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    Nov 9th, 2017 at 15:31:16     -    Oxenfree (PC)

    Well holy carp, the game has taken a crazy turn. Ghosts trying to come back to life by possessing people who tuned into a radio frequency. Interacting with Clarissa while she's possessed has been revealing in so many ways. The scene in the past, on the beach with Mike, really helped me set a baseline for Clarissa and has led me to understand her far better than I did at the beginning.

    However, considering the GTFO movie we watched today, the scene that stood out the most was when Jonas and Ren are having their pissing match. The fact you can try to disarm the situation and, failing that, just choose to go with Nona instead made me realize something. This game is portraying a bunch of meaningful characters, three of which happen to be female. The protagonist is a surprisingly deep character with many defining traits, one of which is that she's female. It also doesn't shy away from acknowledging that these characters are female, which I feel is an important aspect. The game doesn't, however, make that the only point; just one among many.

    Perhaps there's an ethical analysis there. However, the details of that argument are not coming to mind right now. This isn't a case of harassment, its simply a case of good female characters. That in itself has value, but is it an ethical dilemma I can take a side on? It is good to have games with well crafted characters, but I don't think I can make an analysis out of that.

    Perhaps there's an ethical analysis in what the ghosts are attempting to do. My gut instinct tells me that it's wrong, that life shouldn't come at the expense of another's free will. Is it really that simple a question, however? These are 85 people who would be 'alive' at the expense of one? Is that not worth it? Kant would likely argue that by taking the actions they've taken they've given up their deontological protections. By using these children as means to the end of their revival, they deserve to be left to rot. However, utilitarianism might argue otherwise. These 85 'people' would gain immensely from this act. Sure, these 5 kids would suffer, and likely their families assuming the ghosts don't try to impersonate the children. Perhaps there might be repercussions for the greater world by freeing these 'people'. There are too many unknown variables to make a meaningful Utilitarian argument. It feels too simple though. It's such an instinctually wrong act that I can't imagine anyone taking the other side of the argument as anything more than a devil's advocate.

    I hope to finish the game on my next play session. Hopefully I'll have an epiphany between now and then.

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    Nov 8th, 2017 at 10:01:46     -    Oxenfree (PC)

    I managed to find Ren after having a very strange experience in the woods. I'm not sure if it's because I'm still exhausted, but this game really has me on edge. The strange figures that *might* have resulted from some experimentation with radio waves really add to the ambiance.

    I've gotten a bit firmer on what type of character I want to portray. A bit funny, a lot confused. Trying to cope through the insanity with silliness instead of anger. Speaking of saving Ren, there was a time-loop where I was sure he was going to jump of the cliff. I'm really glad he didn't.

    Concerning ethics: They've given us the dilemma of who to save first. Our friend, or this person who has treated us badly. It didn't seem like a difficult choice, specially if you ascribe to the virtue of ethics. It's only natural that I would go after my friend first. I guess the carrot for going after Clarissa first is the radio equipment? Regardless, it wasn't enough. Still, this was a fleeting and shallow dilemma. Maybe the real question is the experimentation that has been hinted at? Hopefully I find out tomorrow.

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    Nov 7th, 2017 at 23:17:41     -    Oxenfree (PC)

    I've made it to the tower. The game is giving me some serious super brothers sword and sorcery vibes. Perhaps its the focus on sound, perhaps its the freaky light show with the pyramid on the cavern wall.

    As much as I enjoy the idea of choices that time out, forcing you to engage with the game and really pay attention to the pace of the conversations, I don't like the execution. So far it feels like I'm just interrupting the flow of the conversations whenever I answer if there is more than one other person on the screen. Perhaps that's part of the point though, that we should be willing to listen as much as speak. I definitely feel that not talking is as much a choice as any of the ones they offer you. I'm curious to see how they implement this mechanic moving forward.

    As far as ethics go: only social drugs have come up and only shallowly. I've had the option to refuse smoking, drinking, and drugged brownies. There was also something relating to Ren's misconduct regarding Nona, but that was one of the dialogues that got interrupted. Hopefully it'll come back up.

    I look forward to playing some more when I'm not falling asleep from pulling an all-nighter.

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    Sep 28th, 2017 at 10:45:40     -    The Talos Principle (PC)

    What do you know?
    I know I exist.
    Why do I think you're a person?
    I don't think I can make you believe that.

    That was the latest conversation I had with the terminal. More and more this game is making me recall the concept I was forced to grapple with during our last game log: why do I believe what I believe. A concept I'm likely going to keep referencing as long add I choose to live an examined life.

    One thing I believe is that I'm not up to the task of making a ONE page argument admit what it means to be alive, or sentient, or a person. Less than a week remains for me to find a topic. The search continues.

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