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    Nov 9th, 2017 at 20:03:35     -    Prison Architect (PS4)

    To begin again I didnt realize that the prisoners were not being fed because the electricity was not hooked up. Then I had to perform a shakedown to proceed. I lost a lot of prisoners in this time. In the prisoners needs it showed that there were many that were unhappy with the current living positions, so i decided to hire some janitors. My todo list wouldn't change so I just began to start taking care of the needs of the inmates. I have continued to try and progress but the game will not give me anything else to do after I searched the prison. There were no drugs and nothing has happened so I am just exploring what I can do and how the prisoners react to my actions. All of the prisoners were happy and nothing was happening, so I decided to take out the cookers to see what would happen or to see if a riot would break out, In addition I took out all of the recreational activities. Nothing happened I continued for 45 days and nothing progressed or changed the prisoners started to get unhappy but nothing seemed to happen because I fell like the game was stalled somehow. There was nothing more for met to do and the objective was already completed.

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    Nov 8th, 2017 at 22:40:12     -    Prison Architect (PS4)

    Clean up wreckage and can hire people control time

    Thinks hes gonna die kids will take over have police and police routes

    When trying to rebuild took long time to figure it out and inmates died

    Narcotics found in supply bins

    One son of the mobster was the guy who cheated on the teachers while who he killed then police found Coke in his bag which let to his family

    You can monitor the prisoners needs
    To make the prisoners more happy I️ can install TVs or get janitors

    Kept them happy

    There was an attack in the shower by Sonny and the brother in law... the fire was meant for Sonny
    The brother in law had someone help injure Sonny, then sunny cuts the brother in law and kills Frankie

    CEO says fantastic the family is running out of members
    Now a shakedown to look for narcotics

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    Nov 7th, 2017 at 20:38:59     -    Prison Architect (PS4)

    To begin I started with one of the stories to learn the basics of how the game works. In this story I had to build a death chamber with a cell and an electric chair. When I build the walls and added all of the necessary state law requirements, the CEO called and said that I could add things to make the prisoners life better, with a window and a bookshelf. Immediately appealing to the emotional side of a person. We then are taken over to his cell where we learn about the prisoners back story and how he is a teacher. The chief says not to feel bad and explains that he committed a double murder and the prisoner confessed to all charges and he is a bad man. Then we are taken to his backstory when he walked into his house and we see that his wife was cheating on him, so he shot both the guy and his wife. We then are taken back to the prison where the chief and the Priest argue about whether or not the prisoner is getting what he deserves, and it starts to appeal to the personal side of you, where you try to start to figure out what is right and wrong. We then finish building the cell when the CEO calls and says that we have done our job and not to worry about what happens next. Then it shows the prisoner and the priest in the church and the prisoner is sad and wants to leave the world right. The priest then says what he has to do. Then we see the prisoner taken to the chair and its over.

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    Oct 3rd, 2017 at 21:05:48     -    dishonored 2 (PS4)

    ********Look in my WatchDogs2 game log and you will see this for the 28th I posed to the wrong one...***********************

    Today I was on the good doctor mission. I had to go to the hospital and try to find the killer. When trying to get in the first couple of times I struggled not getting caught. While I was trying so many times I realized how much blood and gore is in your face when you kill someone. Its almost like you are right there and it splatters all over everything. Very intresting choice by the game designers to make the game this way when killing someone. I Wonder if they intentionally did that to make you feel more in the game and to feel what its like when it actually happens. Finally once I figured out some pathways to go I was finally able to make it. I made it up to the Doctors office and found the keys to get into the next door set. When I got there and opened the door there were a whole bunch of the blood bugs that I had to race to get through. Once I made it through I had to talk to the Doctor who sounded like she was loosing her mind while she was talking. I then had to find and kill the killer. I was walking around and trying to find clues, when I though maybe its just the doctor who is the killer... So I tried to kill the doc and all of the sudden there was just rage from the doctor, and I discovered she was the crazy killer. I had to try three times to accomplish this task.Once I killed her I had to get out and disable the watchtower, and then get to the boat where the captain of the dreadful wale picked me up. I then woke up back on the ship, and it was almost the same scene as the first time I was on the ship, which I thought was kinda weird, and was posed with another question if I was ready to go or not. I responded yes.

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