would be culpable if your actions led to problems, with rule utilitarianism it's about the choice. The commentary here could be that act utilitarianism is a problem when the complexity and unpredictability of life are considered.

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    Feb 20th, 2017 at 14:04:10     -    The Wolf Among Us (PS3)

    So far, The Wolf Among Us has done a good job of providing choices, not decisions, which I think is more conductive to creating moral dilemmas. While I haven't played enough yet to see the fallout from the decisions to a great degree, there does seem to be a small amount of payoff so far. A lot of what's happened so far looks like it's going for the "follow the rules or do what's kind" sort of dilemma, where you have to choose where you draw the line. Is some minor infringement more permissible than a more major one that seems unfair.

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