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    Jan 12th, 2007 at 02:29:44     -    Fatal Frame II (PS2)

    Part 2 of game log session on Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

    Anyways, I was stuck in the village house for a long time because I didn’t know exactly where or which doors I had to open in order to have another cut scene to happen. Even though I was going back and forth for a whole thirty minutes (before I found the camera), the game kept me interested because of the dark, quiet and mysterious atmosphere I was in. The way the character opened the wooden doors always gave me a creepy feeling because it seemed like as if the spirits are right behind the doors. The conflict that this game creates is that if I do not find all the items I am supposed to, there would be no progress in the game.

    So after I found the camera obscura, I tried to open a door which I was able to before, but Mio said “this door seems to be held by a powerful force”. Shortly after, my bar began to glow, but I didn’t see a ghost or anything suspicious. I quickly pressed the circle on the controller to go into camera mode and looked at the door up and down. I noticed that the bar glows the brightest aiming near the top of the door and also, the cross hair turned green, and it was originally orange. If you look closely to your screen actually, you would be able to see a really dim looking face. I pressed “X” and took the picture. The spirit was gone and I received points for exorcising the “door woman”. The door once again was able to be opened and I went in. After I went into the room, another spirit was there and I took out the camera and took the picture. I realized that in order to hurt the ghost, I must get close to it, best is face-to-face. Taking a picture of the spirit from the back does no harm. The game continued to flow the same until there was a cut scene of Mio’s (person I am controlling) sister Mayu following the crimson butterfly out the house. I had to go after her and ended up in the forest again. The fog and the whirling trees made me nervous because it reminded me of scary movies I’ve watched. I followed the trails and ended up in another small house. Inside the house was where I found the fatal frame. The fatal frame is an upgrade of the camera obscura and hurts the spirits even more. While I was walking around in the house, a woman with her head tilted towards her shoulder suddenly popped out. I gave a small scream. The controller started vibrating a lot and I used the new fatal frame camera to kill it. This time was a lot harder than the ones I encountered before. I had to center her face within the cross hair and push “X”. I almost died because the spirit strangled me a few times, but luckily I had an herbal medicine to recover my health.

    Overall, this game resembles a lot to “The Ring” because of the black and white shaky cut scenes and the spirits looked like the ring girl. The only frustration I would say many players would get is the pace the girl walks but despite that aspect, the game could always keep players interested because ghosts would suddenly pop out without any beforehand warning. The storyline of Fatal Frame is moved along though creepy cut scenes and definitely creates a feeling of anxiety for the player. I recommend this game to players who have a lot of free time on their hands and once you play, you will get hooked for at least a few hours.

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    Jan 9th, 2007 at 19:10:35     -    Fatal Frame II (PS2)

    Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly is the second game in the fatal frame series. It is a third person horror and adventurous game with an intriguing and fascinating storyline underlying it. This game captures the attention of many gamers because of the realistic graphics, the dark atmospheric environment and the adrenaline rush they get from playing the game. This game is more likely suitable for gamers who enjoy long adventures and unlocking mysteries piece by piece. Those who enjoy straightforward and easy to reach goals are most likely the first ones to give up because based on my first 45 minute experience, I had to go back and forth in the same boundary to finally get a little further In the game. Throughout the game, there will be many cut off scenes and unexpected events that happen, and on top of that, the controller will vibrate to give the player a heads up that something “scary” is going to happen, or is already happening.

    The game started out by presenting a prologue of the storyline. The physical features of the characters were very realistic the bodies were well shaped and defined. Twin sister, Mio and Mayu Amakura, sits on the edge of a small water bank in front of a forest reminiscing their childhood. Suddenly, Mayu spots three crimson butterflies and curiously follows them into the forest. Mio then follows for the concern of her sister and the game begins. I picked up the controller and began to move Mio around with the joystick. Although the game is in third person mode, I felt that the sound and quality effects of the game made it seem like as if I was actually in the forest. The joystick on the controller was very sensitive and a small push up will make the character walk forward a bit.

    Although I never played this game before, I knew the basic guidelines I had to follow because many adventure games are usually the same; walking around and finding different clues and items. The first place I ended up in was a small house in a village. I walked around opening doors and picking up items and finally found the camera obscura, which is my only form of defense. After I found the camera, a bar appeared on the bottom right hand side of the screen and if it lights up, a spirit is nearby and you must use the camera to exorcise it and seal it into the film. I haven’t encountered my first ghost yet in the first session, so I am really anxious to continue playing now ….. blog later.

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