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    Sep 27th, 2018 at 00:50:02     -    Nier: Automata (PS4)

    Today I spent one hour playing this game. I was shocked by a game plot: The main character's teammate, also an artificial person, was virtually obliterated by the enemy attack. The main character is very excited when he sees such a situation, and is very anxious to give first aid to her teammates. So I think the protagonist has feelings. However, in the end, the two of them used self-implosion to complete the task. Because they are artificial, all the memories can be uploaded to the server and reimplanted into the same artificial person. This leads me to question: is it ethical to use emotional artificial people as tools? I don't think it's ethical. It's like asking a dog to die. When a creature has feelings, no matter what kind of existence it was before, what kind of task or mission it had. It should be a completely independent existence, just like human beings.

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    Sep 26th, 2018 at 00:33:38     -    Nier: Automata (PS4)

    Today I spent half an hour playing Nier: Automata. This is a kind of ACT game. Players need to manipulate an artificial character to complete the main task. What surprises me about this game is that all the characters are artificial people. Both the commanding officer in the base and his own teammates are artificial people. Most of the game scenes are in ruins. I guess that it may have been many years ago that these artificial people were created, but in the end, something happened that led to the end of humanity, leaving only ruins and artificial people. Besides, these artificial people give me an authentic feeling. When some of them die, I feel like real people die. This makes me wonder: is it moral to create a nearly perfect, sentient artificial person? At least from my point of view, it is likely that these artificial people led to the demise of humanity and the ruin of the world. So maybe it is unethical to create artificial people.

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    Aug 30th, 2018 at 22:11:54     -    This is the Police (PC)

    If you divide the people who play the game into two. One is a fully immersive player. When playing games, these people often can't distinguish between the characters being manipulated and themselves. They think that the characters they control are themselves, and they experience the same experience as him. The same feeling as him; and another person, it is clear that he is himself. The character in the game may be just the puppets under their line. Different from the previous storytelling mode of text games, this game is more like letting you write a story yourself. There are also many moral choices: players can choose to help their deputy to escape the mafia's claws. But they themselves have to be the mafia's eyeliner; or because they found that the mayor had raped their favorite female prosecutor, so they made various choices against the city government and ousted the mayor in the first half of retirement. The source of these stories is the player itself, and the player is the only one who decides it. However, the player will find that when they are immersed in the game, they are not just you who have just opened the game. The pressure and moral principles of the various parties force them to make choices that would otherwise make them unable to look directly. Finally, they became a puppet, perhaps a puppet of money, perhaps a gangster's puppet, or an emotional puppet. The moment when the game gives players the best experience is not the moment when they get out of the gangsters, not the moment when they successfully retire and care for themselves, but the moment they close the computer. When players think about themselves in the game, they will find that they can make that choice at that time. It was originally under such pressure from all sides that they were such a person, a person who was paralyzed on the edge of morality.

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    Aug 29th, 2018 at 23:23:54     -    This is the Police (PC)

    Today I spent half an hour on this game and I obtained some deeper thoughts. First of all, I finally figured out the purpose of the game: make half a million dollar before the police chief retired. It is very difficult to make under the normal circumstance as the regular salary is only 1200 dollar per week. So the players have to make some choice that is ethical: selling some stuff which officer found after police tasks by the gang or helping some people which are not from the government to obtain certain profits. I think it is hard to define how far it is from the limit of morality to be a corrupt police chief. Another situation is that the players have to strike a balance between the government and the gang. They must help both at the same time and not affect the interests of each. I think it is a bit like trying to find a balance between morality and depravity because the police have no choice, he is just a nobody.

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