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    Jan 31st, 2017 at 20:36:30     -    Mafia (Other)

    Mafia. Saturday, January 28th (Games One and Two)

    Mafia is a multiplayer strategy game for 5 or more players. Players are town citizens (called “townies”) who are attempting to eliminate the mafia members in their town before the Mafia eliminates the rest of the town. Players will use their tricks and deception to convince other players that they are innocent townies, while the mafia will be steadily whittling down the town.

    = Rules =

    Players are divided into two teams: townies and mafia. One townie is also the nurse, who can protect players from being attacked during the night. Mafia wins by eliminating all townies from the game, and can do so by voting together to kill one player during the night. If the player the mafia attack was not protected by the nurse that night, then they are eliminated.
    Each day, a player must be called to the stands for lynching. They are given roughly one minute to defend themselves before the entire town will vote on whether to eliminate the player or not. This is the only opportunity townies have to eliminate mafia members. Once dead, players roles are revealed and they can continue to partake in discussion. It is advised to take these players words with a grain of salt, however, as they are now dead and have no stake in the outcome of the game.

    = Players =

    Playesr are assigned roles at the start of the game. No player knows the true role of another player, so they will attempt to deceive each other to further their own means. This creates a harsh atmosphere in which players are quick to argue and trust no one.

    = Game Play =

    Since players are eliminated quickly, the game is best played with 10 players, but 5 was all we were able to round up for this session.

    Game one: We had 5 players for Mafia (not counting me, the game master assigning roles / watching who mafia vote to kill etc). All were new to the game, except for me. Players caught on very quickly, however, since the game is rather simple in nature.

    On the first night, mafia successfully killed a townie. This left us with two townies and two mafia members for the day. The townies immediately suspected the nurse of killing the dead player because of the sound they made during the night. During the day, however, the dead player had significant impact on influencing townies on who to lynch. Thanks to this, they successfully eliminated a mafia member.

    On the second night, the nurse successfully prevented the mafia from eliminating anyone. Additionally, during the day, the last townie was able to convince the nurse who the mafia member was and the townies successfully lynched them and won!

    Game two: We again had 5 players, not counting myself as game master. By this point, everyone had a firm grasp on strategies and recognized how quickly the nurse would have to identify the mafia members.

    On the first night, the same player was killed first. This obviously put a sour taste in his mouth, as this is Mafia’s biggest fault in my opinion. During the day, discussion led to each player narrowing down roles until it was clear what each player’s role was by accidentally confirming claims. This led to more investigative play and resulted in a 50-50 win rate for townies immediately, all hinging on if the nurse correctly blocks the assassination attempt that night.

    During the second night, the nurse accidentally protected a mafia member and was assassinated by the mafia. Thus, one mafia member and one townie were left alive, which results in a mafia victory.

    = Overall =

    Mafia is a quick game, but it still manages to be very frustrating. While previous mafia games have no effect on future games, players often develop grudges during games. The game does not play well with only 5 players, but plays very well with large groups of 10 or more players. Unfortunately one player is always eliminated at the start of the game, but when subsequent games are played, players tend to let them live a bit longer so they can enjoy the game too. Overall, mafia is a very fun game that inspires players to think from others’ perspectives and analyze multiple strategies to win.

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