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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 17:41:03     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    For my second session of Super Smash Brothers 64, I decided to try the 1 player mode. I had started getting the hang of the N64 controller, all the familiar memories were flowing back to me. I started playing with Fox and i fought with Link first. I was quick to knock the young kid from Hyrule off the ledge and then i grabbed him to open up some more attacks. He grabbed me and as we were both falling off the ledge toward death. I used my Up-B rocket to shoot up so that he died first and the match was over. Next I fought a team of 18 different colored Yoshis. In this level since there are so many, all the yoshis are weak and fragile they go flying very easily. The next match was verse fox. I wondered how i would fare verse the computer version of myself. I defeated him in the same manner as Link. It was not my proudest victory. We again had both fallen off the ledge in trying to knock the other down to far to return. As we were falling I managed to slow down my descent with the reflector shield. The he fell and died first. The next stage was a bonus level. These levels can be fun, this one gives you targets to break that are hard to reach. You need to understand your characters movements to reach all the targets. Next I played paired with computer Link verse the two Mario Brothers. Link wasn't much help throwing bombs, but i took care of the plumbers. I fought pikachu next. I like the pokeball element. It adds a unique strategy top the fighting and its fun to see the blending of games. I kept playing and defeated all my opponents, all the way through master hand. I remember the first time i played him, I thought he was really tough. Once your familiar with his moves and your own, hes not hard at all. I enjoy this game, but its sequel Melee for the game cube is better. This game is great because of its incorporation of nintendo characters from different games. It combines so many beloved titles into one masterpiece. This game was made to answer the school yard question, if characters were able to fight each other who would win. I look forward to playing Brawl when it comes out.

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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 17:24:59     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    I played my friend at super smash bros 64. I played as fox, and he played as mario. I like fox because he is very fast and his movements respond quickly to the controls. Our matches were pretty evenly paired. Both characters have projectiles, Mario with his fireball, and Fox with his blaster. The projectile adds a fun element to a fighting game. Items can be thrown as projectiles, and be very effective weapons. Items add a host of other dimensions to gameplay. My friend and I were pretty evenly matched throughout our session. The controls felt a little different because I've been used to playing super smash bros melee for gamecube a lot recently and I wasn't use to the N64 controller. I like Fox's reflector shield move, it is good for blocking projectiles. Fox has two moves, his dash and his rocket move that are very good for returning to a platform from off the edge. These moves are also good for damaging your opponent quickly. Next few rounds i decided to play as Pikachu. He is also a very fast character. He has some very powerful moves. I really think they designed this game well. All the characters have a wide array of moves that are animated very well. All the collisions and contacts between characters looks legit, which is very important for fighting games, as well as all games. The animation is really impressive because characters move in ways that they did not originally, exclusively for this fighting game.

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    Feb 10th, 2007 at 00:47:22     -    Guitar Hero II (PS2)

    After playing a little more, i am beginning to get better at switching hand positions. John the fisherman by Primus is a fun song to play. I really like the chord transitions. They are making my hands more comfortable with switching. I played Thunderhorse by Dethklok on medium because i love the song, and i hit 100% of the notes. I would like to be able to play it on hard because medium is no longer difficult and i love the song. But hard is way to difficult for me right now, so im forced to not challenge myself in playing my favorite song. For some reason i play better standing up. I think you get more immersed into the game and you can really rock out and become the guitar hero. Its fun cause you can move around a lot more and you pay more attention and become focused as it feels like you are really playing. When you mess up it ruins the song, which is a nice effect because you really want to play better so that you do not butcher the song. I enjoy all the different guitarists and guitars you can unlock in this game. The designs are great and fun. I really like the guitar shaped like a viking. Also the levels you can play in are a cool and creative ranging from a highschool gym to Stonehenge with a UFO. This game is so much fun to play and its no wonder that it sells so well. This game can appeal to a wide range of demographics and casual and hardcore gamers alike. Its a great game and i hope they improve upon by adding a lot more songs. I cant wait to see what they do in the next one.

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    Feb 10th, 2007 at 00:19:14     -    Guitar Hero II (PS2)

    I went to my friends place to try out guitar hero two. Ive played this game before and I get better every time i play. Im currently working on playing hard difficulty songs. I usually play mediums because i know i can pass those. But i keep playing hard songs in order to challenge myself and get better at the game. GH2 has a lot of great American rock songs. Most of the songs are covers but they sound really good, except for the Rage against the machine song which is way off. I need to work on my two button chord changes. Those give me the most problems. I am not used to hitting the orange button yet. When the command calling for the orange button comes up i have to switch my hand positions and i often lose track of where my fingers are. The more i practice, the more i get better but for now the orange button usually drops my score a lot. Luckily they have the power meter system. It allows you to raise your score meter when your doing poorly to last longer. To fill your power meter you use the power you earned from doing combos in the song. The power star meter is a great system and it allows for players to get further in a song then they normally would have and be able to learn the song better and improve. This is a really fun game.

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