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    Aug 30th, 2018 at 14:21:55     -    Nier Automata (PC)

    I started this session of Nier Automata within a village of peaceful robots. As I walked around interacting with them, they all said things along the line of "we don't want to fight" and "we surrender". This village also had various quests and shops so it seems like it is another home base. I was asked by the villages leader to bring a gift to the resistance camp as a show of peace. As I delivered the message, I learned that the leader of the resistance camp had already been in contact with the village and had been trading with them for quite some time already. The resistance camp leader asked me to bring some oil back to the robot village so I left to go back to the village. As soon as I delivered the oil, robots had attacked the resistance camp. After defeating the robot army, the ground collapsed and left a huge hole in the middle of the city. Once again a feel as though this game is testing if I trust the peaceful robots or not. Every time I meet peaceful robots, something goes wrong soon after. If they are truly not involved in the fighting, should they still be held responsible for the actions of other robots. I hope the game will address my questions in the future.

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    Aug 29th, 2018 at 19:48:30     -    Nier Automata (PC)

    I started off today's session by exploring the amusement park ran by peaceful robots. Unexpectedly, there were plenty of robots who were not only peaceful but also helpful by selling me items. I soon encountered a tank covered in robots who were shooting fireworks and celebrating. Despite my companion telling me to destroy them, I ignored them while continuing on. I still felt guilty after allowing my companion to annihilate many peaceful robots in my previous session. Soon after boarding a roller coaster, I was attacked by some robots. Maybe they were the same ones from the tank I let live. After defeating them I dropped down into a building where I fought a boss. After the boss fight I was thanked by many of the peaceful robots who were terrorized by the boss. I was soon brought to a village of peaceful robots.

    This session reinforced many of the thoughts that I had left from the previous session. Not only do I now know that peaceful robot are a common thing, but that they can also think and react similarly to people. This idea that the robots also had personalities and thoughts made them very similar to my character who is an android. Despite both groups being able to think and have emotions, they often engage in many battles with each other.

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    Aug 28th, 2018 at 20:29:36     -    Nier Automata (PC)

    This session of playing Nier Automata started with me doing a side quest to go find a data recording within a run down factory. After running through the world and arriving at the factory, I encountered many robots which subsequently attacked me. After dispatching them, I found the recording which from one of the workers in the factory. The recording was about the new human-shaped weapons that humanity had created. After completing this mission I decided to continue with the story missions. Going back across the world I arrived at a amusement park ran by robots. After carefully observing them, I decided that they were probably peaceful. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that my follower was set to be aggressive so they ended up slaughtering all of the peaceful robots.

    This session made me realize that humanity within the game continued down the same path despite its possible negative effects. Before the attack by aliens and robots, they were already developing humanoid weapons without examining the consequences. The other major event of my follower destroying the group of seemingly peaceful robots also caused me to think about the possible consequences. Perhaps the peaceful robots would betray me after I had passed them and tried to attack me from behind. Perhaps they would have helped me with my mission by giving me items. Maybe they were just innocent bystanders.

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