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    Nov 9th, 2017 at 01:45:27     -    Oxenfree (PC)

    I finished! ...Or did I?

    What a rollercoaster the ‘ending,’ if you can call it that, was.

    The ghosts made a concerted effort to scare Alex off from continuing her plan to seal up the ghost portal. They tried to convince her her friend Ren is dead, they took over Jonas several times, and tried to barter with Alex, saying they can all go home if she surrenders Clarrissa, her dead brother’s bitter ex. She had some more flashbacks with her brother. But then they found Ren, not dead, and continued with the plan. And it turns out Ren and Nona are dating now! Yay, or whatever. Apparently I did that? I don’t even know how. The gang took one last selfie and Alex and Jonas head into the bomb shelter where the back entrance to the cave containing the anomaly is. It was at this point I think I accidentally sent Jonas to the shadow realm. One of those rewindy machines started playing and to his behest I tuned the signal...And he disappeared. Oops.

    Then there was the final faceoff with the ghost ...conglomerate, which I think went...well? They talked again about how Alex could just leave right now if she left Clarrissa, which, c’mon, even she doesn’t deserve that. I chose to remind the ghosts of one of their names which seemed to make them back off. To be honest I was expecting them to put up more of a fight. But then it was over. Alex had a flashback with her brother, and then fast forward to all the times she (with my steam name) spoke to herself as a reflection on the island, and suddenly the mirror comments made sense.

    Alex wakes up on the ship and everyone is alive and well, heading back to the mainland. But… Something’s not quite right. Ren repeats himself once and there’s a trace of ghost static. Then Alex does a “happily ever after” monologue, “Oh this character went on to do this, these guys did this… And as for me…”

    “Ren invited me to this island thing tonight...And I have to bring my new step brother Jonas…”

    And she’s on the ship again, heading back to the island.

    WHAT. Turns out she didn’t really escape! OoooOOooooOoooo…

    I’m not really sure if it’s simply a shoe-horned method to extend the relatively short game, or if there’s actually more plot to be had during a second playthough since I don’t have time to play the whole game a second time. But in the small bit after the ‘end’ I did play, a few things seemed to change, and Alex can seemingly tell something is up and there’s lots of ghost static. It’s definitely left me wondering if it is actually possible to escape from the island after all. I’d definitely like to go through and change a few of my choices to see how much they affect.

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    Nov 8th, 2017 at 00:00:36     -    Oxenfree (PC)

    On this week’s episode of Total Drama Island…

    Alex has to decide who she wants to explore a part of the island with: one of the two boys she came with or Nona. I chose Nona since both boys were arguing with each other and being ridiculous, and I wanted nothing to do with that drama.

    Cut to Nona and Alex walking around the island lost for half an hour because I had no idea how to get back to the main part of the island where the quest was since there’s no map you can pull up at will to speak of. Eventually I found the right way, only to stumble across Clarissa, who was still possessed. We then discover that Maggie Adler, the old lady who lived on the island that died recently, was involved in or at the very least knew what was going on on the island.

    And then it happened. Finally, two hours into the game, one of the characters makes a Scooby Doo reference. Finally, someone acknowledges the similarities. Spooky island, meddling kids, all they are missing is the ‘dang dog.’ Something tells me we’re going to encounter a ghost at the end, and we’ll demask them only to find out it was ol’ misses Adler the whole time! She just wanted the island to herself instead of sharing it with tourists, or something.

    The gang goes to misses Adler’s house and digs around, and lo and behold the ghosts show up again and turn everything topsy turvy. Alex decodes their riddles and they leave her alone again, for now...

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    Nov 6th, 2017 at 20:53:13     -    Oxenfree (PC)

    We’ve got a mystery on our hands, kids! It’s Oxenfree time. I had no idea what to really expect from this game. It didn’t look like something I’d be interested in at first, but when I heard it was kind of a horror game I decided to give it a chance and I’m glad I did.

    The game starts off with three kids who shouldn’t be unsupervised going somewhere they aren’t allowed to, away from civilization, at night. If you still aren’t cued into the fact that something is bound to go wrong, well, maybe don’t leave the house alone at night. Of course, after the requisite amount of hormone-infused teen awkwardness, things immediately go south. Alex, the main character, discovers that her radio can hear strange things when tuned to the right station while standing in the right place. She causes a light to illuminate a path into the cave, so her and her step-brother go investigating. The come across an out of place armoire and she tunes her radio again, but this time opens a traingular...portal thing? That begins to speak cryptically. Then the two pass out and, after a quick (acid?) trip to the bottom of the ocean, they awaken on a different part of the island. They quickly learn that a similar phenomenon happened to the other kids on the island, and so the two set off to find the others.

    Along the way they end up stuck in several time loops, each time appearing to be chased by an invisible demon only visible in photos. The only way out of them is to crank on an old machine once it appears in one of the loops. The other kids appear to be possessed; one attempts to kill herself (two different ways), and the other just walks around like a weirdo. But one of the other girls says that she also ran into Alex and her step sister once already, so they may be illusions, not possessions.

    Through Alex’s various interactions with the radio, we learn that the island may be haunted by the ghosts of people who died in a submarine nearby. And they want to get out. Maybe they’re also being chased by the picture demon.

    What will happen to Alex and her friends? Who is the spooky picture demon? Find out the answers to these questions and more on tomorrow’s episode of “What the Hell is Happening Island!”

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    Sep 28th, 2017 at 02:34:55     -    Life is Strange (PS4)

    Played through episode 3 today. The plot was straight out of an episode of The CW's Flash. Max discovers that she can change time, decides to go back in time to save someone she loves, then realizes that changing the past has significant consequences for the future. (Imagine that.) I can't wait for episode 4 where she goes back and makes sure the future happens how it's supposed to except some things will be slightly different, and everyone refers to the alternate timeline as "Maxpoint."

    Going through the stats after the chapter, I found it interesting that the "take/leave" the money choice had a 50/50 (as of my playthough) split between all players. But only 8% of people chose to kill the dog. Like, everyone agrees killing pets is bad, but stealing money from the handicapped? "Well, who REALLY needs it more?" Bucha self-proclaimed Robin Hoods over here.

    Not sure what else to say about this episode. Like I said the whole thing felt reminiscent of an episode of The Flash, except for that Groundhog Day part in the diner. (which was aptly referenced) There's a ton of movie and song references throughout the game, most of which aren't subtle. Like in the previous diner scene when Chloe says she's "hungry like the wolf." Duran Duran called, they want their overplayed song back. Subtlety is definitely not this game's strong point, but I guess it's hard to be subtle when your character's faces barely move. I definitely do want to finish this game, but the emotional impact of this episode was lost on me, partially due to me saying "Watch, now she's in a wheelchair" as Max approached Chloe's house at the end, and then just not being able to take it seriously when she actually was.

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