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    Sep 27th, 2018 at 19:30:14     -    Hitman (Complete First Season) (PC)

    In the next segment of Hitman that I played, I got to explore my way around Paris with the task of assassinating Victor Novikov and Dalia Margolis who are high powers in a spy ring called IAGO. The last time I played this game I had a lot of fun playing through a tutorial simulated mission, and I was looking forward to trying out an actual level. The stage for this mission turned out to be a fashion show happening at a large venue full of wealthy individuals. One of the first things that I really enjoyed was right after you enter the main building and you encounter a large crowd of people. Here the game introduces one of your targets, but I was more entranced with how natural the crowd felt. The interactions that each individual performed with others and how they acted were very realistic. The overall controls of the game hadnít changed from when I last played, but instead, the amount of possibilities had definitely opened up. Both the boat and the air hangar facility didnít have a lot of things that I could work with, but here there was a large amount of the level that I could interact with. A good example would be how there was a museum section of the building that had old artifacts and relics and you could break open the glass and equip a pair of swords. Hitman does a really good job of making the player feel as if every part of the level has purpose and activity. There was never a time where I felt I was in a major deadzone of a level, and there was always something new that would spark my creative juices on how I could use this to my advantage. While there was no new development that occurred with 47, there was an ending cutscene that involved Victor Novikov handing over some data and a post foreshadowing of him getting taken out by Agent 47.

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    Sep 27th, 2018 at 18:12:41     -    Hitman (Complete First Season) (PC)

    Hitman is a game that I was not expecting to enjoy a lot. I thought it seemed interesting from the premise and idea that you are playing as an assassin, but I honestly did not seem fully into the idea. So far, the story has not been anything amazing, but it seems that my Handler, Diana, is very inquisitive about 47ís backstory. From the beginning dialogue, it is made apparent to the player that my character came here of his own free will and that he is a man of mystery. There is also an added element of mystery which adds to all of the assassin, espionage world. I have been through the basic mission training of the ICA facility so far. The controls and gameplay has been fairly easy to understand so far as I went through the tutorial missions. I really enjoy how the game makes the player feel as if they are actually going through basic training by putting them in an actual scenario map while still having ui pop ups that teach you the mechanics of the game. The first part was fairly self explanatory, but already I was getting a good sense of how the game was supposed to feel. The way the human ai works seems interesting so far, but I am not yet sure how it will develop. The tooltips in the upper left corner seem put there to help players when they are lost, and I am excited to see if the next missions will let me explore more. While there werenít really any moral or ethical dilemmas so far in what I have played, what really stood out to me was how the plot mostly seemed to concern Agent 47ís backstory and his humanization. The ending dialogue of 47 telling Diana to turn his tag number into a name really seemed to echo of potential character development to come.

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    Aug 30th, 2018 at 01:11:26     -    A Mortician's Tale (PC)

    Today I finished A Mortician's Tale for my third entry. I believe that a simple game like this really had a strong way of putting a message out there about funerals thanks to its strong ties with death and simplicity. The last three levels that I encountered all had a lot stronger narrative and moral implications than before. Charlie is asked if she is okay with burying a young man who committed suicide. There is then the option of deciding whether you want to do an open funeral for this man or not. I chose to do the funeral which was against the young man's wishes of wanting to be cremated. While attending the funeral and listening to the grieving family was sad, I felt worse when preparing the body, because I felt as if I was disrespecting the dead. Later on, Hillside Heritage Inc. has taken over Rose and Daughters and the scummy company practices are displayed before the player's eyes. I never knew that a funeral company had so many ways to deceive their clients. The game also presents this trickery well due to the larger company stylized website and emails from the director tricking a family into buying a package instead of doing a home funeral. The emails from the computer show how the lives of all the characters are doing and also how Charlie not only feels bad about working for Hillside, but also that she wants to respect death through home funerals and green burials. The final level reveals that Charlie has gone on to create her own eco-friendly funeral home, along with the other characters also living happily with their lives with Matthew Jeffery leaving the company to be a bus driver. I think that the way that Charlie decides to leave the company revealed through the emails and website tabs on the computer is a way that the game has the players feel more personalized with what is happening. This way, the game can spread the message of good funeral practices while the player feels as if they can make their own choices in how their or their loved one's deaths can be more respectful to not just the environment, but also to those around them.

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    Aug 28th, 2018 at 22:10:10     -    A Mortician's Tale (PC)

    In this session of A Mortician's Tale, I ended up playing through the next two trials. The gameplay this time around introduced how bodies are cremated, and while I found that it was interesting that the bones need to be crushed down in a cremulator, the gameplay was fairly standard click and drag. There was also the incorporation of a minesweeper game stylized with a death centered theme. The character development and narrative was what really shined this time around. Through the emails on the computer, I was able to get a better feeling for the other characters such as Amy's struggle as a Mom and Pop funeral as well as Matthew's care for Amy. I was also able to learn about Charlie this time around thanks to Jen Love's email. Both Charlie and Jen Love work in death related industries and Charlie has been through a bad breakup before. There aren't any ethical choices directly provided by the game this time around, but the juxtaposition of the funeral tips subscription email and the funeral attendees was very interesting. The funeral tips discussed natural green funerals and respecting the dead, especially transgender deaths. During the funerals, the attendees had a great focus on the sense of loss and what the deceased would have wanted. While these topics do not seem to be related, I felt that these levels were set up as a reminder of respect for the dead. No one knows when death will take their loved ones away from them, and respecting the deceased's last wishes and memories is something so very important.

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