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    Oct 16th, 2017 at 23:37:16     -    Watch Dogs 2 (PS4)

    I have made quite a bit of progress. I have played a lot of the main quest to try and get through it before I have to return the game to the library. I have played the game throughout the week.
    The game continues to parallel to the real world and issues of information and technology sharing and company use of personal data.
    First was the infiltration of Nudle and the similarities to Google.
    The Burning Man festival a.k.a. "Swelter Skelter" Was entertaining too but the logic puzzles have become stale. The characters struggle to keep the game interesting once the game play has staled.
    I knew Horatio had to die. His character was too well developed and likable and helps further push Retr0's avenging vigilante persona. The drones are pretty overpowered now. I can just drop bombs and the Police A.I. isn't sophisticated enough to deal with it. After all the upgrades my character is unstoppable.
    Galilei or as some would say SpaceX also was a breeze to run through. I snuck past everyone and finished the mission within minutes. Disappointing since I was infiltrating corporate space plant. Despite that (and increasing the difficulty now.)
    I find that the vigilante acts of DedSec try incredibly hard to create a good image for themselves. While not as bad as a their motives seem just and their methods are a little rebranded to make the player feel better. Overall the story wouldn't be as interesting if there wasn't an overarching ultimate bad guy with a man bun. The side stories need an element, or scapegoat, to tie them together. One of the most interesting aspects about the game and Anonymous is for an orginization that lives in perpetual fear of doxxing it's incredible they go to such lengths to dox others. I agree that censorship is pretty trash and that corporations should be transparent. But laws were created for a reason and legislature exists to change those laws. The argument that DedSec would make is that the legislatures are too far into the corporate Oligarchy to actually listen to the people.

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    Oct 13th, 2017 at 11:23:25     -    Watch Dogs 2 (PS4)

    I have been playing Watchdogs for this entire fall break after my business classes. I have enjoyed it thoroughly.
    With its obvious overtures to the hacking group Anonymous it brings up many ethical questions about censoring and personal information.
    Of course the faction DedSec believes that Blume's harvesting of information unchecked requires the Hackers to step up and protect users. Despite that it doesn't feel much better to have DedSec be the ones with the information.
    The clever parallels to Anonymous' history continues in the themes of the game. You have graphics that look similar to troll memes and the doxing of the Church in the game is very close to the story of Project Chanology against Scientology. Despite the fact that the game tries to make it easier for you to determine what is "right" I think that the game is really relevant in the conversation. With drones and access to cameras having anyone able to aquire personal information. Hackers aren't known for their idealism (aside from the vigilante styel of Anon.) But rather from their data breaches and bank siphons.
    DedSec pins itself up as the ultimate file
    I feel bad when I accidentally kill pedestrians in my stolen sports car. So by giving me an ideal of revealing the truth and exposing the lies of the games oligarchy seems heroic albeit thin in story. Characters are fun.

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    Sep 25th, 2017 at 22:51:41     -    Life is Strange (PS4)

    Booted up and played Life is Strange.
    So far I love it.
    I enjoyed a lot of telltale games and making decisions and this game is even crazier because it adds another level of being able to take back decisions actively while playing the game. The replay ability of games with choice is part of the reason I liked Prey so much this summer.
    The art style is not to my taste the facial features and poly count could be higher. But the story so far is amazing. I'm sure there is going to be consequences for constantly rewinding and giving the "right" answer. So far though it is cool to see the many different scenes. I'm excited to keep playing and I've spent way too much time just looking at all the things around the map instead of actually pursuing the plot of the game.
    What happened to Racheal, I dunno but a guy did a tre-flip into his crotch and I took a photo of him in pain. 10/10

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    Aug 31st, 2017 at 23:13:43     -    The Last Guardian (PS4)

    I found that the game may intentionally make the creature difficult to deal with like a normal animal. I got to a puzzle where I got pretty stuck, where you have to bring this pot and attach it to a chain and then Trico pulls on the chain a gate opens up. Inside this room there is a snack for Trico and everytime I pick it up to feed Trico he drops the other pot attached to the chain and shuts me in. I've tried throwing the barrel and it simply bounces off the wall. I am still playing the game tonight but decided to enter a journal entry just in case I forget later tonight as I do play more. I will try to edit it later.

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