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    Jan 30th, 2007 at 19:42:44     -    Mario Party (N64)

    Session II
    Mario Party

    I really enjoy playing this game because the payer does not have to concentrate in the gameplay. They can talk and interact with others while playing, thus making this game really sociable and relaxing. Certain games like starfox or super Mario requires the players 100% attention because anything can happen the second you shift your eyes, but for Mario party, you can get up and have a drink and nothing will happen, unless a mini game is about to begin. I give this game thumbs up for this feature.

    As the game continued, it got more and more competitive for me because pressure started to hit when the game is half way through and you don’t want to lose your stars. We set the game for 20 rounds, meaning each person rolls only 20 times and the person with the most stars is the winner. This is my first time playing Mario Party, so I didn’t know much about the mini games. I lost quite a lot but won a few because I got lucky. My favorite mini game was the one where all four of us compete in drumming on an island. This game is similar to the Clefairy mini game in Pokemon Stadium. What you basically had to do was memorize the arrows and the pattern gets longer everytime. Even though I wasn’t the winner, it was still fun for the few minutes I was playing.

    I noticed that this game creates a lot of trash talking to each other, but that’s okay because that’s what makes it funny and enjoyable. I was pretty lucky overall with the game because I landed on the star twice and I was actually only one star behind my friend, although I was blown away a few times .. and I was really close to the star. The most enjoyable moment of this game was when my friend lost to a mini game and he had to give up one of his star. It was like a slot machine and the person it stops on will be the person he will give his star to … and that person was me. That moment was pretty hilarious. The game was taking too long to finish, so we all just gave up and stopped playing, therefore we couldn’t finish the game.

    This game was very fun overall and can definitely bring a lot of enjoyment and pleasure to everyone. It is definitely more enjoyable than monopoly because there are varieties of possibilities out there and you never know what you will get … or find.

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    Jan 30th, 2007 at 19:41:50     -    Mario Party (N64)

    Gamelog #3 - Classics
    Session I

    Mario Party is one of the first board game style video game for the Nintendo platforms. It has a three dimensional cardinality. The game was popular and fun enough to have sequels for other platforms and the most recent one was Mario Party 8 for the new Nintendo Wii. The whole game revolves around a game board and the person with the most coins or stars in the end takes the champion title. This game is designed in a way so that up to four players can play the game. You can also play this game alone, but it wouldn’t be much of a party if you don’t have your friends around, right?

    The rules for this game are really straightforward. You basically just roll the dice when it’s your turn and the number you rolled is the number of spaces you will move. When you get to an intersection, you can choose to take one of the two or three roads. Although it sounds easy, this game can be hard to master (especially in mini games). After each round (after each person has rolled the dice and moved), a mini game will happen and they are usually very short and simple, but still challenging in some way. The games can be a puzzle one, a racing one, a fighting one, basically anything you can think of. They can be 2vs2 (two people cooperating to win) or 1vs3 (one random person competing against three others) or just single player (only by yourself). You never know what games are coming, so this game really keeps the players excited for what is to come. At the end of the mini games, the winning person or team will receive coins and depending on the game, the losers might have to give up coins to the winners.

    As I mentioned earlier, the goal of this game is to collect the stars that appears randomly on the board and it will stay there until someone gets it. Each star costs 20 coins and you can purchase it from Toad if you have enough coins. Winning the mini games, landing on the blue squares or passing the starting point earns coins. Another way of getting a star, besides purchasing it or landing on the square the star is at, is to pay Boo (if you land on his square where he resides) 50 coins to perform a special service that steals stars from other players. This game seems fun right? But be careful, different squares have different consequences, but some can be good. Sometimes the square you land on might blow you away to somewhere else and you have to go from there. Also, some squares will steal a few of your coins and some are “?” ones, which are usually pre-determined for what is going to happen. In the beginning, there will be a small game that determines which player gets to go first, but don’t worry, going first doesn’t necessarily mean winning. The game is very fair and everyone has a chance of winning.

