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    Mar 29th, 2018 at 01:51:10     -    1979 Revolution (iPd)

    At this point, I am feeling affirmed in my reasoning that Revolution would be better as a movie. The story and message are super interesting and I really like the conversation system. I have become more immersed in this game than in any previous mobile game. I love the historical significance and the use of real-world footage. The area in the Baba's space when I am trying to find his camera was interesting. I think the ability to play the family videotapes was brilliant.

    Unfortunately, the irritating controls take away from the immersive experience. I don't want to swipe left and right or examine a bunch of random objects. I would much rather Have the cutscenes linked together with my conversation inputs. Everything else is unnecessary. I understand it wants to be a third person adventure but I think it does damage to the message.

    The conversation system is really fun to interact. I feel the intensity of situations building with the dialogue and the timed responses. I wonder how much variation there is in the content. I feel like some of the choices have really big impacts like who I accuse and side with. It could also be clever design and in fact, none of it matters. I think this makes it worth a replay.

    I feel the game is very much in favor of none violent protest. It is blatantly clear that violent people are shunned and when I make a violent decision I am also shunned. Overall, I think it endorses peaceful protest and I think the interaction between the dialogue system and the game's message warrants more exploration.

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    Mar 28th, 2018 at 13:14:06     -    1979 Revolution (iPd)

    I finally got past the swiping bug. It seemed to just finally work when I swiped in a very different place. Moral of the story, make sure UI directs players in the correct place to swipe and does not change the pattern they use in the past.

    At this point in the game, I am honestly wishing I could just watch the cinematics and see the story/conflict play out. This would make a great movie. The actual gameplay is getting irritating. It isn’t fun and seems pointless/tedious. I think a big part of the issue is it is a third person game on mobile and navigating the environments doesn’t work well. Some of the “minigames” are interesting but I only get to pull glass out of someone once. It is a lot of the same gimmick actions/games repeated over and over again just with different skins on them. I see that the game is trying to create an immersive narrative to which the player interacts but I feel it slows the pace of the narrative. Also, some parts are just ridiculous such as picking up after Babat, the leader of the revolution. Seriously, why would he be dropping everything including his glasses as he is being helped away after I saved his life? I admire the ingenuity to create the game parts but I honestly don’t have any interest in playing that.

    I think I can make a similar argument, as I have with previous game logs, that the frustrating and pointless gameplay takes away from the message of the game. I think the developers are on to something here and I love seeing how these events unfold from the eyes of a journalist, but I don’t want to take pictures anymore with a camera that is constantly unfocusing. Why is this a mechanic? It also doesn’t seem to impact whether or not I actually get the pictures and furthers me in the story. I am excited to see more of the plot unfold but I wish I could have someone else do the screen tapping. Thankfully there seems to be a lot of cutscenes.

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    Mar 27th, 2018 at 14:05:40     -    1979 Revolution (iPd)

    After a little over an hour in 1979 Revolution, I am in love with the immersive storytelling of real-world conflict but frustrated by game breaking bugs and difficult controls. I was aware of the Iranian revolution in 1979 but had minimal knowledge of the surrounding events and details. I really enjoy the immersion of the game. I felt thrown in right off the bat into a stressful time-based situation. I really like how I actually wasn't able to get the plans and didn't have enough time to search the room. Time was actually of the essence and because of my lollygagging, I was captured by the police. My first thought was would it be possible for me to in fact escape with the plans and avoid the police. I might go back and try again.

    Once, I was captured I thought the interrogation scene was one of the best I have seen/played in a game. Some of the animations are janky and the audio shifts a few time, however, the dialogue and response time system is very interesting and engaging to play. I enjoyed this scene because there appears to be one way to navigate the scenario and the rest result in your death. I was very excited when the interrogator beat me to death. I feel many games offer a way out to progress the story without punishing the player but I think player death reinforces the seriousness of the situation. I personally love dying in games.

    The rest of my play session went well. I Compulsively took pictures of everything and enjoyed more of the timed dialogue system. My big issue with the games is the controls system. I bought it on my Google Pixel because I was curious how a 3d game such as Revolution would work. To say the least it is very mediocre. I do believe they handle the controls in an intuitive manner, however, the swipe detection has bugs. I am able to make it through much of the street run scene, however, as I try to crawl to my camera I am consistently trampled because the game does not detect my right swipe to dodge. This is enraging! My plan is to go back and not throw the rock hopefully preventing the soldiers from shooting and the whole runaway scene. I hope I am able to continue my journey from there.

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    Feb 15th, 2018 at 23:12:06     -    Shadow of Mordor (XBONE)

    I had an epiphany while romping through Mordor this fine afternoon. The game is amazingly fun and I have really enjoyed my experience as a medieval terrorist but the game has a terribly contradictory idea. Throughout my experience, I have been freeing slaves and trying to better the Mordor world through freedom. There is constantly an underlying tone that I am helping my bring freedom to those who are oppressed. However, I see a huge problem as I have also become the oppressor through my doing of “good”. As I use my magical mind abilities to manipulate the nemesis system and take control of orc captains and chieftains I have basically been constructing a slave army to fight for me. Upon his realization, I was like s**t that is actually brilliant game design in the sense of doing good you become evil. It occurred to me though that the game developers may not have done this on purpose. In that case, the game is horribly contradictory. And now thinking about it more the game really is horrible contradictory. From my experience so far the game has not addressed that I am enslaving a race of persons. What is also interesting is I am basically changing the orcs from Sauron's slaves to my own. What is also unfortunate is I only have the choice to enslave the orcs or kill them. Both suck for them and make me seem like an awful person. Basically, Shadow of Mordor makes the player into a magical serial killer terrorist who is trying to enslave for their own personal gain an already enslaved and oppressed minority. My guess is the developers did not think of the game this way. I think it would help a lot if there were other options to negotiate with orcs or to be able to free them, options other than enslavement or death. Don’t get me wrong, orcs are inherently evil. Some of the stuff the nemesis system comes up with is brilliant and definitely bad but who knows how they would function if they were not at Sauron’s mercy. Orcs should still be given a chance. Overall, I think this was a pretty interesting realization and I feel it is a substantial moral flaw to the game.

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