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    Nov 9th, 2017 at 04:19:44     -    The Talos Principle (iPd)

    For my final session I will attempt to see as many story details/terminals as possible.

    - "The honest philosopher seeks only the Truth"
    - There's a log bringing up the question of robots and citizenship. What constitutes personhood?
    - There is a sequence that is a chat where one person in the chatroom cannot tell who is the bot.
    - There's a log that talks about people not being scared of AI taking over the world, but learning that consciousness can arise from matter. What scares people is not AI, but the "natural" intelligence they see in the mirror.
    How can we see ourselves as anything but machines?
    - Technology poses no danger to humanity, it is just a tool.
    - Curiosity seems to be a major element of intelligence (says Alexandra)
    - Don't give up eternal life for curiosity (Elohim says after going up to the first level of the great tower)
    - Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven

    The Talos Principal is a game that is rooted heavily in philosophy. It draws from Greek and Roman times, religions and more. I find it super interesting and wish I had more time to explore. I may have to look up the ending as well. The biggest moral questions the game raises are what does it mean to be a person and are AIs persons. The game does a good job at presenting the questions, but I'm not sure how it answers them. From Alexandra's logs we learn about curiosity and intelligence, and that Elohim does not like curiosity in regards to the tower. It will be hard to come up with good topics for the paper I'm to write, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.

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    Nov 6th, 2017 at 19:57:30     -    The Talos Principle (iPd)

    -Alexandra didn't bury a time capsule when she was young, but she did it now and buried it under the archive
    - There's a new log in the terminal in stage 3. It talks about how would it feel about to be a robot, something created by someone else
    - There's a log about the Greek philosopher Straton
    - There are QR codes pasted about. They have text left by others when scanned. One says: "it isn't for me to seek His help - it is for me to help myself"
    - Part 2 of the certification program has been generated
    - "Since all human beings are persons, and some human beings have psychological capacities similar to animals, some animals are therefore persons." Broadly agree or broadly disagree are the choices. I choose disagree.
    - "A person is under no authority other than that to which they consent" I chose disagree.
    - "The quality of life of persons ought to be maximised." I chose agree.
    - "Value is discovered." I chose agree.
    - "Persons deserve the talents they were born into." I chose disagree.
    - "The liberty of persons ought to be maximised." I chose agree.
    - "Value is created" I chose agree.

    I think what the game is getting at is quite effective, but how it is achieving it is less effective. It's an interesting choice for this to be a puzzle game, considering it's potential betterment by being a mystery/story based adventure game. Not seeing the state of the outside world is also an interesting omission. There could be possible dialogue about whats really going on here. I'm part of the child program/ I am a robot running the child program, but I do not seem to have the free will that Elohim seems to say I have. That fact, along with the writing about helping myself, make things interesting. I am helping myself through the puzzles, do Elohim's words have much value?

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    Nov 4th, 2017 at 14:47:50     -    The Talos Principle (iPd)

    1 hr play session

    -Child program
    -Child process
    -I am your maker ELOHIM
    - When you die it says correcting errors, chold program reloaded
    - "I Created you for the purpose of finding sigils and attaining eternal life"
    - "Each sigil brings you closer to eternity"
    - I'm a robot
    - Milton Library?
    - Email on computer from "Dad" about the importance of searching for truth even though we may not know what truth is
    - Able to "talk"to the MLA AI
    - Progressive data corruption is inevitable over time, according to MLA speaking of the corrupted archives
    - I asked MLA who Elohim is, it responded that it is the noun for god or gods in ancient Hebrew
    - I asked: what am I? MLA responded that I am logged in with a guest account
    - I asked: where am I? MLA responded that I am in a support session with MLA
    - I'm now in Elohim's temple, where there are gates to worlds that he made for me
    - I am allowed to go anywhere, but the great tower, "for the day that I go there, I shall surely die"
    - Accessing another terminal, I attempt to create an admin account. It asks questions to verify that I am "human". First, it asks what 2+2 equals. Then It asks what is a person. Then it asks what you would do if in a desert and come across a dehydrated man, and you're not sure how far the nest Oasis is. Some possible choices are: Give half your water, Give all your water, kill him and take his blood to drink, Ask him why he's in the desert. I chose give half water.
    - There is a Talos Principle.txt file in the terminal. I reads about how Talos was created of bronze and is a machine, but if the machine is like man, then is man not as much a machine and Talos not as much a man?
    - The guardians challenge me only so my faith may be strengthened
    - "You are learning, as is your purpose, but your choices must be your own, so I will not guide you, unless it is necessary

    The Talos Principle has obvious religious and moral themes. The game presents themes of existentialism and machine morality. It remains to be seen through further terminal investigation and gameplay what is really going on in the game as far as where I am, who I am and who Elohim really is. There is some interesting interpretations to be drawn so far from the games material, such as the importance (or perhaps unimportance) of children growing up with religion and religious figures, or the fact that computers perhaps can't tell/show us our purpose or our place in the world.

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    Sep 28th, 2017 at 10:48:23     -    Oxenfree (iPd)

    35 Min play session:

    I chose to have Nona come with Alex to find a key to Maggie Adler's boat. Alex has a flashback to a year ago when Micheal was alive.

    I find the game super interesting so far, even though I feel like choices have to be made too quickly and the consequences are not always known from the time of choosing. I'll have to put in even more time or research, because seeing the end may help my analysis.

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