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    Nov 8th, 2018 at 19:52:11     -    This is the Police (Switch)

    From the press conference at the beginning of the game, the player may know the tone of the game. In the game, players are almost always faced with various choices. In "This is the police", players can never handle everything as well as other simulated business games. At least the gang and the city hall have been forcing players to make choices: a large part of the gangs need help from the players is not to be alarmed. And this obviously will cause the dissatisfied players in the city hall to feel that the money is the most critical, but the city hall will control the player's establishment. If the town hall is not pleased, the preparation will even be reduced, and the weak will be abandoned by the gang and going to the dead...

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    Nov 8th, 2018 at 00:05:07     -    This is the Police (Switch)

    The game slowly unfolded in the narrative of the comics. After the reporters who had finished the conference had a "friendly" conversation with the mayor, the sergeant played by the player officially embarked on the road of collecting money. Every day of the game is always accompanied by the sound of the engine and elegant jazz. Of course, before the official start, the players who are leaders must still handle the leave of staff for various reasons. The music elements of the game are definitely a highlight of the game, and they are losing these albums. The atmosphere of the game has been greatly enhanced. How much do the producers like these jazz? It may be seen from the record that you can spend a lot of money on when you buy it. Btw, I really like the green cover album...

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    Nov 6th, 2018 at 18:47:49     -    This is the Police (Switch)

    To be honest, although I am not a fan of simulation games, I have played a lot of games of this type. "This is the police" is really a special one. Its theme is very attractive. It is not the way to simulate business games. The player is not playing the club owner or the manager in the game. Instead, he plays a 60-year-old retired, abdomen and bald. And he loves to drive a broken police car to work. And to say what the purpose of this whole game is, that is, the father who has been a city hero for decades has finally figured out when he counts down for six months, he has to live for himself, and at the end of this position. In the meantime, you must earn 500,000 by any means.

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    Sep 27th, 2018 at 03:59:39     -    A Way Out (PS4)

    For narrative-oriented games, it is inevitable that gameplay and freedom are restricted. Like a game of cooperation, "A Way Out" is better handled on this issue. Because it is a two-player game, most of the time there is no question of which character is dominant, especially when the two protagonists plan to escape from the beginning, which part of the task is completely freely chosen by the two players. The lack of experience brought about by the forced split screen is also compensated by the cooperative gameplay. The two players need to use their brains at the same time to come up with a solution to the problem. Even the split screen display unexpectedly plays the role of enhancing the experience at this time - the player can observe the screen of the partner player side and use this to come up with his next move.

    In the implementation of jailbreak, two players are required to synchronize the game, which not only tests the player's understanding of the game but also tests the tacit understanding between players. However, it is clear that the test of the tacitness between players is point-to-point. The game is not designed to be difficult to play in this respect. It is difficult, but it will not affect the fun of the game.


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