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    Sep 28th, 2017 at 23:16:45     -    The Last Guardian (PS4)

    Played Wednesday, September 27th

    So Trico enjoys eating these barrels filled with a glowing goop? Like some sort of Trico snack. Trico loves these barrels, so I didn't give him the barrels because he's being a dick. I then realized that was insane. The Last Guardian does such a good job of tricking the player into believing Trico is an actual animal.

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    Sep 28th, 2017 at 15:44:12     -    The Last Guardian (PS4)

    Played Thursday, September 21st.

    The Last Guardian's most notable aspect is of course Trico. After playing the introduction, it is obvious the main appeal of the game is the realistic and believable behavior of the strange creature. Even though the game is centered around a fantasy animal, the stubborn attitude of Trico lends the beast a certain amount of realism that I find somewhat uncomfortable. This is the intended effect for Trico to have on the player, but it is unsettling nonetheless. Trico's sporadic behavior doesn't feel random, but rather bound by the chaos that living things adhere to.

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    Aug 30th, 2017 at 19:16:14     -    Prison Architect (PC)

    I've played a few hundred hours of Prison Architect over the course of a few years, and in that time, I have decided that I am content with the fact that Iím a corrupt and evil prison warden. My prison is a for-profit fortress. It is a hungry machine that is only sated when filled with maximum threat prisoners (the most profitable kind of prisoner). Escape is impossible, and if somehow, a prisoner does make it past my dog patrols and armed guards, they still canít leave. A prisoner escaping costs me money, and potentially my prison; so they canít ever escape. When they make a break for the outer wall, four snipers simultaneously plant four shells into the inmate's brain cage. I pay a fee to the deceasedís family, and the hungry machine keeps eating.
    I, as the player, have actively decided to do this to my prisoners. I feed them terrible food because itís cheaper. I give them less exercise to keep them weak. I threaten them with armed riot guards because it keeps them scared. At the beginning, I felt horrible for my prisoners. I thought of them as a kind of ally, I would give them everything they wanted, and they would behave; that was the deal. But that was a long time ago, and the monster Iíve become has seen too much to care whether my prisoners are happy.
    Iíve been fired in the crucible of ethics, and I burned away. The warden I was died hundreds of hours ago, after my prisoners betrayed me too many times. I used to care if they were rehabilitated after their stay in my prison. I used to care about if they saw their families. Now all I care about is feeding the machine. Prison Architect forced me to decide if I was a good person. And I failed.

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