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    Nov 9th, 2018 at 00:56:37     -    Little Nightmares (PC)

    For my last playthrough of Little Nightmares, I decided to play around an hour.
    While I was not the biggest fan of this game, mainly due to a dreaded fear of horror games, I
    did somewhat enjoy my time playing this game. The first portion that I played through was centered around escaping a chef in a fashion similar to the long armed man from the last section. The second section was the much more interesting part though, with a bunch of fat human monsters gorging themselves upon platters of food. These monsters seemed not only famished but also consumed with the desire to eat anything in their way.
    They would chase after me and like monsters with only one thought in their heads, eating. Their definitely seemed to be some ethical references in this section, not only with hunger, but also with human greed. I was heavily reminded of Spirited Away and how the humans that
    tried to gorge on the food were turned into pigs. The end of the section also shocked me, with my character eating this little dwarf gnome thingy that offered me some food. I have a feeling that I am abandoning whatever sense of humanity I have with each progressive consumption. From scraps, to rats, to gnomes,who knows what else my character will eat. The location where the gnome was eaten, also had another hanged man over it. That creeped me out, but also made me think back to the first level where there was a hanged man there, and that was all the way back at the bottom of the map. Overall, I enjoyed this game, but I didn't have it
    in me to finish it. Little Nightmares is very beautiful to look at, and the way the game forces all of the horrors upon you with its size ratio between the main character
    and the world is very intriguing.

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    Nov 8th, 2018 at 03:56:20     -    Little Nightmares (PC)

    My next playthrough of Little Nightmares featured a lot more of the scarier aspect of the game. Almost immediately after I picked the game back up and got off an elevator, my character became hungry again. This time though, it seemed more drastic and my character's coughs definitely didn't help the hunger either. The continued moans of pain, creepy music, and heart thumping was quite unnerving. Eventually, the girl ate a rat and got captured by a creepy man with long arms. While the controls have stayed the same, this new section of the game focused a lot on escaping from the long armed, short legged man. Many of the ways to get past him were based around the fact that the man could not see and had to rely on his hearing and sense of touch to maneuver his way around. Compared to the beginning of the game, which was more puzzle focused, this section had a more patience and standard horror feel to it. I found it a little unnerving with how the long armed man was always able to catch up to where I was, no matter how many times I evaded him. Only at the end of the section when I managed to escape the man by pulling out a cage holding up a door to crush his arms, was I finally free from this nightmare. From what I have played so far, it is somewhat apparent that a big theme of the game is going to be hunger, but I am not sure yet what my character's increasing hunger means. One interesting aspect of the game that I found was that the weird man
    with the long arms, had a seemingly unnatural tenacity for chasing down my character. He didn't rest and was constantly trying to recapture me. While this section had the girl in the raincoat show that she would do anything to settle her hunger, even eating a rat, maybe the same could be said for the creepy man. His hunger could have been what was driving him to chase my player character.

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    Nov 7th, 2018 at 22:22:17     -    Little Nightmares (PC)

    Just from the title screen alone, I got a good feeling that Little Nightmares, was going to be an interesting kind of game. I usually don't play horror games, but I saw a screenshot of
    this game and it seemed like fun. The opening cutscene of the game definitely set the kind of tone for the game. Just from seeing the masked lady in the kimono, who reminded me of the movie Kuboand the Two Strings, I got a sense of there being some Japanese/asian
    themes in the game. It seemed kind of ironic to me that the game is
    called Little Nightmares, and the main character starts off with having
    a nightmare. The atmosphere of the game was very dark and immense, which I really
    enjoyed. The sense of perspective that I was getting in these levels was something that
    I really appreciated, especially with the way the camera would move. The way the lighting was done just made the game even more beautiful to look at.
    The controls of the game seemed pretty standard for a platformer along with the ability to light a
    lighter. So far there weren't really any characters that stood out besides the girl in the rain coat, whom the description of the game calls "Six", and the woman in the kimono from the beginning of the game. The music in the game did its job of being atmospheric and the sounds were exactly what one would expect of a
    horror game. So far, the main appeal of this game to me, has been the sense of size and scale between the main character and the rest of the enemies/level design. There also didn't seem to be any ethical choices or decisions that I had to make yet. What did pop out though, was the man who hung himself in the beginning of the game, and then a bit farther onwards, the part where the main character eats a scrap of food thrown away
    by a random passerby. When this specific part happened, heartbeats occurred, and the sound of the main character in pain along with disturbing stomach noises happened. I can't help but think that hunger has some important part to do with this game.

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    Sep 27th, 2018 at 20:58:39     -    Hitman (Complete First Season) (PC)

    My last Hitman playthrough for this class was a mission in Sapienza to eliminate Silvio Caruso and Francesca De Santis. Once again this mission required the assassination of two targets, but I didnít really think too much of it. Compared to the heavy indoors fancy venue of the last level, this mission was a lot more outdoors and open. I believe that this was planned by the developers so that players get a breath of fresh air from the last mission, and are able to experience the exact opposite visual layout. Unlike the last mission where the two targets were manipulating world class information, the targets this time were working on a virus that could be programmed to target specific individuals by DNA. The opening cutscene posed the question of what if there was a bullet that could pass through anyone unnoticable until it was too late. The game posed it as ďA world of armchair assassins killing with impunityĒ. This question not only sets up why it is vital that the targets are taken out, but also brings up the moral implications of assassination so easy that no one is truly safe in the world. It really made me think of how if a bioweapon like this ever got produced, the countermeasures would never be fast enough with how easily passable and undetectable it would be. By starting off the level with this, the developers were able to create a sense of purpose into the player that Agent 47 doesnít have, because he only follows orders. The gameplay progression this time around felt more standardized now that I had gotten used to how the game was feeling. There was a good variety of outdoor exploring compared to last time with pretty much only indoor action. An interesting part that I noticed during my time playing was how a variety of tools and potential methods that one could use were locked behind areas that involved subduing an individual with access to that area and getting in there. Designing it this way made me feel as if there was a lot of time and preparation needed to pull off a really strong assassination. The map definitely rewards players for taking the time to explore and replay levels opening up all the different ways to successfully take out the target(s). Hitman was a lot of fun for me to play, and while the game doesnít feel anything like a triple A budget game, it does have a strong feeling of polish and effort put into it that really shines.

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