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    Feb 16th, 2018 at 01:36:34     -    This is the Police (PC)

    Starting this game, I was attempting to take a Kantian approach to the decisions, choosing not to fire my black officers illegally and to avoid force at a feminist protest, but I soon succumbed to the pressure by the mafia. I saw the heads on the fan and I wasn't looking to join them.

    Slowly, my officers were being stretched thin and many were dying (RIP officers Purdy and Jay J Boogie) and the mayor was no longer happy with me and began taking away department funding, leading me to fall further into the monetary support of the mafia. As the plot thickens I decided to choose the Sand family over the Vargas family in a crime war and am currently in the thick of it. I am now finding myself dealing in very low-hanging utilitarianism where most choices seem to come down to "what is the lesser evil" while trying to maintain my personal safety and that of my officers.

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    Feb 16th, 2018 at 00:30:28     -    This is the Police (PC)

    This is the Police is a gritty game about managing a precinct as a retiring police chief. In your last 180 days in the position, you must make decisions to appease the mayor, as well as manage mafia connections (that are not necessarily wanted) while maintaining the safety and success of your officers.

    Early on in the game I was confronted with a task from the mayor: fire all black police officers. Wow. The order was given out of concern for their safety due to the rising influence of a supremacist group in the city, but to accomplish the task you must either illegally fire some, or put them in positions to be killed. Immediately extremely complex moral decisions arise; for example, I was confronted by my former deputy who asked me to take over his mafia responsibilities. I decided to take the Kantian route and did not help him because that would be morally wrong and while I felt bad for his family being in danger, it really was his choice to put them in danger in the first place so to me he was garbage. Unfortunately, this resulted in a photo of his and his family's heads swinging from a ceiling fan being delivered to me. Oops.

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    Jan 24th, 2018 at 23:32:54     -    1979 Revolution (iPd)

    For some reason, my third log was never posted even though the page confirmed that it had submitted. Whether or not I can get any late points I'll still repost what I recall from playing, as I remember the main points.

    Ohhh boy did I mess up. Playing where I left off I was in a darkroom in the revolution cinema headquarters, and to be honest I could not hear too well when there was talking because often directions are given on the screen. Unfortunately this did not seem to be the case this time. The darkness of the game and the fact that I had to slide a magnifying glass with my finger meant I couldn't see waht or who was in each individual photo, and pressed pictures until one got circled. I hoped it wouldn't be important. Meanwhile, Jafar who had previously been rude and aggressive to me, made further comments about my loyalty. This is where it was brought up that I had found photo evidence of Abbas' attacker and was given a lineup to choose from. This turned my real-life lapse of attention into an incredibly dire moral decision. I was told to directly accuse a man, many of whom I did not recognize. Because Jafar was abrasive to me, I picked him because at least I had some reason to? Rather than chane killing a truly innocent man. Of course, just because Jafar was kind of a d*ck didn't mean he deserved to die and he was in fact, innocent. I won't lie, I actually felt really bad after that.

    Other than this outlier of a circumstance, however, I found that while the game did not look or operate the best, it was incredibly effective at getting me personally invested in the character of Reza. I did my best while playing to play not making choice I would necessarily make, but choices I felt were in line with the true intentions and character of Reza. Often choosing to be impartial to just take photos, or not to participate in violence. This all culminated in the cliffhanger decision to save either my brother, Houssein, or the alleged terrorist Ali. Although I felt Houssein was misguided as a member of the SAVAK, I decided to save him because A.) He's my direct family, and B.) while I disagreed with his membership in the SAVAK, I had gathered that he is truly well intentioned and a good person, doing what he believed he needed to in order to protect the people he cares about. I was rewarded for this decision because Houssein called the firing soldiers to cease fire, and the act ended with the group moving Ali to get medical attention.

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    Jan 18th, 2018 at 01:33:32     -    1979 Revolution (iPd)

    (Disclaimer: Iíve had a couple really long continuous days but I promise Iím taking time to space out my game logs! In the future Iíll start them sooner so that I wonít be down to the last three days.)

    The art style and mechanics of the game feel simple, but theyíre incredibly effective at delivering a serious story with realistic portrayal of real-life events. After a rally broke out into chaos between army soldiers and protestors, I was made to remove GLASS from a bleeding revolution leader, Abbas. The game depicts torture, of the main character as well as his brother, the secrecy of hiding from secret police, they ways media influences how ideologies are spread, and sexist motifs of the time. The game exposes the player to a lot of potentially objectionable content with the purpose of showing what really happened. It uses the sense of discomfort to deliver the impact of the events that occurred, and the fear and uncertainty of living in Iran during the revolution.

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