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    Jan 16th, 2018 at 19:27:19     -    This is the Police (PC)

    The moral choices you face while playing This Is Police are brilliant. I wanted to see how far I could push it and after setting up the death of my own black officers to prevent my station from coming under the scrutiny of racist gangs I felt like a pretty shitty person. In the end, I recognize it is just a game but I love how it shows the corruption in the police force. Now give this game may be a dramatized experience, I think a lot can be learned. I like the seriousness of the game from its vulgar language to its grapple with drug abuse, alcoholism, violence, the list just goes on and on. I wasn't uncomfortable at any point but I was a bit surprised when our main character called Troy Starr as he was in a sexual engagement, only to say "F**k you". Overall, I feel the content is very appropriate for the subject manner and is important to communicate the story and message. I felt there was an instant thought when I was forced to make a choice that I didn't really want. I had to either help Kendrick or watch his family die. I didn't want to do either, but I chose to help the poor fellow and watch myself descend into an abyss of mafia entanglement. I look forward to seeing what other terrible things I can do in the game as I become an even more corrupt police chief.

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