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    Jan 30th, 2007 at 20:13:42     -    Kirby's Adventure (NES)

    I actually had to unplug my Nintendo Wii so that i could plug in my families old school Nintendo. That being said, i decided to play "Kirby's Adventure" since i bought it about a year ago for a friend to play on my system since he said it was a really good game. And yes, it did take me a while to get my NES to work. So, to begin the graphics were a little bit rough, but obviously they are of thier time. I vaguely remember playing this game a year ago and not seeing what was so fun. I could not figure out the controls for the first 15 minutes of play. I did not know how to float or get rid of my special attack which made fighting difficult, but once i figure it out things went alot smoother. On the aspect of being able to float constantly, i orginaly thought that you would end up just wanting to float through a level but i found myself not using the function that, but instead incorporating the move into avoiding and killing enemys.
    Another small problem i was having was figuring out distinctly what items were not enemys but i guess food that restored kirbys health, this too was a learning experience. But my main complaint with the game this far is the lack of knowledge as to where certain paths lead you. Such as the level worlds, it seems theres more doors to play if you want instead of first beating the boss. Does it benefit you to play them, and or why are they there? Also similar paths in levels, specificaly when you find those giant stars and zoom around to another place. I am unsure if this is the natural progression of the game of if im missing out.
    I do like that the game is so simple yet really hard (as of now in my beginer stage) like most NES classics seem to be these days.

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    Jan 19th, 2007 at 18:23:40     -    Goldeneye 007 (N64)

    So i guess i'm giving the game another chance. I played the next mission in the lowest difficulty level, which was a level i had been aquainted with since i had just played it on the two person shooter part of this game. This helped as i knew a little bit more about the layout of the level, but still felt like i was running in circles sometimes. I've been learning the controls, and now that i've almost figured them out, the game is becoming a bit more enjoyable.
    The problem i had with the level is that i was unsure what the objective of the "bottling room" was, well i didnt know which room is was, and i wasted my bombs early on a room that was not the bottling room. I also wasted one of them when i was still having problems with the A&B controls, and was unwantingly switching guns in the middle of a fight - to the point in which i switched to the mines and used one. Thus i was advised to abort by my friend and did so- this can be a good thing though as you are aware of were enemies are hidding once you've run through the level once. My friend told me i wasn't in the place i needed to be, and it helped me exlpore more and find my way - interesting that once you find new people to shoot, you know you're taking the right path. And in the end, i wouldn't of known to crawl out of the room on a conveyer belt had my friend not been telling me what to do. I think that for other games i would be alittle more annoyed with someone leading me through the level, but since i'm just getting use to the game, and still have not too much invested in it or patience, i am accepting of the help.

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    Jan 19th, 2007 at 17:42:50     -    Goldeneye 007 (N64)

    I decided to play GOLDENEYE because my best friend thought it was one of the best games. I started out with the simplest level of difficulty on the mission mode of play. I enjoyed the explenation of my objectives and thought the nerve gas "turing up in the hands of hostile regimes around the world and deals with international terrorists" was rather funny due to current events. I found the objective discription a little wordy, and due to the fact i have never seen a James Bond movie, i was alittle outof place with the characters. Other then that, i enjoyed the ability to choose what difficuty level i wanted, and can see how this option would totally change a game so that people can learn and get better aka people like me.
    The first mission was rather simple, but i found that after playing alot of GameCube games recently, i kept wanting to hold the N64 controler like that of the GameCube - griping both sides of the control. After i got use to how to hold the N64 again, i was still having ALOT of problems with the controls. Mainly the A & B funtions so that i was constatly switching guns and reloading instead of shooting. But in general the guns are pretty much automatic, and you pretty much kill someone if you have your gun pointed at them, and you shoot enough times. But...even after that i was having a hard time with running and shooting controls, which didnt work as well as i would of liked. My friend that suggested the game was here to tell me his advice so, i noticed i would of kept playing and shooting in an area and possibly died had he not told me to move on...which in a way stoped me from learing the game by myself.
    After i finished the mission, I opted to play the two player mode againt the friend mentioned. In the beggining i was doing ok, but his knowlege of the game and the arenas in which to fight in were greater then mine, and i was soon dieing right away. I did not like how you always start off with no weapon when you've died. I do think though, that playing with someone who is more skilled then you is not a detterent and i still wanted to play and get better so i could kill the other player.
    All in all i have to recognize the fact that i am very bias towards this game because i had never played it and i am a huge fan and very use to playing Time Splitters Two for GameCube . Which i consider to be alot smother and more functional controls (the two analog sticks are sooo much better) for a first person shooter. And in gereral im not a big fan of James Bond anyways.

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    Jan 12th, 2007 at 19:25:04     -    Pikmin (GC)

    I still think it is interesting that the game story includes the main character Olmar sort of studying the Pikmin so that he can use thier "skills" which include the new yellow Pikmin's abiity to carry bombs, yet he doesn't seem to care that his use of these vegatable people is actually killing some of them. So the first time i used a yellow Pikmin to blow up a stone wall, the explosion knocked my character and all the Pikmin to my immediate, to the ground - killing about 25 of my Pikmin. Of course this is shown by little purple Pikmin ghost floating up out of their bodies and a collective sort of crying sigh from them. This plus the fact that you are giving so much info on the Pikmin, report so much about them, but in the end don't really reflect on their deaths, only to say they were "lost in the field" is a little off putting. Also, new bugs or i guess enemies are starting to appear and i loose Pikmin trying to fight them, which once you feel shitty about your Pikmin dieing you feel guilty that your comanding them to attack when you know they die. But this game is set up so that you dont feel guilty because you have over 100 of them, and can't really tell the difference when 5 are missing. So in battle you just keep throwing Pikmin and not thinking about it... and feeling bad for the Pikmin and feeling Guilty is not the best idea for a supposedly "cute" game...I dunno just interesting to think about.

    Other then that, i like the controls that help me seperate out my Pikmin- this is key to trying to use their seperate skill since they are usually activities that would kill the other color. The time cruch is starting to be a bit more stressful as am unsure as to what or how much work/finding i am supposed to accomplish in one day, and if i can in a sense "make up" time from previous days. Also, it would be nicers if the option to change landing locations were more apparent. I ended up continuing from my last save point because i couldn't figure out how or if i could move positions.

    For now, i'll continue the game for a bit but i think this is deffinetly something you wouldn't really want to just play straight through as i can see it getting more stressful.

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