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    Mar 28th, 2018 at 21:59:09     -    1979 Revolution: Black Friday (PC)

    My final session of 1979 Revolution was good. I was able to finish the game, wasn't too impressed by the ending unfortunately. The relationship between Reza and Hossein was quite interesting. I tried to cooperate with him when Reza gets arrested, but it was difficult. It was nice for him to help though since there was so much tension between the police and revolutionaries. At dinner with the family, I attempted to defend Ali, who is a big trouble maker and may have killed people. My instincts told me to stick up for him since he was family, which didn't seem to matter to the other people.

    When Ali and Hossein confronted each other, I talked down Ali from shooting and saved Hossein from the army. It was really sad when Babak died, I felt like he was a really close friend to Raza and also shared my views on the non violence approaches to problems. He was also really passionate about the revolution. Overall I really liked the game and thought it did a good job teaching the player about life during the Revolutionary Iran. It brings up the question whether a people should stand up to their ruling government if their being mistreated. This goes into social contract and it would be argued that the protesters were doing the moral thing in actively fighting against the government.

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    Mar 27th, 2018 at 21:28:30     -    1979 Revolution: Black Friday (PC)

    Second session of 1979 Revolution went well. I picked up right after the clash of protesters and the army. The main protester, Abbas, was badly hurt and the player has to pull out glass and a knife from him. The game does a good job with tension I think, as this moment was quite stressful, as it should be. The big protest brought many philosophical topics to the table. The one that stuck out to me was the free speech (or lack thereof). I've always been in a country that allowed free speech, so it's hard for me to imagine the oppression of not having it. In the game, it's mentioned several times that speaking your mind was not allowed. Vendors had to sell cassette tapes disguised as music that actually had revolutionary speeches on them in order to spread the ideology of the revolution.

    After helping Abbas escape and picking up his belongings, you are fast forwarded to being captured from the start of the game. The interrogator brings in your brother and threatens to torture him with a cattle prod if you don't answer his questions correctly. I didn't answer truthfully on two of his questions because I wanted to protect the revolution. It was hard seeing my brother in pain, he was begging that I tell the truth. Hearing his shouts affected what I did because I eventually told some truths. This probably wasn't the best choice since there are much bigger issues in play, but having him right there made it seem justified to help him instead of others.

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    Mar 26th, 2018 at 21:42:01     -    1979 Revolution: Black Friday (PC)

    I started playing 1979 Revolution and knew nothing about it going in. I quickly found out it was about the Iranian Revolution which I know nothing about. I played the first 6 chapters of the game, which go by pretty fast. I learned quite a bit about the troubling climate in 1980 Iran. There seemed to be a lot of oppressed citizens in the country. There was a comment that the poor get poorer and the rich were gaining wealth. This would surely anger me and I'm sure many other people (as it did to the Iranians). The amount of people that were trying to be part of the revolution was really cool, a lot of people wanted change.

    I wasn't expecting the point and click game play, which isn't my favorite, but the story is captivating which is what matters for this subject. The choices you make during situations are also remembered by people around you, so your decisions are impactful. Citizens were willing to risk their lives in order to progress the revolution. During the ending of the protest, the army came and was going to arrest the main protester. The characters friend comes over and wants to use violence against the armed soldiers. I refused both times since I want to try a peaceful approach. The friend might have a point with having to use violence in order to incite change, but you can protest without it as well. I'm excited to play more and see what happens to the characters and Iran.

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    Feb 15th, 2018 at 23:17:00     -    Prison Architect (PC)

    My third session of Prison Architect was good. I decided to just use one of the campaign prisons to mess around with instead of building one from scratch since I feared that would take too long (although I plan to in the near future. I hired lots of guards, made solitary confinement areas and made the prisoners schedules very strict. I did frequent searches and some bangups, but I started feeling bad before any riots happened. I get feeling guilty mistreating people, even in a video game.

    I'm still trying to figure out some of the more advanced features of the game, such as policy, bureaucracy, grants and finances. These features aren't required to have a basic functioning prison though. It's been cool to see all the detail put into this game. Some features I really liked were the drug and alcohol recovery programs you could have for the prisoners. That was required to do in the campaign to help the addicted inmates. Another program that looked interesting was the spiritual guidance, but I didn't experiment with that one. Like I mentioned before, there are many ethical dilemmas and scenarios in this game that I find fascinating and I'm glad so much thought and functionality went into what I originally thought was a very basic sim game.

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