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    Nov 8th, 2018 at 21:56:06     -    This is the Police (Switch)

    After diving into the game for the third time, something that I had missed jumped right out at me and almost discredited everything I was thinking about the Police Chief. An easily skipped opening scene that plays every time you open the game fell onto my lap when I had booted it up this time around. Instead of sitting with a controller in hand when the game started, I got up and grabbed something, allowing for the opening scene to play out rather than be skipped over by my anxious button jamming to get the game going. This scene depicts a less morally conscious Police Chief who goes to an underground strip club and seemingly pays off people to be there without anyone knowing. If I had seen this scene before the press conference, that I discussed in an earlier entry, took place, I would have been much more suspicious of the man, rather than siding with him as if I was the character since I was the one controlling him. The setting of the strip club and the interactions Jack, the Police Cheif, had set a different tone for the character. There could be several explanations to why he attends the club and acts the way he does there, so I do not want to judge him right off the bat, but is it ethical for him to be there, fueling the very corruption that has taken his job and degraded the city he seems to care so much about?

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    Nov 7th, 2018 at 23:49:08     -    This is the Police (Switch)

    After thinking about the beginning of This is the Police further, I began to appreciate the way the designers implemented the tone of the narrative. When the game opens with a monologue from the protagonist, you understand that this world is full of corruption and that he is in a somber state due to the events that have led to his resignation. You don't feel and appreciate the scope of the corruption until you wake up the day after the resignation speech and see the results of the answers you gave to reporters. During the speech, the player is littered with questions from buzzing reporters in which you give an A, B, C, or D response to. The player does this with no prior knowledge of who was involved in the corruption or really any concrete details of what happened. After the speech, you learn a lot more about what took place, including the fact that the Mayor is a corrupt S.O.B, and this leads to the full reveal of the feel and tone of the game I was referring to earlier with the following morning newspapers. The headline of one of the papers was that you, the protagonist, believe the Mayor to be a good and honest man. As soon as I saw this, I felt uncomfortable and regretted ever responding the way I did to those reporters. I felt unethical. This was a terrible man, and I just lied to the public about who he really is.

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    Nov 7th, 2018 at 14:21:00     -    This is the Police (Switch)

    Right off the bat "This is the Police" comes off as a gritty dive into corruption within local government and police. After an hour into the game that remains the be about the same premise, but the protagonist, Jack ties it all together with a relatable set of ethics. The ethical dilemma in this game is, as stated earlier, the city government and police have corrupt ties with the mafia. Jack, resigning due to these issues, stands out as a good man, who tried his best to stray away. The people involved seem to know and recognize the kind of man he is, but still allow him to resign. It's interesting how masked everything is to the public. The way the story is told is really engaging even though it is minimalist. I enjoy the comic book layout that they implement, it allows for my imagination to explore these people and gives me a moment to contemplate the ethical issues taking place within a scene. An example of this would be when the Mayor visited Jack in his office to passively threaten him if any trouble brews over the 180 days left he has on the job.

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    Sep 28th, 2018 at 09:39:32     -    Little Nightmares (PC)

    For my third time picking up the controller and playing "Little Nightmares", I decided to restart the game so I can apply the new perspective I have gained explained in the previous entry. What I found was more examples of this child's real life is one of poverty and ill-guided parenting or caretaking, but also the protagonist's unconscious desires spilling through into the gameplay. There are two figures introduced early on the game, one in the opening scene and the other a few moments after while moving through the environment. The first, I believe, is the child's Mother and she is presented in the game as an eery figure who turns their back on you as their first gesture as well as small statues you can break for an unnamed reward. The parallels are obvious in this one. The mother's unethical behavior in the real world as well as distance from her child shows up blatantly her. The second figure is the child's father, who is found dead hanging from the ceiling. This could be the starting point of how the child's life started to spiral downward. Was it ethical for his father to kill himself and leave his son behind? A very tough question. Now as for the child's unconscious playing into the gameplay, if this is a dream, he/she has given themselves the ability to jump high, climb fast, slide through narrow passages like a secret agent and be brave through all the frightening situations. The child manifests his/herself as a hero, but the world around him as the villain.

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