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    Jan 19th, 2007 at 00:07:22     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    Session 2:

    The goal of this game is to have your opponents off the platform by inflicting damages on them using the character’s special moves. On the bottom of the screen, it shows the percent damage inflicted upon them and the higher it is, the easier it is to KO the character. Before you begin playing the multiplayer mode, you can decide which items you want in the game and how many lives each person may have, that is, how many times that person can be KO’d. I noticed that as my percent damage increases, the weaker the character gets. This game requires you to be fast in reaction in order to block an attack and you have to know when to do an attack that would inflict as much damage as possible to other players.

    I haven’t played Super Smash Brothers for awhile so I had to learn the moves again and regain the small amount of skills I had before. As always, I chose Kirby as my character and the battle between two of my friends began. I messed around with the buttons for the first few minutes to find out how to do Kirby’s attacks. Everything started to come back to me and I started to remember the moves.

    - joystick down + B = rock
    - joystick up + B = cutter attack (sword)
    - Z = block
    - yellow arrow up = fly (float around)
    - B = suck opponents
    - A = punch
    - R1 = throw
    These are basically all the moves you need to know to master Kirby and win.

    I noticed that the analog joystick is very sensitive that if you tilt it a little, the character will react to the movement. This game creates a lot of excitement because you don’t know who is going to win in the end, but it could also create frustration if you keep on getting killed. Even though this game might create some frustration to certain people and cause a little bit of swearing to each other, it brings a lot of fun to the players. I like how the screen does not split into 4 sections, but instead one big screen where everyone fights in the same boundary. Even if you are a beginner at this game, don’t stress about it because the more you play, the better you would be. It might be hard the first time, but as soon as you figure out the attacks the character posses, you have almost mastered the game. The fact that many Nintendo’s notable characters are included really made this game a popular one. I give it two thumbs up and people who never played this game should definitely give it a shot. This game certainly requires a lot of luck, but don’t let that pull you back because you never know what will happen in the end.

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    Jan 19th, 2007 at 00:06:11     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    Gamelog Session #2: Classics
    Session I

    Super Smash Brothers is one of the true Nintendo classics that have made a big hit in the video game industry. It was the first game of the Super Smash Brothers series and was released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64, also known as N64. Super Smash Brothers is rated E for everyone and can be played alone or with three other friends on a Friday night (single and multiplayer compatible). The game has a total of twelve original playable characters, but four of them are classified as “secret characters/unknown” at the beginning and must be unlocked by beating the arcade mode (single player mode). This is a motivation to many players because it makes them want to discover what is hidden behind the game. The eight characters that may be chosen at the beginning includes: Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Kirby, Mario, Link, Samus, Fox and Pikachu. The secret characters are: Luigi, Ness, Jigglypuff and Captain Falcon. Every character has distinctive moves and special abilities. For example, Kirby is able to do kicks, float in the air like a ball and suck opponents, acquiring their special abilities. Also, it is able to turn into a rock for defense and use a cutter attack that is useful when the opponent is about to die.

    If you are playing with friends, you have the option to choose what teams you want; stock or stock team. Stock is when everyone is against each other and stock team is when you are allied with the person the same color as you (blue, green or red team). You can choose between eight different battle arenas with each of them being associated with each of the eight original characters.

    Peach’s Castle – Mario
    Congo Jungle – Donkey Kong
    Hyrule Castle – Link (from Zelda)
    Planet Zebes – Samus
    Yoshi’s Island – Yoshi
    Dreamland – Kirby
    Sector Z – Fox
    Saffron City – Pikachu

    Each arena is different and unique because different things happen during the gameplay. For example, in Dreamland, wind will be occasionally blowing towards one direction which makes it possible for your character to fall off the cliff and die, if you do not control the character properly. During the game, there are many items that will appear on the arena and usually has a special ability to it. It usually increases the chances of knocking your opponents out the arena. The items usually come inside barrels or boxes. These items are also associated with the original characters drawn from their own Nintendo game. Items include: hammer, star, bomb, saber, pokeball (does not hurt the person throwing it), fire flower, TNT box, homerun bat, fan, heart (recovers all damages) and gun. To me, items such as the pokeball annoy me sometimes because they’re really useless and only a few pokemon can inflict damage. Sometimes they don’t even do anything and does not hurt anyone. My most favorite item would definitely be the hammer because it is able to KO a character if their percent damage is high.

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