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    Nov 9th, 2018 at 15:55:52     -    A Mortician's Tale (PC)

    So this game involves a lot of reading, and I am really annoyed by the amount of text. So far I have been cleaning bodies and listening in on stories. It really gives me a creepy vibe, but I like it.

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    Nov 8th, 2018 at 13:36:46     -    A Mortician's Tale (PC)

    So I started playing "A Mortician's Tale". It appears to be a management based game. I play as Charlie, who just started working as a mortician. I really like the art style, it feels really clean. I just started the game, and all the information about out character is obtained by reading emails on the computer in the game.

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    Sep 27th, 2018 at 23:52:48     -    Little Nightmares (PS4)

    I just finished playing little nightmares, it wasn't easy. Towards the end of the game, everything went from creepy to straight up horrifying. The final boss battle was against a spooky ghost lady that has supernatural powers. Even after beating the game, I still have so many questions, I really want to understand the meaning behind everything. Was this a story about a kid coming of age? Or was it about child abuse. Either way, this game has definitely made it into my top favorite games.

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    Sep 26th, 2018 at 23:18:11     -    Little Nightmares (PS4)

    I played a little further than before, I finally saw the monster or one of them at least. The monster has a giant head and disproportionately long arms, itís appearance was really disturbing. It appears to be caring for children that have been imprisoned in this place. Although I still have no idea what was going on, the game never ceases to impress me. After playing a bit more, I finally realized that this place is more like a prison for kids, there are kids everywhere. Even though there were no dialogs, their behavior suggests that they are kept here against their will. There are prison bars and heavy metal doors everywhere, there is even a sentry eye that turns escaping children into stones. Even though I played for hours I haven't actually gotten far into the game yet, the reason behind that was because I accidentally spent hours in a random room thinking that it is essential to progression, took a while for me to realize the room was inconsequential. I wasted most of my free time in that room, I will try to finish this game in the coming days so I can figure out what this game is about.

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