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    Nov 8th, 2018 at 21:30:28     -    Four Last Things (PC)

    This session started with me talking to a lawyer who was trying to scam a family out of their recently acquired inheritance. He told me that I needed to get a copy of the laws so that he could check if he was allowed to do that. I then went to a different building and filled a jar with ale. While thinking of ways to commit other sins I found people who were sleeping under a tree. I decided to join them and after 20 seconds I had committed the sin of sloth. I then found a chisel and lute while searching the area. I soon found the Chief Clerks office but before I could get the papers I needed I had to solve a riddle. After failing the riddle multiple times, I decided to see if the blacksmith could sharpen my chisel. Unfortunately, I didn't have any money but the blacksmith was willing to sharpen it if I did a sexy dance. Using my newly sharpened chisel I modified the statue in the town. I then went over to a river where some people were fishing and stole one of their fish. I then lied to a blind painter about paying him in order to get a portrait of my self for free. Using the portrait and my chisel I went back to the statue to make it look like me. After doing all this, I completed the sin of greed. This game is odd to me because my character doesn't get punished for any one the wrongs he does. Instead my character is encouraged to do misdeeds.

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    Nov 7th, 2018 at 12:43:04     -    Four Last Things (PC)

    This game started with a scene between Adam, Eve and God about eating the forbidden fruit. After eating the forbidden fruit a bunch of monsters jump out of the tree as a jump scare. This scene turns out to be a dream our character is having. After waking up, he quickly runs across many hills and reaches a church. Having committed every sin in the past, he wants to be forgiven for them. Unfortunately the church isn't allowed to help him since it's in charge of a different area than where his sins were committed. They offer him a loophole where they can get his sins forgiven if he commits them all again in the area they are in charge of. After leaving the church I talked to people outside it who represented each of the sins. I soon left and found a empty Jug near some people who were lazing about. I then entered the nearby town. I talked to a guy in a pub and committed the sin of envy by wanting to be like others in the room.

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    Sep 27th, 2018 at 22:29:16     -    Little Nightmares (PC)

    This session started with my character waking up within a corridor of doors. I quickly encountered a eye-robot which seemed to turn what ever was in its vision to stone. I immediately recognized the eye since it had been on some of the doors I had passed earlier in the game. After hiding from the eye I climbed to the floor above mine where I found another collectible statue. In the same room as the statue was a painting on the wall of the eye and what seemed to be a child's hand prints. There was more of the black material on the floor and wall, which made me wonder what this material actually is. After entering the next room the door slammed shut behind me. In the dark I could make out what looked like a large mechanical doll with long arms. I quickly found a bed to hide under. Upon examining the room closer, I found out that it was filled with beds with babies in them. Eventually, the doll left the room and I quickly escaped the room. The babies in the room made me realize the lack of living adults that I have on the ship. I have yet to find a living adult, so why are there children? Does this have to do with the disturbing doll thing I saw in the room. While pondering about this, my character starts to shake and a loud grumble came from them. Is my character simply hungry or is there another mystery about this ship that is affecting my character? After passing a cafeteria my question is quickly answered when a child in the cafeteria gives my character some food. The other child wastes no time going back to their seat alone. I soon pass another noose, except this one is unused. My path continues until I am blocked by an electric fence. This forces me to climb up in order to progress.

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    Sep 26th, 2018 at 22:25:45     -    Little Nightmares (PC)

    Today's session started with me beginning the game. I started as a small child wearing a yellow raincoat, in what seemed to be a suitcase. As I explored around a little I thought that I was on a ship due to all the pipes through out the levels. I soon encountered some shadowy beings with pointed heads, although I couldn't tell if they were rats or gnomes. As I continued I found a small statue which I picked up and carried with me. After carrying it for a little bit I accidentally broke it. This caused a sound to play which makes me think it was only a collectible. Eventually I entered another room in which a body was hanging from the ceiling, which I assumed was someone who committed suicide. In the next room I encountered some tar-like substance and was quickly attacked by a leech which feel from the ceiling. The leech quickly attacked my character. As more leeches fell from the ceiling I ran to a door and opened it to escape. I soon fell into a pit full of tar and leeches. After completing a puzzle I found a gnome and started to follow it. This lead me to a bathroom and a kid room.

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