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    Sep 27th, 2017 at 23:05:06     -    Life Is Strange: Before The Storm (PS4)

    My favorite TV channel is about laws and real-life cases. Aside from car accidents, there are two major reasons that cause the mischiefs and killings: Money and extramarital affairs. This is one of the reasons why I love games with modern themes, these games' stories often talk about issues under the modern frameworks rather than assign a giant villain that somehow enjoy in killing and destroy the world.
    I Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Rachel Amber was facing a problem which her father was having an affair with another woman. I would expect some explanations behind this, but for now, players would already address it as an issue when they sees it. This arouse their attention and makes the players to think of how to deal the similar situation in real life. Although Japanese games had done better by assigning players in different roles in an extramarital affair. This proves videogames could be a great tool to help people reflect a moral issue in different aspects and the problems they never thought before.

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    Sep 26th, 2017 at 23:01:09     -    Life Is Strange: Before The Storm (PS4)

    Went back to this prequel today, still, I found it hard to engage with a brand new yet dead character.
    I went back to a specific sense which I, as Chloe Price, having a conversation with my mom in the kitchen. I saw clearly that the choice says "Be Honest" which I originally chose for confronting to Joyce, the original idea was trying to tell the truth as a family member, I value my honesty, especially with the people that close to me. As Chloe, there should be a moment for her to speak how she really feels. Joyce is a kind lady, she bears a lot of pain with herself and still acting nicely to her surroundings. But she failed on parenting in many ways: Chloe didn't become like this for no reason. In fact, broadly speaking, people were not born to be bad. I was only trying to be honest with oneself.
    However, the game evaluated my behavior as "Bad mouth to your mom" at the end of the game. I find it unacceptable. This leads to many problems including parent's authorities, family issues and so on. How much power do parents hold? How do the lesser ones confront to them? What should we do to balance the equality in our families?

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    Sep 22nd, 2017 at 23:30:11     -    Life Is Strange: Before The Storm (PS4)

    Forest was on fire! Hopefully, I have nothing to do with it this time.
    I actually finished this prequel on the first day when it was launched, I overheard that the production team had shifted, but the style and overall quality did not go downhill. In the first episode, the main stage did not take place in the school, it started and ended as high-schoolers when they were not in school. I did not spend my high school life in America, but the whole setting fancies me than all the other games and films that using American school as a theme, so I do not care its authenticity.
    So far, what I am facing is an extramarital affair and a character that somehow already dead, I had the concern that players would have a hard time to really connect to Rachel, seems it actually is the case in this prequel.
    I will go back to the game and dig out more from this game, ideally, I will not wait for more than half year to finish the whole episodes.

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    Aug 29th, 2017 at 21:49:49     -    Oxenfree (iPd)

    Finished the whole game again and achieved the goals I set for myself, my gaming skills are sure got a lot better than last several years. I'm not sure if I missed it last time, but this game has gone a lot deeper than I thought, I will play the New Game+ or what they called "continue your time line" to see what will it leads me to.
    I also did some research for Oxenfree, surprisingly I found there is a way to revive Micheal. It suppose to be a good thing to bring someone I love back to life, but there are so many problems remain unsolved, whether looking into the problem with physics, time paradox or ethics, revive a dead character back to life is a serious matter by all means, quantum physics would show some tolerance, but this is not the case. This is a story that takes place in modern time with a touch of real life blended with supernatural phenomenons, I don't think there are enough excuses to revive a character because the game developer thinks it is "OK" to do so, this is, at some point, a realistic game. The game developers and all the other story writers are granted such powers to kill and revive their characters, I would demand a reason and explanations before reviving a character. So far, I had only seen Dark Souls series provided a reasonable explanation about why players could come back to life every time they die, another game called "Oneshot" had done it well with it own ways. Many story writers are careless when approach to these matters, again, the most recent game I've played: Blackwell series as an example (SPOILER ALERT), at the very end of this series, Joey was brought back to life by the "sacrifice" of Rosa, it is nice to see Joey start walking again with flesh and bones, but the whole revive is lack of explanation and doesn't seem to be a good thing to me.
    In short, I want to know: Is revive a dead character ethical? If I want to do so, what should I concerned and what explanations should I provide, how do I provide them.

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