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    Feb 21st, 2007 at 22:55:58     -    The Legend of Zelda (NES)

    I understand now why the birds-eye-view is key to the game, especially while in the dungeons. I thought that the view as you moved through the different rooms, and navigated your way, was to some degree enjoyable, since it makes it feel more 3D even if it is still just a scrolling screen (aka it scrolls in every direction). I also wanted to mention that i was confused that you could get money and buy things in this the original Zelda because I could not remember doing such things in Zelda 2. If this was true, its seems like this game is slightly more complicated than i thought. Other then that, i'm still getting use to the fields of enemies you have to find your way through. I am unsure as to if its better to fight alot of bad guys early on and buy a shield, or if the running through in a Pac-Man-esque style would be better. This complex running away and being able to change dirrections very quickly is it seems, a very valuable skill in this game. I do like that usually once you beat the enemies in an area they do not come back, that would seem unnececssary. i also enjoyed that there are multiple weapons in the game, including the bummerang.

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    Feb 21st, 2007 at 22:19:39     -    The Legend of Zelda (NES)

    I actually never played this original game when i was litte, but fondly remember playing Zelda 2 : the Adventures of Link, which i was obsessed with. So, to my suprise ( and in my opinion)this game is nothing like that game. First off, the birds-eye-view type of map layout is alittle wierd and odd to deal with, but the fact that this game has many different paths to take is a plus. interestingly enough i found myself wanting to instantly take the path that people in class had yelled was the right way to go - i had remembered that path even though i saw it once. I think there something in video games to which we memorize paths and lands in a way that we can not do by just looking. So yes, i keot dieing and dieing, which was getting pretty frustrating, and barely getting any better. I seem to have unlimited lives, which i guess is a plus, but i am unsure if this stays the same as i progress. If i die, do i just die no matter where i am, and i go back to start? If so i can see that getting very annoying...BUT i can also see that since the game has a few simple elements, that you would keep comming back to play. After 45 min i finally found myself in some kinda dungeon.

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    Feb 8th, 2007 at 23:41:26     -    The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess (Wii)

    So this was the third game I've played on the Nintendo Wii, and the first fight oriented game I've played it as well. i enjoy that the game doesn't try and teach you how to play and start the main story line of the game at the same time like in Ocarina of Time for N64. Learning how to use the sling shot and ride the horse were much more enjoyable when you don'd feel as stressed about learning the skill, and i think leads to a better learning experience. That being said, I've played the game for about 4 hours, and it seems I've just figured out what has happened and the game story has been laid out; a pretty long intro. But these beggining/learning hours were enjoyable and included the right amount of activities and cut scenes. The graphics are pretty good, and although i thought this game had changed to be super life-like, i'm glad that it hasn't really.
    The link Wolf dynamic is rather interesting, and is a completely new and different for the game and the traditional Zelda series. I like that certain enemies look the same, but on some levels wish that the everyday evil plants/bats/gremlins had a new design.
    My only compaint thus far is the fact that when Midna is helping you she calls to you to give you advice and or tell you to follow her. But, it seems that even after you've followed her voice and done what is needed (like retriving the sword one of the homes) she will still call to you to follow her as if something else may need to be done in the area, when in fact you have completed what was needed.

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    Jan 31st, 2007 at 03:08:00     -    Kirby's Adventure (NES)

    So, after playing Kirby's Adventure for a while and logging about it, i found myself still wanting to play. This of course had its challanges since my NES started acting up even more. I took a break and when i came back i was getting the typical red i hit the NES and got it running only to discover that 2 out of three of the games had been erased, probably due to my hitting. But i started to play the one saved game again, and re-did some levels. I guess i get why this game is really fun now, and i do need to consider what other games were its contemporaries since i never played it when i was young. Compared to mario, the idea of taking on the powers of those you eat is pretty cool, and soon i learned its a major part of the game, including stratagies to beat bosses faster. I had to keep restarting my NES to play due to cliches in the system, but i still wanted to play. And after playing this long i understand more of the different doors in the levels, and enjoy the side games these include like the shoot out egg eating. At this point i am apparently 28% through the game which makes it seem like theres not that much challange, but there is a substancial amount, which dying as often as you might, its nice that there is not "game over" in the sense of starting over from scratch. Realisticly i can see this game being funner on a more functioning NES.

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