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    Feb 2nd, 2017 at 00:39:02     -    Love Letter (Other)

    The game Love Letter is played with 2 to 4 players. The game is played through 16 cards. Each card has a character portrayed on it and these characters all have a unique effect and level. There is one Princess, one Minister, one General, two Wizards, two Priestesses, two Knights, two Clowns, and five Soldiers.

    The Princess at Level 8 is the highest level card in the game and has the unfortunate effect of, if discarded, forces the player to lose that game.

    The Minister at Level 7 is the second highest card in the game and has the unfortunate effect of causing you to lose the round if your hand, with the minister, exceeds a collective level of 12 or more.

    The General at level 6, once played, forces a targeted player to swap hands with the user of the General.

    The Wizards at level 5, once played, forces a targeted player to discard their hand and draw another card from the deck.

    The Priestesses at level 4, once played, ignores all effects from other players that target the user of the Priestess until the user of the Priestess's next turn.

    The Knights at level 3, once played, force a targeted player to discreetly compare hands with the user of the Knight. The player with the lower leveled card in their hand is forced to discard their card and lose the game.

    The Clowns at level 2, once played, allow the user of the Clown to look at another player's hand discreetly.

    The Soldiers at level 1, once played, allow the user of the Soldier to target another player and name a Non-soldier card. If that player holds the named card, they are forced to discard and lose the game.

    This game starts with the deck of 16 cards being shuffled. A single card is taken from the top of the deck and placed face-down outside of the game and is considered out of play; no one knows what that card is. Everyone is passed one card. Starting with the beginning player, the turns are taken in a clockwise or counter-clockwise fashion.

    During each player's turn, the player draws one card from the deck to place in their hand with their previously held card. From there, (unless the Minister has been held/drawn and a Wizard or Princess is held/drawn, forcing the drawer to lose the game) the player chooses one card to discard and plays their effect, keeping the other card in their hand hidden from other players.

    The goal of this game is to either force the other players to discard or lose their hand, and therefore the game, or to last until the deck is out of cards to compare the hands of the players left. The player with the highest card level is awarded the game.

    Included in this diary entry are two video logs of the game Love Letter being played. The first one is located:

    In this game, the first card is taken out of the deck and placed aside. The cards were then passed to all the players. Player 1 drew the first card and subsequently lost due to having both the Princess and the Minister in hand: a terribly unfortunate way to start the game. From this point, Player 2 drew and played the Clown, looking at Player 3's hand since he was the only remaining player. Player 3 then draws, plays a Soldier, and names the Knight for Player 2, receiving a negative response indicating that Player 2 does not have the Knight. Player 2 draws, plays a Soldier as well, and names Wizard, also receiving a negative response from Player 3. Player 3 draws and plays the Priestess, preventing any card's effect that Player 2 uses next from affecting him until his turn again. Player 2 draws then also plays the Priestess, preventing Player 3 from targeting him. Player 3 draws and plays the Knight, but is unable to use its effect on Player 2. Player 2 then draws, plays the Clown, and looks at Player 3's hand. Player 3 draws then plays a Soldier, correctly naming Player 2's card to be the General. The resultant victory goes to Player 3.

    The second game is played here:

    In this game, the cards are dealt out and the winner from the previous game starts. Player 3 won so Player 3 draws and plays Soldier, naming Princess for Player 2 and subsequently receiving a negative response. Player 1 draws, plays Soldier, and names Wizard for Player 3, receiving a negative response. Player 2 draws, plays Wizard, and forces Player 1 to discard their card and draw again. Player 3 draws and plays a Knight, forcing Player 2 to discreetly compare cards with him. After comparing, Player 3 discards his General card, confirming that Player 2 has either the Minister or the Princess. Player 1 draws and eventually realizes that Player 2 can only have Princess, or else Player 2 would have lost with the Minister/Wizard pairing during his last turn. Player 1 plays the Wizard, forcing Player 2 to discard his card. He discards Princess, allowing Player 1 to win the game.

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